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Bonus $3 Amazon Gift Card When You Buy a $30 Amazon Gift Card @ ShopBack


Just saw this on my Shopback app today. Targeted offer according to the terms below.

The bonus gift card has no expiry date, but the link to the gift card from the Shopback App will disappear after 31/12/2021. Please add the bonus $3 gift card to your Amazon gift card balance immediately or make a copy of the gift card code elsewhere before then.

Terms & Conditions

  • This challenge entitles you to a bonus $3 Amazon gift card when you purchase a $30 Amazon gift card (or a greater denomination) from ShopBack Gift Cards between 2nd September 2021 12.00am AEST and 30th September 2021 11.59pm AEST.
  • Only purchases made after you 'Start' this challenge will qualify for the bonus gift card.
  • Limited to one bonus gift card per customer.
  • Available to selected users only, and while redemptions last.
  • The bonus gift card is in addition to the regular cashback you'll receive for purchasing a $30 Amazon gift card (or a greater denomination) from ShopBack Gift Cards.
  • The bonus gift card will be added to your Earn More > Rewards section (in the ShopBack app) within 48 hours after purchase.
  • Cashback will be forfeited if any fraudulent activities are detected, or if your order is voided.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions, and terminate the offer at any time without prior notice.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to invalidate any order that does not comply with the terms and conditions.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4015)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +5

    A $3 Amazon gift card. LOL
    Well, at least it's better than trying to get that elusive $3 cashback. Maybe they are learning after all.

    • +1

      Yeah, except this also reduces the discount from 12% to 10.9%.

      • Next time bonus $3 Ubereats.

      • You mean 10% -> 9.1%
        (3/30 & 3/33)

        • +1

          Don’t forget to include the 2% cashback.

        • With the 2% standard cashback it is 3.6/30 vs 3.6/33

        • spend 29.4 (once cashback is added) - get 33 (30+3)
          That's exactly 10.9% discount

  • Thanks. Got one

  • +5

    “Starting 1 November, 2021, we will apply a 0.5% surcharge to Visa credit card purchases on Amazon.com.au. Use a non-Visa credit card, Zip or any debit card to avoid the surcharge.”

    Maybe it’ll be easier to use a credit card to buy Amazon gift cards to avoid the 0.5% surgchage…😕

  • Nothing for me sadly. :(

    • Same here, probably because I buy Amazon vouchers quite often.

  • when buying the giftcard, it offered me to use my cashback balance to pay (and i pay the rest with credit card).
    if i do, will i still eligible for this extra bonus $3 ?

    • I think that's fine. @gotyourback can you confirm?

      • +1

        this thing is having like hundreds of term and conditions and uncertainty and possibilities and what ifs.

    • +4

      That's correct :)
      If you use your Cashback Balance to purchase a GC, you'll still be eligible for the bonus!

      • thank you ~~

      • Hi, bought this on 15 Sep 11:42am but I'm still waiting for the the bonus gift card. Could you please help?

        • LOL almost the same purchase time. Tracked but no bonus! This is totally a waste of time!

          • @hunter573: Hey mate, could you confirm if the bonus $3 Gift Card is not under your 'Purchases' tab in our ShopBack app?
            If it's not there, please reach out to me via DM with your account details so I can look into this.


        • Hey @ethansul, happy to help.
          Could you send me a DM with your account email so I can take a look?


          • @gotyourback: Good to see it's not only me. Was thinking I did something wrong so that I didn't get bonuses.
            I bought both of the Amazon and Ampol gift cards at around 9:45am on 15/09. Both tracked but no challenge updates.
            PMed my details hope this can be resolved :)

          • @gotyourback: Mine was fine.
            Seems like this was a batch fail on 15/09 morning. Maybe you can try to find out the root cause of this and do a batch fix which will be easier:)

            • +2

              @bobkou: Got our tech team working on this as we speak, I'm just manually fixing it for people who reach out in the meantime.
              Fingers crossed our team will have this resolved today :)

              • @gotyourback: Can we confirm if batch failure was over the weekend? Ive a few $1 doordash purchases I normally get cashback on in batches (1 email of 2x$1), my last successful one was 16/9 however 17/9 18/9 and 19/9 weren't tracked.

                • +1

                  @charzy: It doesn't appear to be related to Cashback tracking at this time.
                  It appears to be a slow response from our system on Challenges.

                  Our team are still investigating, but I'll try keep you posted on the outcome.

                  In the meantime, if you're missing Cashback, please submit a Missing Cashback Claim so our team can follow up with the merchant.

                  Reach out to me directly if you have questions/need help.


                  • @gotyourback: Hi gotyourback, what's the status of the fix for Challenge issues? I'll wait if it's going to be fixed automatically :)

                    • @logancola: Hey, our team have identified the cause and are still working on a fix.
                      If you send me a DM with your account info, I can just manually update it for you :)

  • I signed up for the bonus and purchased the $30 giftcard but it still doesn't say my $3 bonus has been "completed", is there a delay?

    • +1

      Always a bit of a delay. Mine's shown up now after purchasing around 10 hours ago.

      • Thanks for the confirmation

  • Got it and I happen to just get around $30 to withdraw today hmm.

  • Thanks shopback. Just got received email few hours ago. Giftcard purchase n awaiting reward :)

  • Only purchases after you "start" the challenge…. I saw the challenge and I just clicked Buy Now… is that "starting" the challenge?? Or did I miss a step?

    • you should click start first then buy now

    • +1

      Shouldn't be a problem. The store rep used to confirm in previous deals that you could not have clicked Buy Now without clicking start first. I think when you click to view the deal it automatically started for you.

      • Shouldn't the 'buy now' show after starting the challenge?
        Seems like trap when you see the challenge and buy now doesn't activate it.

        Saw the promo in the main page, 'buy now' at 10am still no $3 giftcard reward.

        • I clicked on the challenge at about 7am, it went straight to ‘Buy Now’ and I got the $3 bonus in a couple of minutes.

          Just double checking that you’re looking for the bonus giftcard in the ‘Rewards’ section of the app?

  • Got the $3 bonus within 30 seconds, impressive!

  • It's been 15hrs and still no $3 cashback. Any one having similar issue?

    • It's not 3 dollars cash back, read again…

    • +2

      If you go to rewards and tap use now you will find your $3 giftcard.

      • Thanks.

        • @CrypticM how long did it take for it to appear in your Rewards? It's been 24 hours for me!

          • +1


            The bonus gift card will be added to your Earn More > Rewards section (in the ShopBack app) within 48 hours after purchase.

            I think I got it faster because of internal payment because used my withdrawal balance.

          • @sydneyswans910: Check rewards tab. You might have got it already.

            • @CrypticM: I had to do a Live Chat with Shopback, apparently it's because I opted into the challenge and purchased the gift card straightaway, so it didn't automatically trigger. Something to note for future challenges!

  • Gift cards have no expiry, but the link to your gift card above will disappear after 31st Decemeber 2021 11.59pm AEDT. Please add the bonus $3 fit card to your Amazon gift card balance immediately or make a copy of the gift card code else where before then.

  • I'm new to ShopBack and the deal is there too, I assume it's for everyone.

    P.S. received the $3 gift card in 10 minutes after puchase.

  • It's been more than 48 hours and I still didn't get the bonus. There's no option to report the missing cashback either.

    • See comment above from sydneyswans910. I'd send a message to @gotyourback here on OzBargain or do a live chat on Shopback. Sounds like something that can be sorted out.

  • I purchased this today after activating, hasn’t registered my purchase but got cashback already.

  • It's been 5 days and I still haven't gotten my bonus for buying the $30 Amazon GC

    • Have you got the bonus yet ?. I haven't mine too. It's been a day for now.

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