[iOS, Android] Free 1 Year Subscription for Balance (Meditation App) @ Balance App


I am a fan of the headspace app but this is also very good.

Hope this helps you fellow OBer's.

See also previous discussion for the Android App early access offer for new users.

EDIT - you have the ability to sign up, cancel the subscription within your app store, and keep the initial 1 year access.

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  • Any balanced reviews?

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      Can’t rate this app enough! Did one of their programs for a while and really enjoyed it. I now just use the bedtime sleep meditation and never hear the end of it because I’m always asleep. 😂 They do teach you different techniques and I definitely prefer some to others but there is no way (not that I’ve found anyway) to select a program of meditation with the the type I like. Is that ‘balanced’ enough? 😄

    • I’ll try to balance out your votes!

      • Cool… Can you do it with yours too?

  • Can you unsub straight away? Prefer not to have a surprise $99 charge next year when I inevitably forget about it

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      Yes! Just did.

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      yes, head into your app store-subscriptions

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    Just last night I was trying to figure out how to get a cheaper Headspace subscription. This is perfectly timed! Thanks OP!

    • Same here, the headspace app at 40% off was tempting

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    Already had the 1-year subscription from last year. Any way of getting it again. Mine runs out in November

    • I also need to know about the current subscribers.

    • I believe that my previous account, which had expired, got updated to this 1 year subscription just by signing in again through the link

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    This is a long lasting deal but would recommend - love the Sleep tracks, it always help when I have those tired nights but can't fall asleep.

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    Yeah it's a very good app. It was recomended to me by my psych.

    Another really cool meditation app that I have been using before sleep (well it actually puts me to sleep) is Luminate. It's trippy man, and I love it. I think I'm going to pay the $50 for the year.
    It uses your phone LED and sound to clear your mind of pain and send you on a journey. Best done in a quiet dark room with earphones or headphones.

    • that sounds very cool. thank you for sharing I will definitely look into Luminate

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    Thanks, that's great.

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    Thanks heaps! I'm trying to do 10mins meditation a day, tried the WakingUp trial and have been using Aware too.

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    I got Waking up free for a year in a similar kind of deal and It really has made change my perspective of life

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    Thank you!

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    Once you activate your free trial, use the following link to disable any further charges:


    Your trial will last for a year and end after that.

    Even more hardcore version: register using “Sign in With Apple”, select “Hide my email” and then disable getting emails from them in the iOS system settings. This way they won’t even reach you.

    • If you cancel straight away can you still use the App and not get charged a year from now?

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        • Thanks

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    Thanks OP, trying it out

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    New Android user here with Google Play. May I immediately cancel the subscription after activating the free trial to still use the app for the entire year without paying at the end? I'd appreciate any help

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      yes, sign up and in, it will create a billing subscription to start 1 year from now. complete the account creation process then exit the app. open play store and tap your account in top right then click subscriptions. it'll be listed there, remove the auto subscription, and it'll tell you that you can use the app for another year.

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        Thank you very much

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    Smiling Mind is another option - totally free, no subscription required.

    • Thanks for that!!

  • Can anyone confirm it lists the price at $114.99 per year when you're signing up for the Free trial. I've got an expired account so I want to make sure I'm not actually going be charged that. I got to the Subscribe screen by clicking the Free Trial button that popped up.


    • yes I believe it says that but charges you nothing. Just make sure it says free trial somewhere on the screen. If anything goes wrong you can always get a refund through Apple anyway

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