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Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600 XT Gaming OC GPU $765.99 + Shipping @ Mighty Ape


Excellent price for a 6600xt seeing that all the retailers have jacked the prices.

Centercom has it for $869
Scorptec - $899

$5.90 shipping for VIC

Delivery around 12-20 SEPTEMBER using standard parcel service (For VIC)

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Mighty Ape Australia
Mighty Ape Australia

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    how good are these at mining? asking for a friend

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      ETH hashrate similar to 1660 Super/Ti: around 31–32 MH/s. Power also similar at around 70 W.

    • 2 fans always better than 3 fans at overall efficiency.

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        These things run so cool you'll be lucky if the fans fire up at all. Absolutely perfect card for mining.

        • 3 fans will run but 2 fans will consume less power compare to 3 fans at maximum draw.
          Will not make a different if you only have couple of them running but for those who looking to run a room full of them it is a main factor to be considered.

          • @alext0413: Pretty sure you don’t need to worry about the fans’ power usage, just the card.

  • Decided to pick one up, thanks OP!

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    not cheap

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      Yes, none of the graphics cards on the market now are considered cheap. It is basically a poo sandwich market now, your options are trying to buy a sandwich that taste the least foul.

  • Don't forget import tax. Anyone know how much?

    • It doesn't say shipping from nz so I assume no tax

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        Even if it was from NZ there wouldn't be any as it's only for GPUs over $1000, I got a 3070 at launch from MightyApe for $941 shipped without having to pay import tax.

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          Damn, ur lucky

      • Yeah true, I thought all MA store shipping from NZL.

        • MA got purchased by Kogan so probably Kogan fulfilling.

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    I wonder why 3060 ti price gone up and 6600xt too.

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      supply going down (probably less production) and crypto rising again..

    • Shortages announced + price increase to certain parts

  • Been tracking prices for a while. This is a great price atm for this card and if anyone was waiting for this, its a good time as any to pick one up.

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    These prices get more insane each day. Nearly $800 for a card that would previously sell in the $450 range. Madness.
    Note PCCaseGear have a 6600XT for $749, they have also jacked up their prices as these same models were selling for less only weeks ago.

    • Cheers, I was going to post the PCCG one too. Good eye 👍

    • +3

      Because dipshits keep buying them.

  • Can anyone explain to me why the 6600XT has poor performance on PCIE 3.0 ?

    Forever and a day all I would hear is how useless PCIE 4.0 is when it comes to GPU performance and now right when it's about time to get a new card this is not the card. Is it all new AMD cards or just the 6600XT that has poor performance inn 3.0?

    • +9

      If I understand correctly, it is because the PCIE connection that the 6600XT has is only 8x instead of the full 16x.
      Normally PCIE 3.0 wouldn't matter because you are using x16.

      However, I doubt that the performance deficit is severe enough to warrant dismissing this card as a viable option, especially because it is much cheaper and in stock.

      It's probably one of the best value, if not the best value card currently available for the price/performance.

      • Ok thanks for the reply.

        Maybe the performance hit they (they being YouTube reviewers and a few articles) were talking about seemed a lot bigger than it actually is.

  • Unless you are despritly need a GPU, in 2021 AMD launched a 1080P card with that price tag on it, I rather pay more for a nvidia GTX card, at least it comes with RT+DLSS.

    • Technically GTX cards don't have either of those features, but I assume you meant RTX

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    Essentially the same performance as a GTX 1080.

    Delevering yesterday's performance, today, for more money…

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      It's around 1080ti levels of performance and at this price the 6600xt sells for less than a 1080ti does 2nd hand.

      • +2

        Question, why would people pay for the second hand 1080ti if you can get the 6600xt new with warranty for a lesser price?
        Is it stock levels?

        • +1

          Besides stock levels/GPU scarcity, the 1080ti performs slightly better at 4K and mines about 30% faster than the 6600xt (although uses a lot more power to do so).

    • stonks

  • +2

    Took the risk and bought one when they were first released. Thank god, saved $150 bucks. GPU prices remaining ridiculous

    • One of the only times where preordering made sense, I preordered my 3070 late last year and after 10+ months of mining I made up for the 'capital' cost plus 500 dollars extra

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    How does the Gigabyte Gaming OC model compare to other models? I heard Gigabyte isn't good, but not sure if that was only for the Eagle model or if it applies to all Gigabyte models

  • Not a deal if you can get for same price from ebay scalpers

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    Umm.. I think the next batch is coming soon. People should wait. Not worth more than 650$

    • agreed

    • -1

      Can also find some good deals on FB marketplace. I bought am Asus one RRP 699 on release for 660. Picked it up and started mining the same day. The overclocking is different from the powercolor one I have. But otherwise sweet

    • +2

      depend on how long is the waiting ~$4 per day if mining eth now..so 20~days = $80

      • Fair point.

    • How long do you think till next batch?

      • +1

        Probably next week.

  • Price hike? I thought the prices were meant to be heading down, I must have missed the latest news

    • not since mining went up again

      • Bugger. Guess I'll stay with my 20 series card a bit longer

        • +1

          you'll be waiting until ETH turn off PoS mining

    • eth goes up from US$1800 to around US$4000 in the last few weeks..so..


    • $749 now. Purchased from PCCG ebay can save you a few bucks.

    • I got it for $650 legit 2 weeks ago + shipping.

      • +3

        Was $589 for pre-order then sky-rocket to $749.

        Would not pay that much for 1080p gaming.

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    Just paid 2k for the 6900xt delivered. Should arive in 1-2 weeks. Not sure if I did the right thing or if I should hand in my ozB badge. I only play warzone on 2K single monitor.

    Someone make me feel better about this pleaseee.

    • +1

      maybe 6800xt should be enough, but hard to find a 6800xt under $1700 now.

    • +2

      You should be stoked. Prices are going to get worse before they get better at this stage based on latest increases. Beast of a card that should perform for ages!

    • +3

      If you're worried about what you paid, run nicehash. You'll make about $6 a day. 3 months from now when 3080s are still $2k you'll have made back $500 (although the tax man will cometh next year for their cut).

      For warzone you're way better off too. nVidia cards tend to have screen tearing issues without gsync on but turning it on hurts framerates and IMHO DLSS looks like crap, I've yet to find a game where I want RT+DLSS on vs just turning both off. RT is pretty and all but DLSS is a stopgap to when cards can do it properly.

      The 6900xt just smashes out frames like no tomorrow. Plus thanks to more vram it'll have a lot more longevity. I do wonder whether we'll start to see issues with the lifespan of DLSS+RT cards with their 8-10GB vram, your card will be fine for years. I'll probably be shelling out another $1000 in 2 years.

    • I grabbed one too mate and mostly play games that would run fine with this card. I don't see things improving so consider myself future proofed as you should :)

    • I got it too and it's the right thing. 6900xt is a beast, one of the top 3 cards in the market right now. It's going to be a long time since a significantly better card comes along.

      And having higher fps never hurts. The decrease in input lag is worth it, even for warzone

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    Man, this GPU shortage sucks. The 6600xt is basically the modern day RX 480/580 given that it's a very simmilar in size and vram capacity. But they're selling at twice the price. In a normal market, this would be a $450 max card. As I understand, the shortage won't end for another year.

    • The whole market will change when ethereum goes full POS late this year. Glut of secondhand cards is a-comin'…

      • +4

        pos wont start until q2 2022. Mark my word.

        • +2

          Second this, and Ethereum is not the only coin can be mined.

  • I still can hold on my rx580….

    • Would sell it whilst it's a good mining card.

      • Then he needs to spend several hundred more for another card.

        That's like telling a homeowner to sell their house because it's now a million dollars. When it sells, they realize that all the other houses available are also a million dollars, now even more, so what was the point?

        If it's the 8GB version, it's still a decent card and can easily play all the current games

        • +1

          if he has extra budget then it is okay to sell and buy a newer one. old cards like 570/580, the mining capabilities is not that far away from modern card despite lacking a batch of new technologies for gaming and many other tasks. When PoW becomes less profitable, the price gap between old cards like 570/580/1660s and newer cards like 6700 or 3070ti will be much larger than it is now.

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    At this price do you just jump to the 6700xt?

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    This video from Linus Tech Tips explains the overall chip situation. Not just GPUs. He was right but not for the reasons everyone keeps spouting.

    TL;DW: Demand is high due to everyone locked in and all manufacturer slots are full till 2023, chip factories are expensive to build and are years away from being ready to fill demand. It's not just the chip manufactuers, all the supporting logistics and component integrators are full as well (PCB manufacturers, capacitor installers, etc.)

    Industries expecting lower demand for chips didn't see nearly as much as drop and their forecasts are blown away (auto manufacturers are hurting the most as everyone now wants car because don't want to be on a bus with COVID, but not enough chips available for cars and they gave up their manufacturing slots last year and someone else is using them up).

    • +1

      Thanks to share good points

  • -1

    JUST A REMINDER that Mighty Ape is NZ based and are only shipping essential items for now. This means that the 6600 XT won't ship until after Stage 4 lockdowns end over there

    More Info

    • Pretty sure these are being shipped from Australia. Time frame has been provided with orders as well.

    • Good thing that they have marked it as Essential on the item page then, so that it can ship during the Stage 4 lockdown.

  • At this price the 3060ti presents *better value at $100 more

    *better value may not mean much in the current market.

    • +1

      link to 3060ti for $100 more that is in stock now?

    • yeah, looks like they sold both cards they had in stock </s

  • +2

    Every GPU post on OzBargain: "Lol this price isn't a bargain."

    Bruh, at this point in time, the bargain is finding anything in stock that isn't 2x RRP.

    • Only for people who must buy a new GPU now, for the rest best to HOLD.

      • It's been 6 months of holding and it's only gotten worse.

        • Like I've said, if you don't need a new GPU now for a new build or your current GPU is failing, then keeping holding.

  • Not even a good deal, these are readily available in 2 fan versions at about $750. And the extra fan doesn't really matter for such a low powered card.

  • Got mine for $604 on launch night!

  • I have been given notification from MightyApe as follows;

    Sadly, our supplier is now out of stock of the item and they have given us a date of 27/09 for the new shipping date

    • Still no sign of any stock or shipping details..

  • Mine just got shipped and it's coming from NZ.

    Currently showing in transit with airline.

  • Apparently even more delays with the supplier? Waiting this long for shipping is actually ridiculous.