Canned Clams: Where to Buy in Sydney?

Can anyone point in the right direction on where to buy canned calms in Sydney?

I'm trying to make some clam chowder (lockdown activities) and most recipes ask for canned clams for the clam juice. I've already purchased some Old Bay seasoning from Amazon.

USA Foods do not have them in stock. Amazon and eBay are a no-go as well.



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    MMMmmm clam juice.

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      First year living in Canada I was at a work party and everyone was ordering bloody Caesars. Not wanting to be an odd one out I ordered one as well.

      It's a bloody Mary with clamato juice instead of tomato. Why on earth anyone wants to consume it, let it alone being the drink of choice at a function, is completely beyond me.

      Anyway, to actually help OP, you can buy it at iHerb. Might take a while to get here though -

      • Thanks. I saw this.

        $32 for the two tins and shipping :(

        Hopefully there is somewhere local I can purchase this.

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        I'm not sure if this guy (@Archi) was talking about the same kind of 'clam juice' you're talking about! 🤣

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    I honestly cannot imagine how bad this must taste, smell and feel. Tinned clams? I'm out.

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    Consider local or NZ fresh pippies as a substitute

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    I'm in Melbourne so can't help with your original question, but the last time I bought them, was from an Italian style supermarket/deli. They call them vongole. I too love clam chowder.

    • Great idea!

      Will check our some Italian delis in the Haberfield/Marrickville area.

    • This is perfect, except for price :(

      Recipe calls for three of these tins which equate to $47.96 including shipping.

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    Well I'm from Utica and I've never heard anyone use the phrase 'canned clams'.

    • its an Albany phrase

  • Wut

  • Harris farm sells fresh clam chowder, and a variety of Clams, pippies and vongole.

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    Quattro deli $9.95 delivery or pickup from Chatswood Chase store.

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    Yummmmm clam chowder, now I want some.

    I would check out some Asian grocers? Not entirely sure what they do or don’t have. Also specialty European delis may also have some.

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    Kings Cross