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½ Price: Vitasoy UHT Oat / Almond / Rice Milk 1L $1.35 - $1.50 @ Woolworths


Just got back from the shops and picked 5 of these up - available in store or online.

It's one of my favourite oat milks, pretty creamy, a hint of sweetness without being overbearing. Haven't tried to froth it before but imagine it would work well.

A few other Vitasoy milks seem to be on special too, almond milk etc.

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  • which shop ? put the shop in title

    • Thanks, don't know how I missed that! Fixed.

      • all woolworths or specific wollies ?

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    Pretty good deal, don't have heaps of Bonsoy left and not on sale at the moment.
    Have found Oatmilk the next best for coffee, fairly gentle flavour too.

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      Just be aware this isn't a barista oat milk so wouldn't expect it to froth well. But who knows, maybe it can surprise.

      • oh right, cheers for that, may be pointless then. Can't remember which one I've used before, probably the normal vitasoy oat milk.
        don't expect it to froth as well. May try one perhaps.

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        The Vitasoy milky Oat actually froths pretty well. Tastes good too. It's a fairly new product, exclusive to Woolworths I believe. I like it

        • ok ta, may grab a couple can always bang it in smoothies if it doesn't

          • @G-rig: thats exactly what I do with oat milk varieties I dont like in coffee :) e.g Pure Harvest (NEVER BUY THIS FOR COFFEE)

      • I make a flat white at home every morning, microfoam and everything. This froths very well, it’s my absolute preferred milk of all alternative milks I’ve tried (and I’ve tried everything I can easily get my hands on in Australia)

        • Ok thanks, I'll grab a carton and compare side by side with Oatly Barista.

          • @thestig: I absolutely love Oatly but the Barista one is in such high demand. It's constantly sold out. I buy a full carton, 6L, each time I see them available

        • Got some, will try it out tomorrow. Looks more watery than soy.
          I assumed anything with Barisa in the name was an excuse to charge more $.
          There probably are differences in it but don't paying over $3 for any of them, Bonsoy is worth it if ~$3 - 3.50 on special (S&S).

          • @G-rig: Ignore that, I didn't shake up the carton.
            Froths ok and tastes good ;)
            May get some more. Beats paying $3.20-3.80 for Bonsoy every time.

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      I think these particular oat and almond milks aren't that great but the soy in the same range, Soy Milky, is IMO the best cheaper alternative to bonsoy.

      • Yes, and froths pretty well without going into 'barista' prices.

        • Ahh, Soy Milky is the standard one for $2.45. Pretty good regular price if want to save a bit vs the fancy stuff.
          The ingredients look ok too, a lot of the cheaper ones usually have less % from soybeans and other nasties like soy isolate and stuff (like those cheap Aldi ones).

          It's a shame the other vitasoy soy milks are always $3 and NEVER on special anymore (ie the original has added kelp).

  • Agree with the post above me. Haven't tried this particular one but have been having a different unsweetened oat milk lately and it's quite good.

    Thank OP, I'll grab some of these.

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    I use Vitasoy Oak Milk for espresso drinks at home. It froths up well and taste pretty close to cow milk. For the price, you can't beat it.

    The version of Vitasoy "Oat Milky" is more watered down than their Oat Milk version and doesn't froth well and stays watery.

    The Vitasoy Rice Milk is amazing in cold cereals! Better than any other brand of rice milk.

    • So "Vitasoy Oat Milk" is different from "Vitasoy Oat Milky"? Kinda confusing. Can't find "Oat Milk" on their website - "temporarily unavailable".

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        Oat milk unsweetened, the second link in the OP

        • Yes, that shows temporarily unavailable. Maybe restocking.

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            @dreamykitten: Ah yes must be location specific, still ok for my location.

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      The version of Vitasoy "Oat Milky" is more watered down than their Oat Milk version and doesn't froth well and stays watery.

      Looking forward to comparing them myself. They appear quite similar but Milky has less whole oat content.

      There was actually a big change around a year ago to Oat Milk Unsweetened. They cut the whole oats by around 30% but sold it under the same name, while the original became the more expensive "Prebiotic Oat Milk". The changed product did actually have a better mouth feel IMO though - nutritionally inferior but was a bit creamier in coffee.

      Just hope they're not trying to sneak in a further cut by having Oat Milky replace Oat Milk Unsweetened at some stage.

      • I remember reading on the carton that Oaty milk has less oats in it. Something like at least 8% for Oat Milky and 10% for Oat Milk. Someone with a carton could confirm that from the ingredients list

        • I've now tried Oat Milky. Unfortunately they've done nothing magical this time to make up for the reduction - it's just a straight downgrade of Oat Milk Unsweetened that tastes a little less "milky" than the exsting product.

          • @Jabba the Hutt: Much of a muchness. Just compared, min. 10% vs min. 8%.
            Only other diff seems to be Vitasoy Oat Milk (unsweetened) has food acid (340).
            May as well save 10c

            May get some more today while still cheap.

            • @G-rig: Oat milky got vitamin D too.
              Seems like a no brainer

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                  @DisabledUser318679: Why don't you go to the wild and try to survive without medicine and soap and a mobile phone and a car and whatever else? Pretty pointless argument don't you think?

                  I don't care about Environment anyway

                  I gather.

                  Animal milk has an order of magnitude of more negative consequences on the natural environment than almond milk. If you think almond milk is too destructive then have soy or oat milk.


                  Next time go to the middle isles of the supermarket and list all the plant-based and animal-based

                  As a vegan who actually reads labels I can tell you that you're completely wrong.

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                      I addressed both things above.

                      Repeating things is not addressing them.

                      If you think verifiable claims are propaganda that is your own problem.

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    Half price @coles as well

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      That ended yesterday I believe.

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      Coles was 1.45, this is cheaper

      • Different product. That was Oat Milk unsweetened. Same price at Woolies now.

        Coles don’t have Oat Milky.

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          Whats the diff between standard and the Milky?

        • I am curious to know also. ^

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    Can be made using an aeropress, oats and soy lecithin if you've got a good food processor. Woolies sells the soy lecithin.
    Ends up being about 21c/L, and super fresh 😁
    But you are paying for your time (about 6 mins).

  • Thanks, picked up 5 Oat Milky from my local.
    Fantastic alternative to Bonsoy (and soy in general) and froths fine in the coffee machine's steamer

  • I recently in love with Uncle Toby oat milk Barista which only sold at Coles.

    I would love to try oat milky as an alternative.

    • that only came out at Coles last week actually

  • Does long life Vitasoy has the same taste as the refrigerated one?

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