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LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay 21322 $199 Delivered @ MYER eBay


If you missed out on the earlier Myer deal….ebay coming to the rescue.

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  • Aaand gone

  • Holy smoke! it had 10+ units at the time of this post….

    • Scalpy is hoarding

      • pretty sure I saw 4 units sold, and now 461 sold in what… 2 minutes?

      • if you have a look one buyer brought 4 units/ then 2 and then another 2 or there's the other one that brought 10 units.

        jesus they're trying to scalp these after they retire

        • +1

          Yeah pray that these get extended to 2022 :)

  • +5

    Mother f*** scalper bought 10. Go fk yourself

    • +2

      i hope these get extened for another couple of years.

      The main problem now for resellers is the re-release we're seen recently with the shit in the bottle/Saturn V and recently the tumbler. Being that there's no licening with the pirates sets it not a good investment choice for sclapers. Also the massive box is a storage issue.

      • Ideas use to be worth gold till they reprint retired sets,
        This one if retiring has pirates and ships and those 2 keywords in Lego is gold .
        Lego has been played games saying it is but most better retirement pickers don't believe it .

      • Re-releases are generally happening a couple years after the original was retired (and not for all sets).

        So still an opportunity for resellers/scalpers/whatever you want to call them to make a few dollars during that period.

    • Back in stock at Myer website!

      • Thanks!

  • I recently experience that MYER is canceling orders via Ebay. I had this already several times. Their comment on this was always that they couldn’t find stock. Disappointing for those who thought they got this.

  • +1

    Hmmm… lotsa angry comments when lego sets goes out of stock. bought one at original price many moon ago and really enjoyed building it with my kid. great display. happy to let it go in a couple of years time. bet i'll get back what i paid for, just like all my other sets previous to this. stay safe and enjoy. there's lots to look forward to now that we're in rock bottom.

    • thanks for the positivity! made my day <3

  • -1

    My MYER order of QTY 2 was cancelled due to no stock. Bought through website, not eBay.

    • Same, order cancelled, so annoying.