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5G Mobile SIM Only Plan 80GB $40/Month for First 6 Months ($50/M Ongoing) + $10 SIM Activation Fee @ Spintel


Seems to be a good deal, and from what I can tell, the cheapest entry into 5G SIM-only in Aus.

  • Once off $10 SIM activation fee.
  • Once you reach your data limit extra data is automatically added at $10 per GB.

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  • Which supplier? Vodafone Optus or Telstra.

    Thanks op

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      Spintel use Optus

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    Spintel have been good to a few of my mates, nothing bad to report.

    But Moose has still gone above and beyond for my family; ill sing their praises whenever possible.

    • Spintel is hit n miss. Yes I had good experience initially but when they somehow ported my home phone to new apartment when I moved to to another premise. I got charges for usage overseas etc.

      They were rude and I never got my money back when I complained and it took a few weeks to fix the stuff up after so many back and forth a with overseas operator's

      You get what you pay for. I don't recommend them.

    • Not on their mobile but I am on their internet plan, they moved me from 100/40 to 100/20 plan without any notification. I accidentally learned about it while checking speed for some connection diagnosis. I have no idea when they moved me to a lower tier.

  • Mobile coverage is delivered via Optus 5G and 4G mobile network

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    I'm on Spintel's previous version of this plan … $40/m for the first 6 months, then $45 after that for 50 GB per month from Optus. I knew my llocal Optus tower had 5G, so it seemed a good deal to get it. And when I do (occasionally) get it its great to get 125-200 Mb/s instead of the 4-12 Mb/s that 4G gives me.

    I'm an unhappy customer. Not because of Spintel. They are merely useless. But because of Optus. Look at Telstra's coverage maps and you can get 5G pretty much everywhere around its towers where you can get 4G. But look at Optus' coverage maps and there's just a little irregular shaped puddle of 5G coverage around each Optus tower. I found out that was because Optus is using beamforming - controlling how much signal goes out in different directions from the tower - not to provide 5G to the maximum number of customers, but to limit who around the tower can get 5G. In my area they block 5G reception from the residential areas where all the customers paying for 5G are.

    If you actually want access to 5G pay the extra and go Telstra. If you have a 5G phone and use Telstra's network you'll probably get 5G. That does not appear to be the case for the Optus network.

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    I'd be cautious around spintel. Was with them for nbn and after a few months they sneakily changed our plan to a slower one for the same cost. Won't trust them again.

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