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22% off Boost Mobile Sims, $200 100GB for $156, $300 240GB for $234, Vodafone $30 - $3.90 Extra @ Simonline


Choose add a vodafone 30$ (for 3.9$ after discount) if you need to port out and port in
(Please note MMS have been removed from the Boost new Plan inclusion since July 2021)

Use Code : BOOSTDEAL when Check out (22% off)

$200 SIM for 156$ only expires 2022 Oct (100Gb data) for 12 months

$300 SIM for 234$ only expires 2022 Aug  (240 Gb data) for 12 months

If you have any questions, please contact us via [email protected]

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  • They’re pretty quick - got the $156 delivered yesterday (3-4 days). Vic.

    • Thanks Dcomo, we are trying to process the same day if order placed before 12:00PM.

    • Ordered mine on Sunday and it just got delivered in rural SA, thats pretty good.

  • This might seem like a silly question, but what do we use instead of MMS?

    • +2

      Maybe WhatsApp. People doesn't use MMS much these days because of social Apps.

      I agree sometimes it's a bit anoying can't sent pictures out while the receiver don't use same social App at all.

      BTW, You may choose our Telstra longlife sims at the same discount ratio.

      • Do the Telstra longlife plans have data rollover?

        • I think the answer is no, I can double check it for your.

      • Whoa! thanks for saving me from jumping in and regretting not having MMS.

        Also Telstra longlife seems like only 6 months.

        • 150$ sim is 6 month

          300$ sim is 12 month, currently 200Gb data

    • No MMS? Where does it say that on their T&C?

      I got one of the 100GB sims from this deal:
      and now I'm not sure I would have if I knew that wasn't included.

      • It's really weird imo. My boost has it included but as they said that was before this date.

        • Necro bump :)

          Since I'd already bought the sim I figured I'd activate it anyway, and complain if it didn't work. It turns out MMS does work, on my sim at least. But if there are differences between sims, where some don't support MMS, I'd suggest Boost or the reseller make that obvious as I would never have thought to wonder if what I'd call a fairly basic function of a phone card wasn't supported.

          • @Astronaut Joe: Over the past 2 years I have ported 5 numbers to the yearly boost plans. The last one was only last week. All of them have MMS. I'm not sure where the confusion with MMS started. I think it's because they no longer include unlimited international MMS. When I saw the posts I almost didn't change to boost but having other phones still having MMS on Boost I thought I'd see what happened.

            • @masuta: Cheers for the clarification, I'm a bit more confident about it seeing this. MMS is almost essential now, so many messages end up being MMS instead of simple 160 character texts

  • +1

    Maybe a silly question with this but can I use this to recharge/switch my boost plan I'm currently on? https://www.simonline.com.au/products/Boost-Mobile-$300-Prepaid-SIM-Starter-Kit-p368128879 - or will I have to port out and back in to use? Also, is this $300 dollar SIM the new Boost plan and remove MMS? I can't find any reference to Boost removing MMS in the past month so trying to find what that is about. Thanks for your time.

    • Yes, if you do want to take the price advatage, you has to port out and use for a few days and port back.

      when you port back, it's the new boost plan, you get what is discribe on boost website on the time you activate the new sim.

    • same here

  • was just looking for this thanks!
    also got the voda sim to port out and then back in to 'recharge' - good value as its a $30 sim

  • Activate before 08/2022?
    Is this legit I can buy now and keep it for a whole year before using it?

    • As above, have 12 months to activate or 12 months to use it all?

      • Where is it above?

        can this be bought now, activated 07/2022, and then you have the data to use from 07/2022 to 07/2023?

        • Sorry I meant as above in I’m also wondering this question

    • you can keep it and then activate next year, but I don't suggest you do that.

      You may forget your simcard somewhere in the future and not even aware you had puchased one, then you lost your money.

  • +1

    Can you still receive MMS?

    • Good question

    • +1

      Yes, you can

  • +1

    (Please note MMS have been removed from the Boost new Plan inclusion since July 2021)
    On the website it says - 1200 text to standard numbers to any country in the world

    Can I use these 1200 to send texts to mobiles in australia?


    • +1

      I belive txt to standard national numbers is unlimited.

  • MY current Boost plan expires in about a week, can I use this credit to extend it? Or is this a new sim plan only?

    • I'm in similar boat. Might switch to another provider

      • +1

        Btw, for existing customers Boost will send you this email in regards to "Your Boost plan will be updated soon." So no need to port in & out

        "Get $50 off your next $200 recharge
        To welcome you to your new plan, we'll be sending you an exclusive offer for $50 off your next $200 recharge plus 30GB bonus data. Bonus data for use in Aus within 12 months.

        Just stay subscribed to marketing messages from Boost to make sure you receive your offer once your plan has been updated, and your recharge is coming up to expiry"

        • So $150 for 130GB of data?

          But no MMS?

          Hmm, not sure its going to be worth staying with them, getting rid of MMS is just dumb. And personally I just need maybe 50GB per year, I'm not eating the data for most usage.

        • +1

          Btw for me, I got text saying this "the update to your plan that we recently contacted you about has been postponed. We'll be in touch as soon as we have a new date. Until then, your current inclusions will not change and you can keep using your service as usual. You don't need to do anything at this time." I called Boost up & they said the $50 off offer only happens once you were automatically put on new plan and it will take months for new plan to roll out.

          So my credit expires today & I was like ceebs waiting, just brought new $200 sim now from this deal

          • @Roze Rage: How did you go with activating the deal? Were you able to port your number onto the new sim to be able to take advantage? @Roze Rage

        • My plan is expiring is about a week, and no email yet. Maybe i’ll try to have a chat tmr, if unsuccessful i’ll just churn. I don’t use even 40g data anyways.

    • It can not be used as a recharge as it is a sim pack. if you do want to take the price advatage, you has to port out and use for a few days and port back.

  • Random question, will Boost get the Telstra deal for kayo sports?

    For reference deal is $10 off per month on basic subscription

    • They've stripped boost of pretty much all the telstra added perks unfortunately

  • So can I purchase today but not recharge/activate until Feb 2022 - says expires 2022 Oct..?
    Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      Yup… you can activate on Oct 2022 & still use the whole year plan till Oct 2023. However, your inclusions will be subject to available at that moment. Exp dates are only to get rid of unused inactivated sims…

  • I hope there is a sale on the small data sim, the one normally sells for $135 when on sales.

    • That $150 plan discontinued, which goes on sale for ~$130. & replaced with $200 plan which goes on sale ~$150.

  • Thanks Simon! 😊

  • So I can buy this and move my wife's mobile number over from Aldi Mobile? She rarely uses data as she WFH all the time, so the $300 she's spending a year on Aldi, we may as well buy the $200 plan from boost.

    • yes you can

    • +1

      If she rarely used data why isn't she on the Aldi $99 yearly?

      • Didn't know there was one. I'll check it out

        • Ive been on it for a few years now.

      • I just checked. Says not available. Only came out as a once off.

  • I can't see anywhere on the Boost site mentioning MMS not supported. Can anyone clarify this or point me to the right place where this is mentioned?

    • It's removed from it's inclusion.

      if you company telstra 300$ sim and boost 300$ sim CIS from telstra and boost website you will understand.

      • I dont understand either, moved over after July but mms works fine?

  • I have a couple of Boost plans and send/receive MMS. Was still working yesterday. Is this restriction only for new services?

    • for new plans only

    • I'm trying to work this out as well. I just had a look on boost and it still mentions MMS being included even for international calls so I'm a little confused. I seriously doubt that they have removed local MMS.

  • the $300 SIM sold out already? Stock coming in soon?

  • So I am comparing to Woolies at the moment (both on Telstra 4G) to figure out which one I should get. The major differences that I see are:
    Woolies is $140 for 100GB 12 months with 10% off a Woolies shop once a month - negative is no free international calls.
    Boost is $156 for 100GB 12 months but has the free international calls - don't care about MMS no supported.
    I only use international once or twice a month - but it is nice not to have to think about it.

    • +2

      woolies use wholesale network.

      woolies, lyca, belong (although owned by telstra) all use wholesale network

      only boost use retail network.

      Network: Telstra> boost> woolies and all other MVNO

    • +1

      Yeah, the Telstra retail network is waaay better than the wholesale network. Plus you get VoLTE and VoWiFi on Boost, but not the others.

  • Anyone know if the $30 Vodafone starter pack has the same terms as in activate by October 2022?

    • yes, you can assume so.

  • Boost 100GB OOS

    • Back in stock.

  • What if I'm old customer of boost? Will I still be eligible for this deal

    • as long as you are not currently on Boost.

  • If you are currently with Boost and just looking to
    “recharge”, you can actually:
    - activate the preloaded SIM card, get a new number
    - call boost and ask for a FNN (Full National Number) transfer from your old one into the new SIM card

    PS: you will lose whatever credits are on the old/current sim, so not technically a recharge. Same effect if you port out and get back to boost anyway

    Just did that last week with my plan that expired and boost customer service was really helpful taking not long than 1 hour to get the service moved.

  • I just contacted boost mobile to clarify the MMS situation… they initially said no (referred to critical information summary)

    and then the same chat agent rechecked with someone else, and said yes MMS is included..

    Im confused as to what to believe now…

    • As well as I know, old plan (activate before 5th July 2021), the answer is yes. the new plan activate now, the answer is no.

      If you recharge your old plan, the answer still be yes.

      if you port out and then port in, it will be considered as new activation for the new plan, then there's no MMS inclusion.

  • sold out. more stock coming?

    • Yes, we just try to manage the stock to avoid oversales.

      We'll process the current orders then back stock our online store.

      The sale will last for a while so no need to worry.

  • Does anyone know if Boost supplies the sim cards as e-sim and whether they support the apple watch add on with the esim.

    • The answer is no.

      For telstra, the answer is no as well this moment, used to be able to, however, it can't now.

      Vodafone can.

  • -1

    Be warned, this business won't reply to any emails or calls if you have any concerns. I tried emailing and called twice/left a voicemail to no response and am doubting my request will now be actioned (had a request to swap unactivated/unopened boost 300 for 200 that went unanswered from their last promo).

    • Are you serious, what's your order number or email address?

        • we haven't got your enquires. Please do not reply the ecwid email as it won't come to us.

          I've sent you an email of:

          1. the seach result in our email address.
          2. the 10+ emails I replyed in the morning.

          Please just reply your inquires, we will try our best to assist.

          If you want to contact my boss via the phone, pls sms if you missed or voicemail. His 8888 number get a lot of unnecessary spam calls and may miss your calls in particular the morning time.

          • @simonline: Thanks for your transparency.

            I have emailed again with my original request.

            • @pkbm: Buddy, I guess you forworded the email I sent to you……..

              I need a formal inquire in email for a record so that I can assist you.

              • @simonline: No, I'm not forwarding the email that you've sent to me.
                I am attempting to forward the email that I originally sent which was not received by you so that you can see I am not making up a complaint.

  • Hi Simon, can you please cancel my order #671, i didn't realised it has to be activated before 10 November 2021. Thank you. Just ordered it 5 minutes ago.

    • no worries, we'll likely have more 2022 expire stock tomorrow or the day after.

      • Hi Simon, Please send me the 2022 expire stock, otherwise please cancel my order. many thanks.

        • I cancelled your order first to make sure not send wrong sims, will msg you when we got the stock (which should be delivered today or yesterday if not the significant covid delays)

  • Many thanks for your help. will order again once you got the stock.

  • back in stock, just ordered the 200 one

  • Anyone know why Boost is getting rid of MMS?

    What happens if you try to send an MMS?

    If you keep renewing your current plan do you get to keep MMS?

    Is MMS going on both the new $200 and $300 plans?

    • I am sure you keep renewing your current plan you still keep MMS.

      Heard from someone internal, boost get rid of of MMS and other a few functions because of the technical issues rather than they want to save some money.

      similar system imigration issue affected telstra as well, such as international roaming and e-sim

      I could one day they fixed the issues late this year.

      • That doesn’t make sense that technical issues would mean they get rid of MMS for new customers but keep it for existing ones

        • Telstra recently moves from their longterm used system " Siebel " (which vodafone also use) to a new system called Console.

          Boost used to have a very reliable system which works well with "Siebel", while now they facing a lot of issues with the new system.

          Although the new system still might at testing stage, telstra decides to only use one system, which is the new system to save their costs. This is where's these trobule comes from.

          For example, Boost grand farthered 150$ sim (which sold but not expire yet) only have 20gb data when activated, it can not be automaticly fixed as the new system does not allow this happen (according to new system , 150$ sim must have less base data than the 200$ sim), thus boost can only manually change it to 80gb, which takes a week or so to make it happen.

  • I’m currently messaging Boost about the MMS issue and they don’t seem to know about it.

    Interestingly my current Boost plan which I’ve had for over a year is only listing 1200 International MMS and not National MMS in my current inclusions but I just sent a MMS to my other number and it worked.

    • +1

      Im confused because i ported over not long ago and have sent a lot of MMS's since

      • +1

        I just got the following response from Boost:

        Don’t worry Steve, I can assure you that MMS is still included in our new plans. It was just not mentioned in the inclusions on the website. I will take note of your concern so that our IT team will update it on the website.

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