New Dell Laptop Contains Lower Spec RAM than Advertised (2933 v 3200)

Howdy fellow bargain hunters,

In the recent eBay 20% Off Dell promotion I ordered a G15 Gaming Laptop.The advertised specifications say it comes with 3200mhz RAM, however, when it arrived I checked the system specs and discovered it only has 2933mhz RAM. I then checked my invoice and it also says 2933mhz RAM.

Should I make a fuss to Dell about this or accept that I will probably never notice the difference anyway.


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    Yes - Dell should give you what you ordered
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    No - The difference between the two is negligible

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    You could contact them and ask?

    • This seems to be lost on a lot of people these days.

  • I got the 3200mh its slower them the single 16gb crucial 2666mhz i bought and put in it

    • just curious whys that the case? i would have thought higher mhz = faster?

      • Motherboard limitations. RAM compatibility

  • Should add a third option: Dell should compensate the difference between the RAMs, say $30 - $50?

    • Being Dell they would charge eleventy billion and twelve and four for that upgrade.

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    Is there a BIOS setting to change RAM frequency? It is a gaming laptop so there may be an OC/XMP function.

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    Start working on this: "accept that I will probably never notice the difference anyway"

    But I wouldn't avoid doing this: "make a fuss to Dell".

    I mean, I'd be annoyed. You bought it based on the details presented to you and are disappointed about the shortcoming.

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    Looks like Dell has possibly made an advertising boo boo

    The memory may be 3200 but the mobo only supports 2933

    The OP has to physically see the RAM if it states the frequency or model number.
    If the RAM states 3200, then they are correct

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      detective level 10
      good work

      • Thanks mate.

        The only other suggestion I can think is to update BIOS. If the OP is not sure, he/she can liaise with Dell as they will walk-through the process. Normally mobo hardware configs/frequencies (esp. RAM) cannot be updated. Plus laptop mobo's are more limited to upgrades.

    • Thanks batman, numba 1 detective :)

  • Intel - meh!
    Ryzen - yes.

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      Don't know why you were negged.. You're 100% right. This speed difference on an Intel would make no impact.. not so for a Ryzen

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    You wouldnt accept a car with a swapped engine - same principle.

    Manufacturers should not get away with bait n switch.

  • check the timing as well

  • As noted above, 99.9% if you open the laptop up you will have 3200mhz ram and it is simply restricted by timing/XMP profile in BIOS or limited by motherboard.

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    Kick up a stink, they lied to you!

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    OP - here is latest bios, released last week

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      Thanks bdl, I will install this when I get a chance.

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    Thanks to all that replied. I will send them a message via eBay and go from there. I'm guessing they will reply with "sorry, it was and error on the listing" I will decide from their response if I press further.

  • Intel CPUs don’t tend to benefit from a difference in RAM speeds and with the difference in your case of 267Mhz it would be completely undetectable.