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Further 20% off Sale Items (Stack with 10% off VIP Code) Vera Wang Wedgwood Chime 16 Piece $35.28 + Del @ Royal Doulton Outlet


It's been a while since I saw a post regarding this cutlery set. So I became the change I wanted to see.

A modern interpretation of classic elegance, the Chime Collection by Vera Wang is characterised by simplicity and grace. Made from stainless steel and characterised by a large, weighty feel to each piece.

The set contains:

4 x Dinner Knife
4 x Dinner Fork
4 x Dessert Spoon
4 x Teaspoon

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  • Thanks OP, also bought 3 sets :) Shame you cannot buy additional Soup or long Desert Spoons of the same range :)

  • Victorians can pickup from :

    DFO Essendon
    Shop G41, 100 Bulla Road,
    Essendon VIC 3041

    (03) 9937 7272

    Opening Hours

    Open 7 Days: 10.00am - 6.00pm

    • did you call them and order over the phone ? I cant see an option for click and collect

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    No soup spoon? What kind of poverty product is this Wang peddling?

    • A bit embarrassing to use when guests are over, but fine for everyday use. The dessert spoon holds more soup than most soup spoons because it's so large. The teaspoon is big enough for dessert.

      Really don't have to serve soup when people are over anyway. Just need to make sure they don't open the cutlery drawer.

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    Didn't need.


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    FYI in previous sales these went for $28.77

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    What Wang doesn't eat soup?

  • Nice, thanks! Been waiting for a good deal on cutlery, time to ditch the odds and ends I've been using for years!

    • Was never waiting for a deal on cutlery, so I have no idea why I bought 4 sets

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    I called them no they donโ€™t have stock available and I told them to take it off.

    • D'oh! Just placed an order. Bummer.

  • I got two emails confirming purchase. I hope I get my three sets. I was expecting, sorry we cannot fulfil order. I need cutlery so hope it all goes well.

  • Bought 2 sets online this morning.
    Few hours later went to store at Harbourtown on Gold Coast. Heaps in stock and got for same price and no delivery

  • Anyone had the order shipped?

    I ordered within the first 5 minutes. Still nothing.

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      I already forgot I ordered these

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      I ordered around 12pm on the 3rd September and have just received the shipping notification. Hope you get yours soon!!

      • I legit ordered on the 2nd at 2:18pm.


        • I ordered a couple hours before my friend did and his are delivered and mine arenโ€™t even shipped :(

          • @Postal Dude: Vera Wang strikes again. Maybe they are a parent company of JD sports? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • I got a 'delivered' notification today.

      Hopefully still at my front door tomorrow. Supplied by Fiskars.

  • Got mine saying it's shipped .
    Austpost by Fiskars too.

  • Great cutlery. However one gripe, they feel pointy when your holding them on the edge, due to the design. They might be the fact that they're brand new but the feel of them are less than ideal? Any tips?