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[PC, Steam] No Man's Sky $24.59 @ CDKeys


Not a bad game with all the patches and updates it's had over the years and it's around half the price that Steam's 50% off No Man's Sky currently is.

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    I'm always so weary of these third party key sites. It's hard to know which ones, if any, are ok to trust.

    Like I want to play Red Dead Redemption 2 for $53.03 on GMG instead of the $90 on Steam, but I've got no idea on the risk of doing so.

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      Are you new to gaming? They are well regarded on this site, and many others for many years:

      So are Green Man Gaming. Although that GMG key for RDR2 would be on Epic, not Steam (as it advertises).

      I've made many purchases from both of them over the years and never had a problem.

      If you want to pay more for the exact same product, then by all means give more of your money away for the same product and leave the bargains for the rest of us.

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        I am new to PC gaming and have never used these third party sites. Does Region matter when buying and using the codes in Steam etc?

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          Yes, region matters. If you click on the link in this post you can see that it says 'Region: worldwide", or some sites will use IP checks to make sure that it can activate in the region you are purchasing in.

          A site I like to use to aggregate all 3rd party sellers and arrange them by price is allkeyshop.com, I've been using them for many years.

          EDIT: Why are people downvoting my comment giving correct information? Do you want people to spend more money for the same product?

          • @studentl0an: So if a game was cheaper in the UK, would I be able to purchase and activate using a VPN, then still play it from my aussie Steam account?

            • @chugsta: I think in the past Steam has banned accounts or removed games from a library if they believed it was purchased the way you wrote: https://www.reddit.com/r/Steam/comments/hmh0dn/rant_please_s...

              Personally, I wouldn't risk my Steam library by purchasing over a VPN. I have however purchased many keys from many different resellers if they are advertised as activating fine here.

              • @studentl0an: So can you please clarify - do you never purchase games that aren't worldwide region, or unable to be activated on an Aussie steam account?

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                  @chugsta: I don't purchase games that don't activate in Australia. I purchase games that do. I don't use a VPN when it comes to my Steam account.

                  I would however use a VPN to purchase a key cheaper from an overseas reseller if it's advertised as activating fine in Australia and has region specific pricing. I just wouldn't use the VPN to activate the key on Steam, only to purchase it from a seller.

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            @studentl0an: Looking at your EDIT, I think you are referring to getting downvotes on your previous comment?

            I think you got downvoted for sounding needlessly condescending to a pretty genuine question. Especially the last bit

            If you want to pay more for the exact same product, then by all means give more of your money away for the same product and leave the bargains for the rest of us.

            Maybe people are being overly sensitive or something, but I think we can all agree that last bit was a tad too sassy towards @Novacore who had some genuine concerns and isn't trying to crap on or your discredit you post.

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              @thispasito: This is a website dedicated to bargains. cdkeys.com have had deals published on this website for years.

              I even helped that guy understand that the GMG keys were for Epic and not Steam. I went out of my way to help them.

              If the overly sensitive people want to spend more money than necessary then I don't really understand why they are even here. They are here to downvote people that don't placate them? That's a negative interaction, they are not making this website more positive by downvoting correct information because it wasn't phrased the way they wanted.

              I'm here for bargains and want to share them with other positive users when I find them, I'm not here to placate negative people.

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                @studentl0an: Lot of snowflakes around. Ignore them and I hope you pay off your loan soon. You've provided great help here.

            • @thispasito: That was pretty much my point, yes.

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        I'm not new to gaming. I'm new to buying third party keys.

        Why a genuine question is met by unnecessary sarcasm I have no idea, but appreciate the answer all the same.

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          It wasn't sarcasm, I was asking if you were new to gaming because cdkeys.com have been around for many years which was why I even gave you the link to show how many bargains have been posted from them on this site for years incase you were new to gaming.

          If you think a genuine question is a sarcastic attack on you then I don't know what to say. Be more mindful in the future perhaps?

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        I mean he isn't wrong. CD key resellers are dodge as with many developers claiming they are worse then Pirates.

        This is mostly because the keys are obtained through illegal methods (stolen credit cards mostly) and often cost the developers money due to chargebacks. So in effect you buying an illegal key is worse then you just downloading an illegal version.

        HOWEVER, cdkeys.com have a good reputation and from what I could tell from last time I researched them seem to get their keys from legitimate sources.

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      Can confirm I have personally bought dozens games from both sites and never had an issue. G2A / Gamvio / Kinguin are dodgier and more prone to scams IMO - or at least keys of questionable origin.

      • Those are slightly more dogier, but that said I've never had a problem purchasing from Kinguin/Gamiivo/G2A and I've purchased many games from them and gladly do so to save money.

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          Yeah I haven't personally had an issue either. I'm usually ok purchasing big AAA games from somewhere like that, but G2A and the like have a history of really screwing over a lot of smaller indie developers and so I try to avoid it for those.

      • I've been scammed twice on G2A. I tried following up with their support and it was terrible. I didn't get anything out of it but days of wasted time and no refund. This was about 2 years ago fyi (Or just before the big news about them doing bad stuff to developers, so maybe 3 or 4 years ago).

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      Just get it on GOG.

      • is it the same price?

        • Its 50 % off for 22.77. Whether its usd or aud im not sure

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      Most people probably won't run into issues with cdkeys but they are considered 'grey market' compared to a more reputable site like GMG that is a legitimate reseller. I tend to avoid them personally even if it is low risk.

      So GMG, Humble Bundle, Indie Gala and similar sites are legit resellers and aren't in the same category as ones like cdkeys.

    • I personally dont see any of them as "ok to trust". I dont see how they can sell keys for half the price of legitimate retailers, someone is losing out here.

      Especially for NMS, its better off just waiting for a steam sale. I bought it for about $25 during a summer sale at some point.

      • They are cheap because games are sold at a cheaper price in countries with lower income, namely "third world countries". CDKeys buys keys from these cheaper countries and sell them globally.

        You can argue that companies like NMS developers is losing out here but if you are going to wait for a $25 sale on Steam anyway then it makes no difference to the companies where you buy it from.

        The only risk to using these sites is if the companies somehow retroactively enable more strict region blocking. I don't see how that could work without harming lots of legitimate buyers, so I wouldn't worry about it.

      • I've been waiting for a Steam sale on this game for a very long time, and it hasn't gone below $40+ since I added it to my wishlist.

    • The code I was given by cdkeys.com wouldn't redeem on Steam (already redeemed). A couple of emails with screenshots later and I got a new key, all good 👍🏽

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    Ah, beat me to it OP!

  • So I’ve read many posts on the internetssss about it but still can’t find a solution so why not try here - booted this up on PC yesterday (Game Pass PC version) and get some pretty terrible stutter/couple second freeze when entering or exiting a planets atmosphere. This wasn’t present last time I played it and isn’t present on the XSX version of the game. Anyone experience this and able to fix it?

    Running on 2080 Super if that matters (was doing it on low through to ultra settings)

    • what type of storage is it installed on?

      • Crucial P1 1TB NVMe SSD

    • I think I've always had that stutter issue, when exiting planets especially. I was reading up on it recently and for some people it only started after a certain update, others say it's always happened and they just put up with it.

      I did find this which didn't work in my case but others have said the same setting has fixed it for them:
      Another comment regarding what values to use:

      I've played with it occurring for so long now that it's not a deal breaker if I can't fix it but I might try some other values and test further.

      • Thanks, will give those a whirl, and yeh I remember when I first got my gaming rig middle of last year I fired the game up and either didn't notice it or had no issues. I put some good hours into it earlier this year on XSX and didn't notice it but for some reason it was so very noticeable when playing yesterday. Quickly switched to XSX to check and it wasn't there, but the game looks better on my PC still. It's definitely not a dealbreaker for me, just if it's something I can fix I want to (seems more like an issue HelloGames are hopefully looking into considering it's fairly well reported)

        Still very new to the PC side of things, I've got the game running at about 100fps on high settings, dunno if I can squeeze any more out of it) other than that, I absolutely love the game and coming back to it after a few months away to new updates is great

  • -3

    I recently gave this game a go because I've had it sitting about for a few years. It's still not very good. I got stuck where I usually get stuck in this kind of base-builder (trying to build and wire a fiddly, fussy, and over-hungry power grid) and gave up.

    • +17

      I think there's a difference between it not being your type of game and the game not being very good.

      • I'm obviously getting my face kicked but I don't agree. It's absolutely my type of game but the early game is a perplexing grind. The building and crafting elements are confusing, and the tutorial is bizarrely hard to follow. I horsed with trying to power one thing with the biofuel reactor for a good 35 minutes and couldn't figure it out, so had to give up because it would not wire up. The base building in Satisfactory for example (a game with a much narrower scope) is a thousand times better despite being significantly more complex.

        But whatever, kick away.

        • I've played for hundreds of hours so it's kind of hard to remember how it was when starting off. How recently did you play? They did make further changes to the building system in the Frontiers update that came out this month so that may help you.

          Were you having issues with the wiring or was it something else?

    • +1

      Really depends on what you like doing. There is an absolute tonne of variety in this game in terms of different ways to play. base building, exploration, combat, ship upgrades, weapon upgrades. Really you can play the game any way you want. I personnally find it very relaxing just warping in and out of galaxies and exploring different planets.

      I've never seen a game with so much in game content provided for free.

    • +1

      I gave it a go and I don't like it, but I don't like these type of games, but I can tell its extremely well made even if I don't like that game style.

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    Good game, highly reccomend. Wouldn't have reccomended it 3-4 years ago, but like everyone says, the updates really improved the game.

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    I bought a steam key for NMS off cdkeys last year for about 28 buckerinos, all I can say is the game is VERY well worth it, including 5 years of free updates, which will give you plenty of hours of exploratory fun!
    Hello Games deserves to have so many more players pick up their game. Best redemption story ever. If you're interested, look up Internet Historian's youtube video of the story behind their release, and their journey through it all.

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    It's 31 on GOG if you don't want to risk a key site. https://www.gog.com/game/no_mans_sky

    • Also $18.50 on Russian GOG.

  • I wish I had time to play this, perhaps I will over summer, there should be a sale in summer as well I hope….

  • +1

    Does the Steam version support VR?

    • Yep. I think the Game Pass for PC version does too.

  • +1

    Your money, your choice.
    If you're not sure where to buy, check out: https://isthereanydeal.com/game/nomanssky/info/

    • I prefer allkeyshop.com, it saves you more money.

  • -1

    Not a bad game

    Is it not much of a grind and a cycle of resources, take off, land at another planet anymore?

  • -2

    It's actually $28.69 on cdkeys.com current cheapest key is from gamivo at $21.79. Delete or amend your post pls.

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