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RØDE SmartLav+ Microphone for Smartphones $65 Delivered @ Honest Baby Amazon AU


Warning, this seller can be selling fake product.

Good quality microphone to plug-in mobile phone or laptop.

It is TRRS output, may not work with old laptop, and you may need adapter to connect to other devices.
More info here.

The TRS jack version and comment 5 months ago can be found here. $73 from Amazon at the moment.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Great microphone for the price.

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    Seller is dodgy? One bad review from the last month saying it's a fake product.

    • Cheers for the heads up.

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      Are you sure? It is sold by "Honest Baby"

    • With Amazon you can't tell. They consolidate stock from multiple sellers when its fulfilled by amazon, so the fake one (if it was fake, and not a attack from a competitor) may have come from them or anyone else.

    • From this post, seller can be a problem.

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    Can be had for an extra $11 from Harris Technology via Amazon.

  • I bought a cheap $5 one off ebay that sounds decent through my dac/amp (although not sure if that makes it better), would this be that much better?

  • The Boya BY-M1 winds up being much better value if you can handle the cable length.

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