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[Backorder] Samsung EVO Plus Micro SDXC 64GB with Adapter $8.90 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


The foregoing read & write speeds are based on internal tests conducted under controlled conditions. Actual speeds may vary depending upon card capacity.
* Read Speed up to 100MB/s
Write Speed up to 20MB/s* 4K Ultra HD

Excellent performance for 4K UHD video and broad
Backed by 4-proof protection
Includes full-size SD adapter

Back in stock 10/9/21 Make sure to select Amazon Au as seller.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    thks just what i needed for my dslr and has the adapter.

    • I was thinking exactly the same. Are there any disadvantages with using these over normal size SD cards?

      • +2

        Only advantage of Flexibility. Some devices can only take microSD ones

        • Thanks. Nothing like less durable, more prone to failure, etc?

  • Cheers, OP. Never seem to have one handy when I need one. Now I'll have a good spare.

  • +2

    Gah just paid $10 for this less than a week ago.

    • +14

      $1 more…unless you bought dozens who cares…

      • +32

        I see you are new to ozbargain ;-)

        • +19

          OZBargain, where people fret over spending $1 extra on an item, but then buy 50 things they don't need.

          • +1

            @cnut: Buying things you don't need is consumer capitalism encapsulated in a phrase. OzB's not the problem.

            • -1

              @0jay: True OzBargainers wouldn't waste money endlessly on things they don't need. Only wannabe OzBargainers.

              • @Clear: Yeah I think fair to say discipline's a necessary attribute for bargaining well, having said that hitting a link's not exactly part of the process, however you define it

          • @cnut: And who says marketing doesn't work???

        • +2

          Some people on here would go out of there way to save $1, many on this forum value saving money above everything else… your time is more valuable than money.

          At least when purchasing online time isn't really a factor. But still it's just $1, if that's something to fret about then that's concerning… especially when we live in Australia where there's so much opportunity to make money if you want to.

    • +7

      Buy a second one and you would have paid $9.45 each

    • +1

      Just buy this one and return it using the original receipt from last week for refund.

    • ozbargainer spotted

  • +3

    It's not bad, I bought quite a few when they were $10 each. Write speed is nowhere close to 90 though.

  • -1


  • +2

    $21 for 128gb. Not bad a price

  • Do these work well with security cameras?

    • +3

      you need high endurance ones for security cameras due to the write cycles …..

      • +2

        I wouldnt be surprised if they were all the same, just rebadged.

        • +1

          Originally they were before they created the new naming scheme. High endurance = more spare blocks but they didnt actually add more. They changed the old memory cards to this name so they could charge more money for them and gave the old ones less spare blocks

      • That seems odd… I assume your cameras are constantly recording?

      • +2

        write cycles for security camera and dashcam is nothing compared with what they endure in a raspberry pi

  • Got one. Thanks op!

  • Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Perfect time to complete a mini Simpsons 3D printed tv build, cheers!

  • How about we discuss how to store these micro cards…? Any nice storage ?

    • +18

      i usually collect mine in the washing machine

      • Pardon?

        • I keep my earbuds in the washing machine.

        • +2


          Forget they're in your pocket till laundry day

  • Would this be suitable for a Nintendo Switch?

    • +1


    • +2

      Unless otherwise stated, any micro SD card posted here is suitable for a Switch.

  • +9

    Warning - this Amazon listing is deceiving. If you check the Samsung website (or any other sellers listing), the 64GB model only has a write speed of up to 20MB/s. Clearly shows on the packaging and in the specs. You have to jump up to the 256GB model to get write speeds of 90MB/s. Samsung downgraded the write speeds of the smaller models a couple of years ago.

    • Thanks, ur correct

      Fulfill your need for speed

      Record and play 4K UHD video without glitches. With superfast read and write speeds up to 100 MB/s and 20 MB/s respectively. Shoot flawless high quality photos and videos, and share them all in an instant.

  • Are these good for security cameras ?

    • +3

      Apparently they say to use high endurance ones for dashcams and stuff like that where the contents get overwritten continuously, whether that is marketing hype or not i dont know.


    • +1

      The manufacturers would point you to their specific models for such use - Samsung Pro Endurance or Sandisk High Endurance. Allegedly built for reliability over speed.

  • +1

    Is this any good for constant read and write? I want to use it for my Tesla

    • Sequential read is around 97MB/s, sequential write is about 35MB/s (comparable to other 64GB microSD in the same range). Write endurance is a question mark.

      • cheers, ended up purchasing a Pro Endurance

    • -3

      Rich guy. Can I work for you?

  • Doesn't Amazon have an issue with fakes?

    • Only from third party sellers from what I've seen. These are direct from Amazon.

      • I thought the issue was an Amazon warehouse issue. Fakes have the same sku or something. The robots can't distinguish between them and neither can you without testing the cards

  • Thanks, bought one for my new raspberry pi

  • +4

    Great, i had set up a few prime accounts for the $10 dot guy, and I have a "welcome15" ($15 promotional bonus in account), so bought x2 of these delivered for $2.80, living large! :)

  • +2
  • -3

    The amazon checkout system is pretty painful if you don't have prime.
    I think it only offers expedited shipping, but it is not clear.
    I think I'll pay the extra $3 and get it from officeworks in person.

  • The 512GB is also on sale. I haven't done any comparison whether it's the best price but it's cheaper than JB and OW at the time of this post

  • +2

    Anyone had issues with this SD card failing? I purchased this last year for my phone but it stopped recognising it and doesn't even format.

    • Mine disappeared from my file viewer then came back after a week. Yours might come back to life too

  • now OOS

  • back in stock!

  • Showing $12.88 now

    • wow that was quick. sold from Amazon Au.

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