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Kraken Power MSI DRAGONGAMING RTX3060 TI Gaming Build V4 $1,899 + Shipping @ BPC Tech


CPU Intel i7-10700KF 8 Core/16 Threads Processor
Cooler Tower Air Cooler with 120mm RGB Fan (brand may vary)
Motherboard B560 HD3 LGA 1200 ATX Motherboard
Graphic Card RTX3060Ti 8GB Video Card
Ram 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200 RGB Memory
Accessories Optional
Case MSI Vampiric 100R Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Case
Fan 3x RGB 120mm Fan included (Forge 100R case only)
Power Supply EVGA 600W 80+ Gold ATX Power Supply
Operating System Optional
WIFI Optional

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  • -3

    No mention if GPU is LHR or not. Pretty important info.

    • +11

      all of them now lhr

      • +6

        Wrong info. 3060ti started off as non LHR

        • +2

          Oh cool, didn't know that. Cheers

  • Delivery time frame?

    • Family member ordered one last Thursday and it hasn't shipped yet, nor have they actually built it.

      Estimated wait time is probably 2 weeks https://i.imgur.com/5m7XHAa.png

      • I ordered mine on the 13th of August, they've only just let me know they're building it this week for shipment next week.

      • Update: after a phone call they said the build will take approx 10 days. Plus a few days for shipping interstate.

  • I just need an answer


    • Reasonably good deal.

    • +3

      Techfast had 3060ti PCs below $1500 around EOFYs(with R5 3060 or i5 instead), around about when GPU prices began to flatline but similar models now are over $2200 even though someone mentioned $1888 below on this page, if so that may mean GPU prices are still going up yet again.

      415 - Intel i7-10700KF
      159 - B560 HD3 LGA 1200
      59 - MSI Vampiric 100R
      69 - EVGA 600W 80+ Gold
      110 - 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200
      65 - 500GB NVMe SSD
      = $877

      Few other things I might be missing but to put it simply, gpu aside, the PC would cost about $900 to build, therefore the remaining value to determine the GPU is roughly $1000 which isn't amazing, but cheaper than you're likely to find right now.

      Put simply, it's okay value.

    • +1

      This for sure.

        • +6

          Alienware brand? Alienware sucks doggy doodoo

    • +2

      Alienware R12 is a really shit design, get it if you want to have a jet, and heat issues

      • This case is good with air-flow i guess ?

        • no

  • What brand is the graphic card, memory and SSD?

    • It will be random, you don't get to choose nor will you know until it gets to you. The receipt doesn't say anything about the parts used.

      • These deals are great for many and the prices are hard to beat without some extreme OZB shopping, but this lack of clarity on components is 100% why I would just build my own.

    • I'm betting it wont be MSI.

  • yes the deal is fine, its priced fairly

  • +1


    $1,888, AMD variant with larger power supply

    • Just make sure you don't get the exploding PSU from Gigabyte

      • +1

        All of techfast's are the exploding PSU from gigabyte.

        • Flames are the new RGB? Yeah fair thanks for the heads up!

        • It does say on their website they use a variety of brands

          Power Supply: 550W and 750W: Usually: Allied
          80 Plus Bronze and Gold: Gigabyte, Antec, Thermaltake, MSI, Deepcool, other TechFast-approved

          • @barrelman: 80 plus gold are like 99% chance the exploding psu

            • @ln28909: I literally got the 850 modular gigabyte 80+ gold PSU Im not sure if I should email tech

              • @Coops123: Which model?…not all of their models explode just a specific 750 n 850 model…

                • @scud70: I don't even know tbh is is a 850w and it looks like the ones LTT and gamer nexus have been talking about. I sent techfast a email about it. But tbh I've only got a rtx 3060 and a 10400f so the 850W is pretty overkill anyway

                  • @Coops123: I would check the model if your ok with opening the case up, just for your own safety and the computers components safety… Not sure how hard or easy it is but make a note of the serial number as well…

                    It is a bit overkill but if in the future u wanted to upgrade its good to be covered from power side of things..

                    For now though I recommend for your own safety to get the model number and hopefully its not the one in the vids.. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Gigabyte has now taken the batton from Shaw for PSU bashing

    • this was $1688 only a couple weeks ago and $1488 in the middle of July… waiting for a deal like that to come back.

      • It's been awhile since we got a deal from techfast

    • The i7 10700KF is quite a bit faster than the AMD 3600, 3600 is more comparable to the i5 10400F.

    • Did Techfast prices shoot up since you posted? Could've sworn they were cheaper earlier in the week,

      • Yeah they did I've had my eye on the 3060ti builds, they jumped from $1650 or so up to over $2000

  • This would be a decent deal if itโ€™s around 1k7

  • +1
    • That computers CPU has a 1% +, and the GPU has a 7% + compared to this one, So there is practically no difference other than cost

    • Honestly the difference is not that significant. You'll get better performance with the 3070 build, but the cost isn't really worth it. The performance to price ratio is better with the 3060Ti. Only thing i'm seeing is the AIO and better looking aesthetics imo on the 3070 build compared to 3060ti.

    • +1

      Thanks for the answer, lol I was choosing between there 2 system, now I will go for the i7 3060ti ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Whats peoples thoughts on BPC? They have good reviews but their customer experience leaves a sour taste in my mouth everytime I have had to interact with them

    • Me too, the system is nice but yeah, the customer exp is kinda meh. But like, itโ€™s good anyway since I just have to deal with it for once since the rig is still running nicely after 2 months

    Me n my gf both bought systems from BPC Tech and my system's performance is pretty underwhelming and not up to par with other similar specs for some reason. My gf got her rtx 3070 pc and it was took over a month to ship and it was dead on arrival :/

    Thought my experience was unique but then my gf's pc nailed the hammer of the head so buy at own discretion

    • I purchased a system two months ago.

      My order arrived in about a week (Syd), had great fast customer service, product works fine as well.

  • This product is nowhere to be seen on their website, link also takes you to a generic page. Pulled?

  • Planning on moving from the series x to PC, would this be a solid upgrade over the xbox?

    • Spec wise it's a sidegrade.

  • I ordered off BPC from their amazon store and it got delayed since they opted for standard delivery.

  • -1

    Iโ€™m looking into a new 5900x RTX 3080 build. Can we expect a deal on that at some point?

  • Is there a warranty on this? I really want to get it.

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