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ITNO Mens Hubert Sneakers $19.99 (RRP $139.99) US Size 7-13 + $10 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $130 Order) @ Platypus Shoes


A good price on a generic looking sneaker. The upper is made from leather so this won't suit vegans.

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    Not my style, but an upvote for the vegans comment haha

    • +12

      Was that a joke? I thought he was being helpful. Like.. the deal won't suit vegans right?

      • +6

        Lmao honestly. Some people in this world man…

        "omg this comment mentioned [thing I don't like for some reason despite it not affecting me at all], that's it, I'm chiming in with my opinion on it"

    • I upvoted for the vegans comment too

      • +6

        I gave a genuine up vote for a helpful callout:)

      • Umm. I don't think you did

    • i thought Op was being sarcastic implying vegans not to eat the shoe haha

  • +7

    Thanks. Ordered to maintain/increase the demand for leather

    • Why though? Are you trolling or is that your real argument?

      • Purchased? Yes
        Trolling? Also yes

  • Can only be picked up from Moorabbin. Not worth the drive there.

    • +3

      Its worth, burn that petrol/diesel so the vegans can't breath.

    • How do you select the option for pick up?

  • Won’t be white like that for a long time when they get worn.

    • +10

      Won't get dirty walking around the house.

      • Received this yesterday and can confirm, it won’t get get dirty walking on clean carpet all day long. The quality is decent and the sole is thick. Good purchase.

    • +9

      what's douchey about a plain white sneaker?

      • +1

        Cos they are mcqueens without the mcqueen.

        • the mcqueens are hilarious, so many people have fakes. i think they took over the fake gucci sneakers now.

        • +3

          huh, I've never heard of mcqueens until I googled it just now, so to me these just looked like plain white sneakers.

          different perspectives I guess.

        • +3

          more like common projects achilles low

      • Maybe he’s vegan?

      • -1


  • +4

    thanks just bought a pair and i don't even need it lol

    • mad lolololol big w shoes yeahhhhh

  • Thanks, ordered.

    No C&C in NSW.

  • Does anyone know if they have normal laces that you need to tie or the elastic ones that technically makes them slip ons?

    • +4

      As they are for sizes 7 and up, these have grown up laces, like most normal shoes.

  • How do you do C&C?

  • Thanks OP. Don't wear white shoes but buy now think later has to apply here.

    • just wear it a few days, it won't be white anymore, lol.

  • +1

    Upvoting because they aren't vegan.

  • +1

    139$ RRP are they serious?

  • +1

    these are never 139 RRP.

  • Bugger! No more UK 10 😭

  • +1

    RRP is obviously wrong. They should be $13,990.00.

  • -1

    Sweet, $30 delivered for leather shoes like this. The well-known high-quality ones are $120+

    Hope the sizing is OK - their US13=UK11 …. which is completely wrong, but okay.

  • I guess no more c&c available at least in VIC

  • Post back a few weeks later when you've worn them. Last time I bought cheap sneakers from here the soles were really slippery

    • Few weeks later we’re still in lockdown, these shoes would’ve only walked in carpet and the lift when I pick up my Amazon parcels from the ground floor so yeah.

  • I've owned these for a couple of months now, they're surprisingly decent for their price. Colour is more of a cream than a white.

  • -1

    All this casual vegan hate is super toxic and immature…and no I'm not vegan or vegetarian. I'm just not a hivemind child that thinks it's funny to make fun of people who've made a difficult sacrifice.

    • Don't worry… Until you actually try being vegetarian or vegan for an extended period, you don't know the effect of meat. It's like you can literally delete aggression etc from your life for the sake of taste.

  • Only size 7 left….guess I could eat them.

  • +2

    I upvoted because it's helpful that the listing states not suitable for vegans. I wish all products explicitly stated whether or not they are vegan… On a side note, the hypocrisy within the comments is almost surreal. A lot of people don't like to be reminded they're paying for the skin of an animal as a commodity.

  • If this isn't run out, they could go more expensive again… Happened to me with palladium boots. In-store may match (think it's outlets).

    • -1

      Could you please write this in English?

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