Miele Compatible Vacuum Bags - Any Good?

Does anyone have experience with using compatible branded bags?

Are they on par with the branded ones in terms of size/capacity?

Any noticeable affect on suction or air quality?

And where would you suggest we pick up some GN bags?

(Or should we just buy the branded version and not worry about the price?)



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    Not much help to you, but I thought about buying the non-branded bags but instead bought Miele-banded bags in a bulk box which made it quite a bit cheaper. I think it was off Amazon???

    • I get them from eBay.

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    I've bought cheap no name compatible ones off ebay for my Miele C3 and they were honestly garbage. They filled up quicker (not sure how that works as they looked the same size), but as far as suction, etc, that all seemed fine.

    I just end up buying the bags in bulk of 16 and they were about $60 on sale. I don't go through them nearly as quick as the cheap ones and they come with the filter fabric replacements which is nice.

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    I always just got the genuine ones. Depending on how new your vaccum is I would or wouldn't bother with the cheaper bags.

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    I buy ours in bulk from Amazon https://www.amazon.com.au/Miele-Hyclean-Gn3d-Efficiency-Dust...
    Not a huge bargain, but still cheaper than I could find anywhere else.

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      I get worried that if I buy a big box of them for yhe discount the vac will die haha. 10 years old and still going strong though.

      • We have the same brand vac at our holiday house (if we could ever get there, sigh) and my daughter has the same vac too. I doubt we'll get stuck with the bags :-)

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    I bought a Miele because they're the best for air quality. But you have to realise that the bags themselves are part of the filtration system and if you buy cheap ones, the air quality won't be as good.

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    I have used the cheap Bunnings version, and while they did work, i found the suction quality and air quality (exhaust) suffered significantly. I've moved back to using the original Miele bags.

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    I have been buying the cheap ones from Bunnings for years and never had an issue.

  • I only buy original and I buy the bigger pack as they usually work out cheaper.

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    The good Guys commercial have the 16 packs for $54

  • I have a huge box of genuine FJM bags. Lasted me ages. See if you can get 'em in bulk.

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