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MSI RX 6900XT GAMING Z TRIO 16G $2199, Cooler Master MasterLiquid from $79 Delivered @ Harris Tech / HT Amazon


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  • Gpu not available through Amazon?

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      Yes, only available for website purchase

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      You're confusing it with the 6800XT. 6900XT were $1600+ on release.

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        no msrp for reference AMD 6900 XT is exactly $1599 sure add a couple hundred for "3rd party" and still its no where near this. $1800 would be a good price, max 2k thats $400 over stock which is still overly priced, 3rd party isn't some magic, just some "better" cooling if that at all.

        As for the 6800 XT MSRP for reference is $1049 exactly. 6800 is $949.

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          this one's a gaming Z variant
          its got the XTX-H die which is much better binned and has a higher clock and power limit
          frequency slider can go up to 4ghz (normal 6900xt only goes up to 3ghz)
          max power limit is like 400+w

          i think its the cheapest XTX-H variant for sale rn
          ple is selling this for $2700

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            @cre8t1v3yoozername: I pulled the trigger; Couldn’t hold anymore.
            I am planning an SFF build with Cooler Master NR200P, where this card just fits, if you squeeze it right…
            With the excellent thermals and acoustics, I believe it to be an ok buy for the times we live in, especially if the rumors are true that prices will go up again.
            Anyway, I just hope I won’t regret it.
            Stay safe everyone…

            PS cre8t1v3yoozername, thanks for the XTX-H info, I didn’t know that. I thought only the liquid cooled card from AMD (the one which is meant only for OEMs) had this chip.

            • @Kafrilas: Quick update: Order dispatched within 3 hours and 10 minutes after payment. Quite nice I would say

  • Why do MSI have to make such long AF GPUs wtf

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      Because if they didn't the card would run hot enough to fry an egg.

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        That's why Newegg don't sell these.

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          buddum tss

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      i like gta san andreas

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    is MSI worth $300 more than asrock ?

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    I give up to buy any GPU this year,

    Just preorder a 27gp950 for my ps5 and xsx

    No more PC game!! At least this and next year

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      I did exactly the same, for XSX, I gave up PC this year, unless prices at MSPR or lower.
      Those desperate people paying so much for a GPU.

  • I might just get a ps5 for now

  • Certainly a nice card - but DLSS is so good, I guess it comes down to do you ray trace or not.

    The other rumour doing the Reddit rounds at the moment is a new 6900XTX to give the 3090 a run for its money.


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    ASRock AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Phantom Gaming D 16G OC Video Card RX6900XT PGD 16GO

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