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Wahl Home Cut Combo for Men $33 (Was $60) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Just picked these up for myself. Thought it was a good deal for $33, cheaper than what I normally pay for a haircut so thought I’d share! And has good reviews so can’t lose!

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • It's wired or wireless?

    • from the pictures the bigger unit is wired, the beard trimmer looks like it is wireless

    • The trimmer is battery operated (2xAAA)

  • thanks!

    bought one for so I can have a haircut during lockdown lol

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      I was going to buy to cut fruit but I think your idea is better

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        you could do both and have very smooth kiwi fruit (i think thats what the trimmer is there for)

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        You weren't thinking of cutting the banana, were you?

  • the one is cheaper and probably the same. It has more positive reviews and doesn't have the trimmer if you dont need one.


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      Even better, go this one https://www.shavershop.com.au/wahl/quick-cut-complete-hair-c...
      Same price, more in the kit and you're not giving any money to uncle Gerry (more than you already have via your tax dollars)

      • you need to add postage on top. HN has stock of this item in few stores. thanks for sharing anyhow.

        • Ah, right you are. Didn't realise the Vic/NSW stores were closed for click n collect.

    • Used that one for past few years. Did the job well. Swapped the philips 5000 series but cut accuracy is way out from the settings

  • Is this worth almost double the price of the Remington Personal Haircut Kit $17.00 delivered?

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      The remington one sucks. I think i got it for $7 on amazon.

  • Slowly getting confused on all these models -_-

    FYI - That Remington one mentioned has a 2-4 week dispatch timeframe.

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    "Can't lose?"
    Don't forget the loss of your taxdollars as HN (unwillingly) only returned 6m of 22m Jobkeeper…

  • I've been researching home haircut clipper kits and there are so many models even within one brand. So confusing. Apparently the general comment is that anything cheaper than $100 is OK but it won't last due to cheap parts and bad quality. Should be OK though if you just need something to tide you over until the barbers open again.

    • I previously used corded Wahls but now use this Philips 5000 for $85 and have been really impressed by it. The 1mm adjustments help to give a good fade.

      • How do you do the fade? Like divide into 3 sections and 3 different rent length for each?

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    "Can't lose":
    Are you intending to cut your own hair?
    If so, that will be tricky regardless of how good the clippers are.
    If not, you are relying on the other person's skills in cutting hair. Could go either way.

    And either way, it won't be as good as the haircut you usually pay for.

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    "…$33, cheaper than what I normally pay for a haircut"

    Hand in your OzB badge please.

    • Yeah damn, and if you're doing a similar job with this tool that's a very expensive buzz cut!

  • Keep your receipt. 24mnts warranty and from experience you will be returning them.

    Still decent for the price though, even after replacing them.

  • The Remington Rapid Cut is better and it is at its lowest price at the moment.


  • Was $25 in the past with average ozbargain user reviews.

  • I've been disappointed by too many cheap clippers over the years but so far this Vidal sassoon one from bigw has been great. $31.20 AT 20% off right now too. https://www.bigw.com.au/product/vs-for-men-the-rugged-comman...

    Has a great turbo function too but haven't needed it so far.

  • I want to support my local barber,and $20 for a Pensioner haircut is damn cheap…..YMMV