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Ambiano Super Blend 1000 $59.99 @ ALDI


Picked up one this morning, seems to work pretty well and comes with both a small and a big blending cup, as well as two lids.

Cheaper than the Nutribullet/similar products.

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    Remember the Blendtec - Will It Blend videos on youtube? I can't help but think of those every time I see a blender, or when someone says "ooh, smoke". I'm thinking 'iPhone smoke, don't breath that'.

    Anyway, I was happily surprised to see some Blendtec machines in the wile at a juice bar the other week. My girlfriend didn't seem to share the same excitement, which made me look a bit like an overly excited fanboi or something. Imagine being excited by a blender…

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      Those blendtec blenders were some of the first viral YouTube marketing, really clever, and worked very well. They didn't actually perform any better than most other commercial higher grade blenders, but obviously were a lot better than the cheap consumer grade stuff that people have had at the back of the cupboard since the 80s.

    • This is when you know you're officially an "adult". I got excited by some oven trays on sale at TK Max last week… which I ended up buying to replace the ones at home that looked like oil drain pans…

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        It's the crunchy bits that have been there for years that make up half the flavour profile!

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        Here's my review of the Aldi baking pans. Garbage.

        The non-stick coating flakes off after you use it in the oven. They can't handle the heat. So if your guests don't enjoy black flakes of non-stick coating on the bottom of your potato bake, then give them a miss. Stick with your old, charred, dented, half-rusty pans.

        • I second that, same as their ceramic frypan, absoulte rubbish, will not buy again !

    • Imagine being excited by a blender…

      You are not alone. Do not feel ashamed…

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      1000, duh!

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      You are such a hypocrite.
      You don't include "normal price" when you post aldi deals.

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    I bought this last time for the same price. It was super powerful and really did do a much better job than any smaller blender I have used. It felt more like using a workshop bench tool.

    The problem - after perhaps 2 months of light use once a day for no more than 30sec each time, it began to make more and more noise. Turning the motor by hand started to feel less and less smooth. After a week or so of deterioration the motor was hard to turn at all and the drive shaft started to wobble. Using the blender smelt like burnt out electrical motor. I suspect the bearings went and the motor was overloaded.

    Cant complain with Aldi's refund policy though. Keep your receipt.

    • Thanks for the input! 3 year warranty on these things so if that happens to mine then you're right, Aldi has a good refund policy.

      Will definitely hang onto the receipt.

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        Can't go wrong for $20/yr.

        I've had a couple of sub 400W machines that are not capable of turning spinach leaves into a green smoothy the way this thing did.

        • Funnily enough, spinach was the first thing I put in this thing to make a smoothie!

          If this ever craps the bed then I'll make sure to get one just as powerful then.

      • 3 years? Aldi website says 1 year?

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    Looks like the “Salter Nutripro 1000” sold at Bunnings Kogan etc.

  • Rebadged Nutri Ninja.

    Real thing was $32.00 delivered early May @ Amazon.

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      Nutri Ninja had button control. This thing only has one speed. Twist and go.

      • He's probably thinking of a Nutribullet. Don't think I've needs many speeds.

        This ALDI brand and warranty is alright though, had an air fryer with a 4y warranty that I took back after 3 years (only because the digital display came loose inside it).

  • I have had this one and while it is powerful for the price once i got the nutribullet there was no looking back. Its goes on sale every now and then at this price. The quality of blends is noticeably better and smoother.

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      I had a Nutribullet and while it was handy I got a Vitamix and never looked back. Those things are powerful and are great blenders

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