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Pernod Spirit 700ml $29.95 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Dan Murphy's


Online only. Normally $52.

40% ABV, aniseed flavoured.

Pernod has a subtle taste with notes of anise, coriander and mint. It has a delicate bouquet dominated by coriander, a subtly flavoured herb and mint, appreciated for its freshness and digestive properties. It can mix with water, soda or fruit juice.

Features & details
Unsweetened aniseed flavoured liqueur
A blend of star-anise essences and aromatic herbs
Mix it with water, soda or fruit juice
Subtle flavour with essences of star anise
It has a delicate bouquet dominated by coriander, a subtly flavoured herb and mint

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    thks grabbed a few bottles, now to enjoy the bohemian life style when the weather is warm ….

    • +3

      That's the spirit.

    • Any good cocktails that need this?

      I'm hesitant to add to my cabinet after spending ~$500 this year to start learning cocktails…

      • Mai Tais of course!

      • +1

        Sazerac, French Pearl, or basically anything that uses an absinthe rinse.

        Peking is the only one that comes to mind which calls for it specifically. In the EO book, they mainly use it to make absinthe bitters

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    notes of anise, coriander and mint

    Tainted to prevent accidental consumption.

  • Also available at liquorland at that price https://www.liquorland.com.au/spirits/pernod-spirit-700ml_14...

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    Basically absinthe without wormwood. Which is why it shares alot of the similar spices and botanicals.

    Not that great though.

    • Hmm now to buy an absinthe spoon, some sugar cubes a water bottle with a tap and get out the painting set …

    • And without half of the alcohol.

  • Prawns with a Pernod-flavoured cream sauce is pretty special. I should try drinking this a bit more, but it really comes into use in the kitchen.

    At this price, I'm due a new bottle!

  • How do people drink this? Is there anyone who likes this?? Any ozb personal recommendations??

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      Ice and soda water.

    • it’s what you drink if you aren’t greek but like ouzo.

  • It's the same price at Amazon, but OOS, but you can still order it for delivery when they get in - in case anyone wants it at this price but is in no rush

  • Merci!