[QLD, SA] $20 off Twelve Boar (Brisbane) or Beyond India (Adelaide) Dine-in Order via Uber Eats (New Users Only)


Works for new and existing Customers

Terms and Conditions
Maximum of $20 off will be applied to your Uber Eats Dine-in order. Service Fee applies to orders delivered by Uber Eats and is based on order value (before promotion or discount). Any remaining value is forfeited if order value is below $20. Amount of up to $20 will be applied as a promotion at checkout. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other Uber Eats promo. Limited to new Customers only. Valid only in Australia where Uber Eats is available. Promotion expires 11:59PM AEST on 31 December 2021.

Twelve Boar - Cleveland

Twelve Boar - North Lakes

Beyond India - North Adelaide

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    is code only for Twelve Boar ?


    And uber eats dine in? Isn't it a delivery service?


      UberEats: "Online food ordering company"
      Delivery is 1 of the options. Differs by restaurant.


    Ordering instructions
    Only order when you're at the venue.
    1. Browse the Menu and Add items to cart.
    2. Sign up for an UberEats account.
    3. Add your payment details.
    4. Add your Table Number.
    5. Place your order.


    eg for ($20 - $20) + service charge:

    1Kg BBQ (buffalo or naked) Wings

    2 X Boar Rib Rolls
    Pork, beef rib trimmings marinated, slow cooked then served on a hotdog bun with BBQ sauce and…

    Ribs are $13 + service charge
    Six hours slow smoked pork / beef ribs rubbed in a Kansas city / Texas style rub.

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    Outside of this promo code, please don't ever use this.
    Uber Eats is trying to now rip off restaurants (and customers) sitting inside their own restaurant and eat into their profits which have already been hit hard by COVID.


      Agree… Just order direct through the business so you both get a better price!

      But what food ordering business doesn't charge for bringing customers to the food business?

      All booking type businesses do that. (Saved a lot by negotiating directly with accommodation providers on recent holidays. Found businesses were very happy someone rang them to book.
      Booking for basic room in regional city just confirmed @$140 for busy festival week. Cheapest Airbnb was about that per night!)

      Don't forget all those 30-100+% cashback offers cost businesses money to "bring in customers"…

      Customers should also be aware of any increased price to them by buying through an ordering business like UE.

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      Absolute foreign owned corporate vultures.

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    Don't forget that part of your $20 saving will be negated by the higher pricing on ubereats cf. in-house menu. That's true for Twelve Boar at least, dunno about the Adelaide venue.

    From what I read restaurants pay 3% commision on dine in orders via ubereats. Not seeing any other venues in Brisbane doing the ubereats dine in thing, but i guess it's up to each business to figure out if doing ordering and payment this way is worth it vs. putting on staff to handle the same transactions/setting up their own online platform.


      Can easily compare their in-house menu prices with UE.
      As usual - different choices & likely dearer with UE.

      1Kg BBQ (buffalo or naked) Wings
      Menu: $25 (SERVED W/ FRIES & RANCH)
      UE: $20 without - add $5 for Regular Fries…

      Still a great offer with this $20 code!
      Don't forget the UE service charge.


    Can this stack with first user codes too?


    Purely from bargain perspective, can we order $20 from UE to dine in, if not enough then order and pay other food in the restaurant?