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Breville Coffee Machine Barista Express Salted Liquorice (BES870) $599+Delivery (Freec&C) @The Good Guys+ $100 Store Credit for


Not the cheapest but not a bad price either

DON’T FORGET BREVILLE FATHERS DAY PROMOTION (I’m not sure if this colour is included)

Technical Specifications
Type: Manual Coffee Machine
Wattage: 1850 Watts
Colour: Salted Liquorice
Pump Pressure: 15 Bar Italian Made Pump
Water Tank Capacity: 2 Litre Including Filter
Milk Frother: Micro Foam Milk - The Steam Wand Performs at a Level that allows you to Hand Texture the Micro Foam necessary to enhance the Flavour of the Coffee and Create Coffee Art
Includes Grinder: 18 Adjustable Grind Settings Plus Dose Control
Family: the Barista Express
Product Height (mm): 406.8
Product Depth (mm): 337.6
Product Width (mm): 312.8
Weight (kg): 12.5Kg
Additional Features: Fresh Beans to an Espresso in under a Minute, Dedicated Hot Water Outlet.

What's In The Box: Barista Espress, Integrated Tamper, 480ml Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Jug, The Razor Dose Trimming Tool, Coffee Scoop, 54mm Stainless Steel Portafilter, 1 & 2 Cup Single and Dual Wall Filter Baskets

Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years

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    Breville Barista Express in Salted Liquorice

    Anybody want to go Dutch on this deal?

    • I can understand in liquorice, but in salted liquorice? They must be high

  • +1

    What are Breville thinking with these colour names?

    • +1

      Why? You don`t like colors like marbled a$$crack, or ivory blood? :)

      • I would immediately buy any product in marbled a$$crack

        • +1

          I'd like one in Wagyu Beef

    • Well you can call things black anymore as people will start calling you a racist.

      Its just the world going crazy.

  • What a joke salted liquorice .

  • Never knew salted liquorice had a different colour to regular liquorice

  • +2

    Silly colour name aside, I got this unit during one of the other recent sales at this price point. I was upgrading from a Nespresso machine.

    There is a reason it's a constant favourite here and elsewhere - it's relatively easy to understand and learn with, and once you spend a bit of time understanding the basics, you can quickly and easily start making pretty good coffee at home. I've very much enjoyed mine, and think the colour is pretty spiffy. :)

    • +2

      I love mine. Has easily covered its cost with the money saved on coffee purchases. Was such a responsible adult purchase instead of the usual stuff I buy from bargains on here.

    • it's relatively easy to understand and learn with

      This is the secret automatic machine manufacturers don't want you to know :) - manual machine operation is much simpler than people might think.

    • Had one (albeit, in a boring stainless steel colour), since 2015. With regular care, it still goes strong, makes excellent shots (hardly like to get a coffee out anymore) and overall gives kitchen a nice look.

      Only annoying thing, is a scale build up in steaming wand over the years. Regardless of how many times I de-scale the whole unit, there are still some small pieces in the steaming wand, blocking it from time to time.

  • This or barista touch ?

  • +2

    OP don't forget the $100 store credit with C+C as well as the Fathers day promo of 1 Month of Veneziano Crave Blend Coffee Beans and Voucher to redeem 1x Veneziano Online MasterDemo

    • Fathers Day promotion only applies to model BES870BSS/BKS.

  • Bought this machine on previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/645396
    Having that for two weeks and very happy with the quality. Highly recommend this machine.

    • That one was the best price I have ever seen but unfortunately needed afterpay

  • On Breville official website, the manufacturer warranty for Barista Express is one year not two. That's why I've purchased the bambino plus instead.

    • Not losing out there, the Bambino plus has faster heat up times and auto frothing. The separation of concerns also means less points of failure with the grinder and brewer, not to mention the ability to buy a higher quality single dose grinder. If I was to buy Breville I would be keen on the plus as well.

      • Yes, the auto frothing function is what I wanted most.

  • +1

    Warranty is 2 years on Good Guys site for this colour only. That makes it a better deal again - best get this in writing at time of sale!
    The Breville site shows 1 year - I had the same confusion when I bought my Barista Express off the Good Guys.

    • +1

      For what it's worth I got a free repair for a leaking BES870 from good guys, it was about 18 months old at the time. It was only meant to have a 1y warranty I think, but no one questioned it the whole way through the process.

      • Thanks for the info.

  • Just went to buy this and noticed the fine print says “ACT residents excluded”.

    What the hell? Not impressed.

    • Prob too many pollies there?

  • Tried to buy this. No stock in my store (Townsville). Next store 350km! (Cairns).

    • I am having similar problem too, nothing near by for Click and Collect, and the $100 credit only available with CC. due to lock down I cannot travel more than 5km. and this needs to be picked up before the 12th of Sep

      • thinking about the BSS version. extra $80, but get some coffee.

  • Appears to have sold out - link does not appear to be active.

  • Might be sold out by now, but I contacted TGG Commercial to ask if they had it last week since it wasn't on their website, and they were able to manually place an order through for me for $545 + $10 delivery. Might be worth contacting them if you have commercial access.

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