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First Choice Liquor: 20% Cashback (Capped at $30, 10am-2pm AEST Sunday) @ Cashrewards


Spotted banner on CR. Perfect for Fathers Day, and stacks with 2,000 Flybuys with $50 spend when you click & collect. Runs for 4 hours starting 10am AEST Sunday.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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First Choice Liquor
First Choice Liquor

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      Tomorrow 10-2

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    The Chivas Regal 18YO at $90 special then 20% off ending at $72 is a very good deal!

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      Plus $10 in bonus flybuy pts.

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    Nice CR 20%, $5 28degrees, 2000 flybuys

  • +2

    Dammit, I was trying to be good.
    Resisted 2,000pts…. can't resist an additional 20%.

  • +1

    Literally just about to buy with the current 10%..thanks OP!

  • Two deals stack to be 40% off - amazing!

  • Thank you OP.
    It's a shame Amex online payments have been failing for me since March for FCL (and LL), could've been another $10 cashback from $100 purchase.

    • +4

      No issues on my end…….

      • Update: Amex worked via PayPal and worked directly in store, but still didn't work directly online. Go figure…

        I can see some had issues with 28° MC and ANZ Visa online payment, as well as some users previously reporting Amex failing on FCL and LL in other threads.

        I guess their payment system is pretty average and even customer service couldn't work out where the failed transactions went to pinpoint the cause.

        Would be interested to know if someone solved amex online payment issue.


  • -1

    How much do you need to spend to hit the full $30 CB?

    • $150~ (unsure if it accounts for GST)

      • GST is not counted so you need to spend over $150 for the full cashback (you will only get $27 cashback if you spend $150).

  • Ok if you click and collect, delivery takes 6 weeks

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      This is correct. Ordered 2 cartons beer on 10th August. Auspost still have them. Will be past BBE date when delivered

  • +1

    Stacks with AMEX Spend $100 get $10 back.

  • BWS site being a joke and being unable to even log in pays off with this superior deal.

  • Does anyone have any issues with First Choice Liquor tracking through cashback ?
    Every purchase I make goes through cashback except First Choice Liquor. No adblock etc. Always have to raise a ticket. Sometimes the tickets raised pay others don't and the people at Cashback say bad luck, even though I have screen shots saying the transaction was activated, yet not tracked.
    And what browsers do you use to get good cashback tracking.

    • My >$100 purchase in august was approved

    • +1

      Not had a prob with 1st Choice tracking with CR. It tracks fast.

      I use Firefox on Linux Mint. Fully disabling ublock first.
      Paid direct with card and through paypal.

    • I am a lockdown-alcoholic who has used FCL with CR and I've never had any issues with tracking. I use Firefox with adblock deactivated.

    • Use normal browser or even mobile app to login FCL and pick whatever you want first
      Then open another browser in incognito mode (I use the most common one, Chrome). Login to your CR and then FCL with your cart ready to pay.
      This works everytime with all my CR purchase

  • -1

    Is this live yet? Its still on 3%.

  • +3

    I'm impressed with FCL prices, very similar to Dan Murphys

    Bought Vodka and Kahlua to make espresso martinis

  • Anyone else having having a card authentication error when trying to pay with 28 Degrees/Latitude credit card?

    • I was fine, I was prompted to enter 6 digits that they texted me.

    • I had issues with ANZ Visa.. had to use paypal

  • For the olde farte dads, Crown Lager is $48

    • I’m one of those also proud grandad of 3. So of course I saw this,however when I linked through via CW the price shows $50 not $48.:so if I get the 20% still better off but prices through link are not the same as direct

      • Sorry i thought i change my store to check interstate. Looks like a QLD special.

        Still better then VB, Tooheys, Fish beer etc.

        • No you’re correct , both my iPad and laptop set to same Melbourne store. iPad showed $48 ( catalog special ) but laptop clicked through CW showed $50. Not a state difference. Prices are higher in vic anyway when you click through CW for the same item. So I hope it tracks or I’ve paid more than I should have.

  • Anyone know if we can stack it along with the $10 promo code First Choice gives you when you subscribe?

  • +1

    Any suggestions what I can add for $3-$10? Trying to reach $50 spend

  • +1

    I'm 1km out from my 5km radius, damn, what should I do??

    • 5km is line of sight, not by road. Does that help?

      • Yeh I'm about 6km line of sight.

        I'm in Sydney CBD and closest FCL is Ashfield

  • Coopers vintage ale and coopers sparkling $150 exactly… Can't click and collect where I am in NSW though!… Still waiting on my previous orders from a few weeks ago though… 13th Aug order still not delivered from Liquorland (same as 1st choice?) - Same with order from 23rd Aug….

  • +1

    Completed transaction and I don't see on cashrewards yet. I have used mycoles team member discount. Does anyone know if used with team member discount cannot get cashrewards cashback? Thanks.

    • Ive used my team member card and got cash rewards before. Cash rewards just looks at the total you paid.

      • Thanks. Looks like a bit of delay, but all good I can see now it is tracked.

  • I notice that with I click through cash rewards into first choice that the prices listed that way are more expensive that just going to first choice directly. Had first choice open on my iPad and via CW on laptop and saw this. Still worth it for 20% off but be aware prices are higher

    • +1

      sometimes it can be because the store or state hasn't been correct….if you check the click and collect or store location showing it might be another state.

  • If I make two orders over $50, will I get 2 x 2000 flybuy points ?

    • I don't think so

    • I can get terms for this offer, but previously it has always been limited to once per account.

      • Well on the 26th of August I got 2 x 2000 points on the first choice flybuys promotion so it wasn't always limited. Maybe this one is..

        • Are you sure you hadn’t activated a flybuys offer? Can you let me know. I’ll do another if it will work

          I meant can’t not can in my comment above, I can’t find the offer terms

            • @momirzzz: Thanks it does look like they honoured it twice. I just looked at my account history for app offer descriptions and your ones don’t look the same. There are no terms for this offer.

          • @grasstown: looks like they might have made an error, lucky you…..usually it states in terms only once per account per offer….if you find the offer email look at the terms (I just looked at the one from that time period and says one per account)

    • no, only 1 per account for that period….wait till the next 2000 point deal and good cashback and buy then….they come around regularly.

  • 1 Litre of Gentleman Jack for 75 -20% -2000pts -10 28deg = ~$40

  • +2

    Another bottle of Wild Turkey 101 for $36 after cashback and FlyBuys points.

  • glad I had an issue with the OTOP code card verification not being accepted last night (or today for that matter, not sure what is going on as Westpac reckons it wasn't from their end) with the 10% off through Shopback. Score! and used Paypal instead, should get 20% off + $10 cashback from Westpac for spend over $75, and 2000 Flybuys points (worth $10).

  • Missed this by 12 minutes despite waiting for it since yesterday…

    • +1

      I hate when I do that, but at least it's good news for the liver!

  • Just spent $135. $9 cashback. Here we go again.

    • +1

      The offer ended at 2pm. Did you order before then?

    • Hi. I've checked sales through the promo and can't find a combo of $135/$9. Please check your click time in click history. Also please check your CR acct and confirm the cashback amount? Sometimes (rarely) stores auto-adjust sale amounts after the tracking email goes out. If still incorrect, please PM me. Thanks.

      • Hi TA. Thanks for replying.

        The tracked email I received from cash rewards said $9 on a $49 purchase. I just checked on the site and it says $26 pending. That sounds about right now. Cheers

        • +1

          Awesome. Thanks for confirming :)

    • Yours is better them mine. Spent $150 on one order and CR shows I only spent $27 with $5.40 cashback.

      • +1

        Same as above. Sometimes (rarely) stores auto-adjust sale amounts after the tracking email goes out. Please check your CR acct and advise if this has auto-corrected (never rely purely on info in the tracking email). Thanks!

        • Thanks TA. I'm sure it'll be fixed up later or CR will honour it somehow, I've had zero issue with CR so far. Highly recommended.

          • +1

            @Connected: Hi again. Have you checked & confirmed your CR acct? Please give it 24 hours to auto-correct if it's not showing the correct amount. If it hasn't beyond that, please PM me. You've got nothing to worry about :)

  • Through the checkout by 1:30pm

  • Got my cashback confirmed pretty much instantly this time, always nice!

  • Placed two orders but only 1 tracked… now need to set a reminder to claim the missing one

    • $30 cap no matter how many transactions or how much

    • Update: Thanks TA for checking the order for me and I got the tracked email this morning :)

  • My store cancelled my order… 😔

  • My click and collect pickup was also cancelled. Citing no stock or alternative replacement. Now checking and surprise surprise product is back in stock. Also found out another person I know had the same thing happen to them but they went into the store and saw it in stock on the day the order was cancelled. They eventually managed to get them to honour the price.
    But WITHOUT the CR, flybuys and Amex, wasn’t worth me going through the trouble to just paying catalogue price.
    If I do this again, think I might just try to pop into store earlier before they get around to cancelling the order.
    You win some, you lose some ;)

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