4 Pokemon Trading Cards & 1 Card Case, Frame or Sticker for $2 or Free with Happy Meal for $4.95 @ McDonald's


These are the normal price at $2 or free with the Happy Meal but hear me out. From the last deal in the US unopened toy sets are worth for $10USD, Opened Foils for $4-50USD and Non Foils $1USD. I'm not advocating for people to scalp these, I'm using the resale value to demonstrate this is a bargain.

A bit more info in this article here:
Limit of 2 toys like in the US and UK!

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  • Got 2 packs, rack pack has one holo card, how rare are the holos?

    • Seems like a holo in each pack, opened 3 so far.

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    Thanks guys, all 3 of my local maccas are sold out of pokemon cards….

    • Plenty on Ebay .

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        I know you're being facitious, but I wouldn't support scalpers in any way. Also the packs are searchable, you can shine a light through the back and see what the front holo is, so I'd assume all the unopened packs on eBay are a scam.

  • They haven't received any stock in Bondi Junction despite advertising it on the screens. The staff is telling us that they won't have any before next week…

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    I got space jam instead of Pokemon cards so yeah don't bother

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      I got given space jam too, but when I insisted with my 3 yr old next to me they pulled one out. Plenty of dodgy going on in store….

      Also disappointed I ordered two hash browns and the bags they were in didn’t have monopoly stickers.

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        (profanity), where can I borrow a 3yo from?

  • Anyway 2 important steps .

    1) Use the 20% off in app if you have it .
    2) Tell them to put the food in bags and not in the cardboard happy meal card board . Keep this mint .

    • Keep it mint for what ;)

      • To use for packaging .
        Option is also to buy at $2 which at next place scored 60 .
        I was about to get more in multiples of 25 and the Manager stopped it .
        The 20% App offer only goes to up to $100 .

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      Why keep it mint, the kids tear it apart anyway, unless you’re scalping.

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        I'm a big kid trying to put together a collection X 22 .
        I'd be a fool not to take whatever option they give me at $2 a pack being a value investor .
        Its like leaving $5 notes per pack on the ground and walking by .
        You can do it I won't .

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          Value investor, big kid? Cmon man, just own up and say what you are.

          Let’s say you can sell them for double the $2 each, after eBay fees, and the work of listing and posting you’re not exactly making a killing.

          You’re picking up pennies at the expense of kids.

          • @cloudy: I make bigger profits on much higher price items to be messing around selling a pack of these for $10 .

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              @popsiee: I’m so confused, lol

              On one hand you’re a fool for not snapping these up for $2, and on the other you’re too cool to make a buck reselling these and only do high priced items.

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                @cloudy: Think about the only way you can get them is `^ing around at Macca's .
                Not everybody can do it so make them a lot harder than other Pokemon cards to get that all major retailers have.
                Hence should be great to lock away for a rainy day .

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                  @popsiee: Could just say you're a scalper dude. No need for a written dissertation.

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    Well I just bought my kids a happy meal each for lunch… and they both got a holographic pokemon card each - including a pikachu one…

    Are they more common than the internet thinks or did we just get really lucky?

    • All packs have a holo, as far as i know Pikachu isn't any more rare than others just more desirable.

    • You got lucky in terms of value but not rarity. 1/25 chance of getting Pikachu Holo in a pack. Its $50 if you were to sell it. I'd hold on to it and sleeve it will appreciate over time.

      • The Pikachu Holo's must be common as. I only got one pack, and got one.

  • No stock at auburn maccas yet, still have space jam.

  • i only got the normal happy meal box..

    the packet that came with the meals were white and only had a pack of cards a maze and card holder in it.

    i bought separately an additional 2x toys. those came in black.. inside was additional stickers and background.

    each pack had a shiny card. didn't get any doubles.

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      You got lucky! The white ones with card holder are better than the stickers as you can hold cards in them.

  • None at Rosehill - they are still waiting for the delivery. Has anyone in NSW been able to get these?

  • Darling Harbour, NSW (not Harbourside) would only sell one pack per person. I was with my partner so we got one each. Darling Square told me they had none left.

    Both packs came with the card case. I wanted stickers lol. Both packs had one holo, one pack had a double… well it was one holo and one regular -_-

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      Should only have one holo. The manager at Warringah Mall was a good guy and let me buy 10 once I explained I'm collecting the cards. But he said only 2 per customer apart from Happy meals after me cos he got a call from management. I'm gonna open and post on Youtube and Tiktok tonight.

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        I not sure of any policy on the amount of card packs they can sell . None of my visits did they state 2 extra at $2 each yet .
        Basically its open slather .

      • yes that's what I said, both packs had one holo.

        Jesus 10 packs? The manager at Darling harbour was like, "look, I only have 100 packs so I can only sell you one" and I said fine.

        btw the maccas website says "One toy or book per Happy Meal®. Limit of two additional Happy Meal Pokémon toy purchases per transaction"

  • I got Mr men Cups for some reason, all the same one. From Rockdale.

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      Wtf?? Those were from way back in March

      • ffs we got 2 of the little miss giggles cup last week

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    Guys be reasonable when you buy. Don't horde like 100s of packs to resell later. Ruining it for kids who actually want to play with them. From an investor point of view, people are making thousands, tens and hundreds of thousands from crypto currency, property and other financial products.. not common McDonald Pokemon cards. Maybe in 10 years, the $2 card will become $50. Congratulations.. everyone's houses just made a million times more in that same time.

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      Real estate that makes 25x in 10 years. Sign me up. PS. Melbourne city completely cleared when I checked this afternoon

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        This isn’t high school mate. It’s real life. $48 will get you a nice meal. And 25x isn’t that hard to believe in property given what happened over the last 2 decades. At 5% deposit with house prices doubling every 7 years. Say 10 years, prices have gone up 150%, that’s more than 25x return off initial investment. Of course prices will unlikely go up that much anymore.

        • How is 150%, 25x?
          Its okay, i understand what you're saying. But i don't think collecting is just for the kids.

          After all it is the pokemon 25th anniversary pack. The only ones obtaining 100 quantity you say are the people who have seedy connections to managers. I don't think i have heard anyone buying 100 quantity around here. There are some listed on eBay with a full box or 180x with about 10x mark up though. The fact you need about 25 packets minimum to even get a full deck of no holos is pretty crappy and most stores only lasted a day or two. The supply should have been bigger. I think each store got about 2 boxes, 180x in each box.

          Secondly if the USA could forecast how this promotion would turn out. Why would they repeat it when they knew scalpers would enter. Did we really think that everyone will do the right thing and complain it should just be for the kids.

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      @Beachy Don't worry m8 I was very generous and gave my kids the outer stickers and carboard scene on a couple of them to play with .
      As long as the sealed pack of cards was mine to join the hoard .
      Really too valuable to wreck in my opinion .

  • Just found this: https://www.pricecharting.com/console/pokemon-mcdonalds-2021
    Might be of use for collectors and trading cards

  • I’m no expert but all the eBay listings are for cases of Week 1 & 1b there are 8 different types of outer packing so perhaps there will be restocks each week with different variety’s, plenty for collectors and kids (hopefully)

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      another post. Op is crazy about these cards.
      and a self ad for his youtube.

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        OP is gonna catch’em all!

        And they’ll gonna catch all of OP’s 💰 .

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        If you're binning them might as well have bought them without the meal

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        If you binned them please turn in your OzBargain badge.

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              @dust: Never happened the chances are 0.00001%

              • @Levity: You'll never know, this is the internet everything is possible, and if you think your survey is indicative, its probably even less reliable that my post 😂

  • So do hardcore collectors here actually think these will be worth anything in the future? For some reason "McDonald's rare Pokemon cards" doesn't sound like something that would appreciate much in value to me. I get they're Pokemon cards, but at the same time they're widely available in large numbers.

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      The 2012 ones are worth maybe $5-8 each, these won't be worth anything special either.

      • Did maccas do those cards in 2012 aswell?

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          Yeah for Pokemon Black and White

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      Yes I think the holos Pikachu is worth $200 graded 10: https://www.pricecharting.com/console/pokemon-mcdonalds-2021
      Will only go up in value, not by a lot but most cards are destroyed by kids so grade 9 and 10 will still be worth a lot.

      • destroyed by kids

        Probably not IMO, I'm sure there are many people older people buying these in their 20s and 30s and taking very good care of them.

  • Sold out at my local, not getting stock for at least 5 days. FFS.

    • Yeah 1 week restock for 8 weeks

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        What do you reckon $600 for a sealed box of 150 .
        Buy or not ?

        My thinking is its a great buy .

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    Can you buy toys in the app without a happy meal?

    • I haven't seen this myself but would also like to know

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      Its not useful as you need to get your A$$ into the Maccas to see if they have the target ( they may have Space Jam ) and what you can get hehe .

  • I saw someone purchase a whole box of these cards yesterday at Keysborough maccas. I overheard the manager or supervisor saying they sold another whole box earlier. Didn't really think much about it at the time until I saw this post. Think they were 50 per box.

    • I think it's 150 per box, going by eBay listings

      • It is. Heard someone tried to buy a 150 pack as it’s a box but was denied and got 50 still instead -_- I was lucky enough to get 5 in one hit once otherwise usually 2 per time XD now they sold out in my area

  • This is not me by the way, just browsing Facebook Marketplace and saw these people selling the card.

    Pokémon McDonald’s Pikachu Holo 25/25 Card $50, Listed in Sydney

    Pokemon McDonald's pikachu holo card $50, Listed in Sydney

    McDonald’s Pokémon Card - Pikachu $25, Listed in Sydney

    McDonald’s 25 anniversary pikachu Holo mint condition $100, Listed in Sydney

    Pokémon holographic Pikachu 25/25 McDonalds anniversary card $70, Listed in Sydney

    Holographic Pikachu Pokémon Card - 25th Anniversary McDonald's Card $60, Listed in Sydney

    • Someone was trying to sell their Holo Charmander for $50 on FB marketplace as well

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    To be quite frank all the `^ing around its a bargain if they are in the $4-$5 range a pack .
    I'm lucky to date still no happy meal and 2 extra enforced yet . It they did I probably go to $5 - $6 to make life easier .

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    It's good to see we're teaching kids how to gamble early on in life. /s

    It's not Pokémon, it's Pokermon. Gotta catch that Holo Royal Flush!

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    Looks like the party is over in my area .
    All I could order at them was 2 X $2 packs at my last 2 Maccas . Total $4 at both . At least I didn't have to order a Happy Meal but not worth it .

    • Those stores are following the policy, put in place for fairness, from head office. That's a good thing. At my local, they were sold out within 24 hours, indicating that the manager and/or employees were taking/selling boxes for themselves and/or indulging scalpers.

  • I don't really understand how this promo works. In order to collect 'em all, when and how many do I need to buy? The stores around me last week appeared to only stock packs numbered "1" and "3" and "card case" on the reverse.

    • Doesn't matter what the number is, as they all have the same booster pack. Only thing different is the additional activity or item. You may need around 25 to maybe 50. But you can swap with others

  • Local Macca's no longer selling the cards by themselves for $2 each. Have to buy a Happy Meal to get them.

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    Could anyone confirm you can receive two extra packs free?

    Source - https://whrl.pl/Rgk0re

    • Keysborough corner today said out of stock :/