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Up to $75 Cashback off Selected adidas Shoes (Min Spend ≥ $100 on a Single Pair) via AIA Vitality App


Received an email from AIA Vitality, where you could get up to $75 cashback if you a new pair of Adidas shoes in September, which is at least $100.

How it works;

  • Spend at least $100 on a single pair of Adidas shoes between Sep 1 and Sep 30, from a store (where open) or via the website.
  • Shoes from the sneakers, running, training, tennis, golf and hiking sections only.
  • Submit proof purchase via the app before 30 Sep
  • You get additional $5 on top of the usual $5 reward if you reach the weekly target between 6 Sep and 28 Nov
  • Receive your cashback by 24 Dec

Summary of cashback amount as follows;

Vitality Status Status-based cashback Additional cashback by reaching Active Benefits targets Total cashback
Bronze $15 Up to $60 over 12 weeks Up to $75
Silver $20 Up to $55 over 11 weeks Up to $75
Gold $25 Up to $50 over 10 weeks Up to $75
Platinum $30 Up to $45 over 9 weeks Up to $75

You could also earn up to 2000 points for COVID-19 vaccination;

  • From early September, we will be awarding 1,000 AIA Vitality Points to members who are fully vaccinated (two doses) against COVID-19.
  • Members who have been completely vaccinated after 1 February 2021 will be able to retrospectively claim points.
  • In addition, all AIA Vitality members who are fully vaccinated before 15 December 2021, will also receive an additional bonus 1,000 Points before the end of the year.

Some benefits of AIA Vitality program here

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  • Thanks to this I can reach 35000pts this year

    • Shame there are no rewards for hitting 40k pts!

    • thats a good effort, i'm only at 29250 and i'm struggling. Hard to get extra points as I've reached my sleep and exercise points cap, and did all the basic health stuff. They removed the food/dietary logging and extra exercise goal benefits….how are you getting to 35k points?

      • +1

        There is 2000 points for mindfulness and if you have headspace/calm app (buy via VPN for lifetime), you can get 25 points each day and max 2000 a year.

        I also go to doctor for yearly bloodtest to get those 3t to 6k points. That should put you some what at 35k points.

        • Where is the headspace/calm app benefit? I can't find it in the app

          • @Bonbi: If you go to mindfulness, you can see it says: Taking a moment in your busy day to centre yourself and be more mindful can positively impact your mood and general wellbeing.

            Link at least one of the apps listed below to your AIA Vitality membership (via Apple Health or Google Health) through the AIA Vitality app.

            Earn 25 AIA Vitality Points for completing a mindfulness session of 10 consecutive minutes using one of these compatible apps:

            Insight Timer (only available to iOS users via Apple Health)

            Points are capped at a maximum of 75 Points per week (earned from one session of 10 consecutive minutes, completed on three different days between Monday to Sunday), up to 2,000 AIA Vitality Points per membership year.

        • I found the "Meditation" app works the best if you have iOS, the app is free and works as a timer, you don't need to listen to anything

        • If you're in iOS, Insight Timer is free and you can set meditation to 10 mins to get 25 points per day, max 75 points per week.

          One other easy way to get points that many are not aware of;
          1. 300 per quarter for tracking food intake using Fitbit app etc.

          • @firestint: I've been logging calorie counts for more than a week now for 3 meals. Not getting the points. Any idea what's wrong?

            • @FFreedom: Hey, not quite sure sorry. What app did you use to track and did you track at least 3 different food intakes per day for each calendar quarter? Maybe email the AIA Vitality guys or give them a call. They are amazing to deal with, very knowledgeable and friendly.

      • Have you done all the health checks? And online self assessments?

        Otherwise you get points for flu vaccination, dental check-ups, eye tests.

        And then it's just consistency with getting 7.5k - 12.5k steps every day to get the $5 weekly activity goals.

        • I've done the exercise (excess actually, so no longer getting any points).
          I've done most of the health checks and vax.

          I guess I could go and get dental and eyes done, but its challenging during a lockdown!
          The COVID Vax will help me edge over 30k, but only JUST!

          Good effort guys

          • @joeiwu: That's fair. I did all the in person health checks earlier in the year.

      • Did you complete the free health check which gives you up to 7k pts?
        Also you can get 2k pts from meditation
        And I can see the food logging is still available although I only logged it one quarter

        • I can no longer see food logging, i really miss it.
          Done all the health checks, do that every year, otherwise i couldn't get anywhere close to 30k.

          I must've missed the meditation, will have a more careful look. Is that still available?

          • @joeiwu: You can still log food albeit it is now 300 per quarter as oppose to 1200.

          • @joeiwu: the meditation has a weekly cap 75pts, you won't be able to get full 2k pts this year but you can still get some

            • @lawbee: All good, yea i only have about 40 days left in my membership year, I guess it will be a real stretch to try to get to 35k points, buuut, will try!

      • +1

        You can also just use the free version of headspace and play a 10 min daily meditation piece. You can just have it on in the background and thats your 25 for the day. 75 max for the week.

        There's 1000 per week for 4 activities via Mentemia but I've NEVER gotten those :shrug:

  • +3


    For those who want to know what you can claim points for.

    FYI - Just put in 1 tea per day for 7 days and that counts as logging food.

    • +2

      You need min 3 food per day I think.

  • +4

    I found this link when looking to submit a Health Check. It looks like you can submit without having gone to a Chemist or Doctor.

    I have submitted, but not received points yet, so not sure how valid this method is. It can take up to 28 days to have points added.


    • Nice! Have submitted as well. Thanks

      • Link is dead?

        • Looks like it, was working yesterday.

          Must have been OzBargained

  • Just to confirm, is the 2k points from Mentemia separate to the 2k points from the Calm/Meditation apps?

    • I'd also like to know this, as the weekly cap of Mentemia is 100 pts

    • +3

      Yes - Mentamia points cap is separate from meditation points cap.

      I've already hit my 2000 point cap on Mentamia, but still getting my meditation points each week.

      • What steps do you follow to get the Mentemia points, and which activities ? On Android. I've linked it to the AIA app , but no matter how many activities I complete in the week the points never turn up

    • yes it is separate

  • What's the cheapest way to join AIA?

    • AIA health insurance as you need health insurance for Tax deduction anyway.

      • I’m on one that has the least coverage possible and there’s an option to pay for premium out of super too so no cashflow issue.

  • +2

    First world problems - $260 ultraboosts 50% off to $130 then another 30% off to $91 - doesn't qualify

  • What is the best shoe which meets this criteria?

    Post below!

  • +3

    Just wondering if we have a AIA Vitality discussion thread to talk about all the tips and deals?

  • I submitted my receipt a week ago.

    How long was the turn around for you guys?

    • +1

      You get additional $5 on top of the usual $5 reward if you reach the weekly target between 6 Sep and 28 Nov
      Receive your cashback by 24 Dec

    • +1

      Submitted my receipt at the start of the month, just got an email acknowledgement that it has been received and will be reviewed. I assume it will just be paid by end of December and that the additional $5 on top of the usual $5 reward for achieving the weekly target will be paid at the same time.

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