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[SUBS] Black Widow - Free for All Subscribers (Was $34.99 for Premier Access) @ Disney+


Marvel’s latest offering! The countdown is on, plenty of entertainment to be had by joining the debate below on whether this really is a bargain or not in the meantime.

Users who wish to block "Additions to Subscription Services" can do so by adding SUBS to their deals customisation. * Xbox Game Pass, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus etc. are considered additions to subscription services. You can also block seeing deals from certain stores or users by hitting the hide button below. Discussion Thread

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  • +43

    I am pretty sure this deserves a downvote… 🤔

    • +4

      I love going down!

      • +4

        The only thing going down is the price! :)

        • +17

          I am not going to make comments about going down and Scarlett Johnasson in the same window for fear she may take legal action.

      • doing gods work

    • +5

      The movie itself deserved a down vote.

      • Well yes…
        My joke was based on that premise.

      • +6

        Watched it last night. It's passable in the vein of Thor Dark World. Not the best Marvel movie but definitely enjoyable nonetheless.

      • Not as bad as Wonder Woman 1984 right?

    • +44

      I'm not annoyed it's an announcement on a paid subscription service.

      I'm annoyed you posted this 30 days before it even becomes "free".

      • +15


        Deals for films I expect to eventually be available as part of my subscription for a service, especially 30 days in advance, are hardly a deal.

        • +2

          maybe sometime wants to know 30 days in advance that this will be free on their platform rather than going out and buying the Bluray now and then complaining.

          • +2

            @gonzule: If you don't check this before you buy a physical disc, you should probably hand in your badge.

            • @boredofficeworker: If noone posts then it will slip through then someone checks here before buying bluray.

      • +3

        Couldn’t agree more, where is the ‘deal’ in this when the selling point of the subscription service itself includes availability of these new titles a certain period after their release.

    • -3

      how is she gonna to afford her 3rd private jet if we all watch it on Disney plus !!!

    • Why say this when you not down voting yourself? Do as you say not as you do?

      • I said it feels like.
        Also it was a joke :^) , weird concept, i know.

    • No

  • +4

    I haven't had a month of Disney for a while that a good reason to grab another 1 .

    • +10

      I don't think I'm alone in this…
      …but if this movie was released after Civil War and before Captain Marvel, it would've garnered much more positive reviews and enjoyable watching.

      • +8

        edit: Accidentally hit the NEG button, how do I undo it?

        For those interested, this is the correct/best way to watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe:
        A1- Captain America
        A2- Iron Man
        A3- Iron Man 2
        A4- Thor
        A5- The Avengers

        B1- Thor 2
        B2- Iron Man 3
        B3- Capitan America 2
        B4- Avengers 2
        B5- Ant Man

        C1- Captain America 3
        C2- Spiderman Homecoming
        C3- Black Panther
        C4- Black Widow
        C5- Ant Man and Wasp

        D1- Dr Strange
        D2- Captain Marvel
        D3- Guardians of Galaxy
        D4- Guardians of Galaxy v2
        D5- Thor Ragnarok

        E1- Infinity War
        E2- Endgame
        E3- Spiderman Far from Home
        E4- WandaVision
        E5- Falcon&Soldier

        F1- Loki and Time Variance
        (I think the MCU has jumped the shark after here)

        • Is this simply ordered by the event timeline?

          • @lookingforTV: Somewhat, but not entirely.
            It's moreso ordered by Relevance.

            For instance, Guardians v1 would've taken place around/before Avengers 2. But it's not relevant to the MCU storyline at that point, and makes sense to shift it back. Otherwise you have confused audiences thinking he's about to show up in every movie when it doesn't.

            Another example, Captain Marvel. This takes place after Captain America and before Iron Man. But again, if you watch it there it leads to some confusion. Like, every new character (and villain) introduced seems pointless and redundant, since CM could literally handle the issue herself. And there's no reference to CM in all those movies.

            Watching the movies in terms of release date is good, my list is just that bit better. If you want to know why something is where, I can explain that for you.

        • +3

          Don't bother watching The Incredible Hulk then?

        • +2

          How could you do that to my green boy?

          • -2

            @tomsco: Both The Hulk and The Incredible Hulk, they don't reference the MCU within their movies. And the style and story is much different than MCU movies.

            I think including it detracts from the MCU lineup. As long as you know of The Hulk, you'd be fine. Lots of people only saw him first time in The Avengers, and I don't think they cared for his backstory.

            • +2

              @Kangal: Yes they do. The end credit scene of the incredible hulk has iron man talking about the super soldier program (captain america)

            • +1

              @Kangal: I haven’t seen Shang Chi yet, but:
              -There’s the return of Abomination in Shang Chi
              -William Hurt has played Thaddeus Ross from the Incredible Hulk right up to Black Widow (or Endgame if you want to go chronologically)
              -Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man is literally in the movie’s end credits
              -I think it’s Iron Man 2 directly references the incident from TIH movie.

              The Incredible Hulk is very much a MCU movie. Sure it may feel different, and not be ingrained as say the Spider-Man movies, but it was early days.

              • -1

                @tomsco: I knew someone would've brought up that end-credits scene. And to be honest, we should NOT go based on those. They can be misleading, like the end-credits of Thor makes no sense in terms of Avengers. The Abomination reference is meh. The reference that does hold weight is the Colonel in Civil War, Black Widow, and Infinity War.

                Still the movie doesn't fit into the MCU spirit/style. You can watch it if you want, go bananas. But it makes things not as seemless as the list above.

                If I had to place it somewhere, it would probably go between Iron Man 1 and 2.

          • +1

            @tomsco: hiding the Zucchini.

  • +1

    Can confirm also available on hotstar in 4k….never seen 4k content on hotstar before 😍

    • Are you talking about Disney+hotstar, how do you access that in Australia, with vpn or is there any other trick?

      • +2

        Urban VPN works on Chrome browser. I use it to watch Disney+hotstar.

      • +3

        Nord Vpn on my google tv which runs on boot. So no issue with using hotstar+disney.

        Only issue is I can't stream my nest camera when vpn is on.

        • I'm assuming you need to subscribe to Disney+ hotstar India separately as my regular Disney+ subscription doesn't work. How'd you go about getting an Indian mobile number to verify the account? (If you had to at all)

          • +4

            @FormulaWon: Yes I subscribed,so I can access all disney+ content and my wife watches Indian dramas in hotstar 😭, also subscribe YouTube and prime from Indian account
            Yes we both maintain Indian sims for banking purposes. Just $1 per month to keep getting sms for otp’s and not to lose the number.

            • @hopper: Thanks for the info, will have to go hunt down some good options for getting Indian sims then!

            • @hopper: @hopper, would you be willing to share how we can get an Indian mobile number for otp here in Australia?

              • +1

                @fryandlaurie: getting Indian sim from Australia is really hard. I say its much better to check with fellow Indian friends who has working sim.

        • +1

          Now this Sir should be a deal in itself - getting Disney+Hotstar to work in Aus

          • @my2cnts: Note : black widow is already streaming since couple of days in hotstar+ on 4k :)

        • I tried installing Hotstar on google tv chromecast with NordVPN, was able to find the app but couldn’t instal it as it displayed “This item is not available in your country”.
          Not sure how to get past this stage and install it.

          • @Abadabba: Which server did you connect? May be surfshark

            Nord works for me, may be new versions don't, so I will not update until it's mandatory

            • @hopper: I tried connecting to a more than a dozen of servers both Mumbai and Chennai but didnt work out.
              I was able to conect on Chrome (Windows PC), so best thing in my case would be to cast it from my PC. Will try surfshark after my Nord subscription expires.
              I have contacted Nord via email to see if they have any recommendations

            • @hopper: This is the reply I got from Nord:

              “Thank you for your letter.

              Unfortunately, the Indian region of Hotstar, as well as Disney+ streaming services, is currently unavailable with NordVPN, however, our technicians are aware of this particular issue and are working towards a solution.

              With that being said, our team is constantly expanding the list of streaming services accessible with NordVPN, but due to technical barriers set by them, we can't give an estimate on when your desired streaming service would be available.

              Let us apologize for the inconvenience caused.”

              If your Nord is working then yes, it would be better not to update the app or change your server/ mark it as favourite if possible


    • Does that work on tv ?

      • Yes, Google chromecast tv

    • +4

      The chicken shop?

  • +6

    I'm here for all the triggered comments.

  • +9

    Thanks, I was looking to watch this the other day until I saw the price!.. How many people are paying $35 to watch one movie??!!

    • +4

      Families that would usually spend $60+ at the cinemas

      (I know it's a different viewing experience etc, lockdowns make it hard)

    • Not for this one in particular, but I'm ready to slap that down for Multiverse of Madness.

  • +7

    Can we do a post for jungle cruise which is out of premiere access a month later?

  • +2

    Is it really free tho

  • I really want the Never Ending Purge to go to $7 or less.

  • +4

    Scarlett is not happy wth this

  • +20

    God that film was boring, even for Marvel

    • Came here to see the usual "downvoted for subscriptions not being a bargain" and I'm not even disappointed.

      So true, very very average movie.

    • +1

      I agree. Not with the “even for marvel” comment though!

    • I think the first half was pretty great where it felt like a Bourne-esque spy-thriller, but then it had a standard Marvel 3rd act with a bunch of chaos happening all over the place.

      A mid-tier film.

  • +1

    Easily the worst Marvel film. Florence Pugh completely stole the film from Scarlet Johansson too. No wonder she sued Disney.

      • +4

        That's great, random uncited numbers. Still the poorest Marvel film. I'd rather watch Thor 2.

        • It's scarjos measurements. She chunked out.

          (Jokes, she still fit)

    • +1

      I couldn't stand her fake russian accent. Check Nicole Kidman's in Nine Perfect Strangers for how it's supposed to be done.

    • -1

      Pugh was basically the only good part of the film, and she was just a bad imitation of a character from Killing Eve

    • -1

      wut? its better than iron man 3, captain marvel, incredible hulk, black panther and thor 2

      • -1

        Iron Man 3 is clearly one of the best Marvel films.

    • I totally agree with you. My least favourite MCU film so far. I also put this below Thor 2. Just felt like a pointless film which didn't do Black Widow any justice.

      • It actually made me realise just how unengaging Scarlett Johansson is, and how she needed much more relatable actors to bounce off. She's not charming enough to carry a film by herself.

  • +6

    Shang Chi would be a better use of my time, if I could go watch it…

    • +1

      I saw so many spoilers that I just watched the CAM version. It was too little too late if they're releasing it on Oct 18th… plus with 1.5k infections I'm not setting foot in the cinemas.

      • they still have CAM versions?

        • For Shang Chi yeah they do. I wanted to avoid spoilers (Basically not go on the internet but no not realistic.) but with YouTube with their thumbnails and tittles I saw a massive one and then some on reddit / tiktok and just gave up afterwards. It was too late so I gave up waiting as well and watched it. While the CAM was pretty bad same as knowing spoilers and knowing outcomes. What's funny is if anything Youtube and Tiktok spoilers and scenes were more clearer than the CAM version.

          NSW is in lockdown what am I supposed to do? Not go on the internet haha. I'll probably watch it again once it hits D+ or something but that's in Oct 18th or 45 days after it released in cinemas. Hopefully I forget what happens in the movie.

    • +3

      It's hard to quantify, but I'd say it's approx 1000 times better than Black Widow.

      • -1

        yeah no…

    • Went and saw it the other night, i reckon it's one of the better Marvel movies

    • +1

      Ah I'm probably gonna get downvoted but so fortunate to be able to see it in cinema last night. Don't waste your time on any cam rips, the scenes and CGI need to be seen in HD. If it's not out for you guys in the coming weeks I'd just wait until it's out on Disney+

  • +10

    Ozb is becoming a notice board…next post you'll see is certain movie will be available on Netflix, Stan etc…

    • +1

      What about tv episodes? Every week we can see a post… personally I’m waiting for new released music on Spotify posts

      • Feel free to issue a deal on the new season of 'The Walking Dead ' and 'Utopia' when its comes .
        I'll upvote em :)

        • Thought utopia had been cancelled?

    • Steamio beats them all baby

  • +3

    Comic books movies are 90% garbage.

    • +1

      And 10% masterpiece

      • +1

        Which includes most of the recent Marvel films. End Game was amazing. But it took 21 movies to build up to it.

      • +3

        I don't particularly like DC characters or comics, but the Dark Knight trilogy was amazing.

      • Comic book films cap out at decent popcorn flicks… masterpiece not so much

  • +5


  • +2

    Worst $35 ever spent. This movie is hot dumpster truck on fire.

    • Hehe well played :)
      Maybe you should have waited a little longer . :)

  • +1

    Pretty good movie and definitely worth the watch, but not in the top 20 Marvel movies.

  • +2

    I saw it at the cinema - was pretty good. Was never gonna pay that ludicrous price on top of an already paid streaming service.

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