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MONO Electric Bike Mountain Step Through (36V 13AH) $1350 + Free Second Battery (36V 11AH) + $95 Shipping @ Move Bikes


. Free Second Battery (36V11AH)
. Add to cart: https://movebikes.com.au/collections/parts-and-accessories/p...
. Promocode to be used at the checkout: freebattery

Motor: High torque 250w Brushless Rear Drive Motor

Speed: Max. Speed Up to 25 Km/h (Australia Legal Speed); Can unlock speed limit to 32Km/ h.

Free Thumb Accelerator Control Throttle OFF-ROAD use only.

Frame: Super Light Aluminium-Alloy Frame

Front Fork: Lockable 100mm Suspension

Gears: Shimano Altus 9-Speed Cassette with Shifter

Brakes: Front & Rear Disc Brakes 180/160MM

Handler Bar: 71 cm Aluminium-Alloy Bar

Wheel & Tyre Size: 26” x 1.95 KENDA TYRE

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  • Plus $95 shipping

    • +2

      Can you Click & Ride ?

      • I'm not sure how the Sydney lockdown and ebike pickup goes, is picking up an ebike essential?,… Either way most people would have to pay shipping and it should be mentioned in the title..

        • Click Report, Title/description, Plus $95 shipping

          • +1

            @Ten: I was hoping OP might fix it but they seem to post and run, the mods shouldn't have to fix every single ad this company posts…

        • +1

          is picking up an ebike essential?

          It is if you need it to perform activities that are allowed. eg. Shopping, exercise, attending New Year celebrations etc…

        • It counts as transportation for essential goods and services, same as picking up a car.

  • +6

    Doubt anyone wants a battery free of charge

    • +1

      Doubt anyone wants to be charged of battery either

  • Summer is coming

    • +1

      Proof ?

      • climate change

        • climate change

          Wouldn't that mean that Winter is coming?

          • @jv: Winter has passed

            • @HolyCr4p: So no change then ???

              • @jv: So what is after winter

                • @HolyCr4p: It there is a change, we should be going back to winter.

  • any mid drive bikes coming soon? Really want an e-mountain bike but 25km/h is a little slow for 1.3k 😳

    • 25km/h is the road legal limit for eBikes (at least in the states I've quickly checked) so advertising as anything above that might put them in an interesting position. I suppose the argument could be made for mountain bikes being off-road only, but the law is very much broad brush with little distinction.

      • Yeah i know, i wouldnt mind a kit thats advertised as 25 but can unlock to mabye around 40ish?? Do they even exist?

    • Actually says on the website: Speed: Max. Speed Up to 25 Km/h (Australia Legal Speed); Can unlock speed limit to 35Km/ h, for OFF-ROAD use only (conditions apply) .

      • Yeah i saw that, was looking for around mabye the 40/45 limit but i guess il have to wait for a newer model with a more powerful motor.

        • Due to the 250w & 25kmh limit in most states I don't think many companies are importing 500/750/1000w bikes, legitimate companies tend to abide by the laws and not set up their customers for legal issues…

          I bought a second hand bike from Gumtree and a mid-drive kit from AliExpress and made an ok e-bike for under $2k.. It's capable of well over 25kmh but I set the speed limit at 25kmh just to be semi-law-abiding and I don't mind that limit, it's nice having the electric power to get up to 25 and get up hills easier, but on the flat I tend to pedal at 27 to 30 most the time so I still get a good workout and it helps to get the best range out of the battery… On bike paths and footpaths I really wouldn't want to be going any faster due to how unpredictable pedestrians can be..

          If you are set on 40/45kmh it sounds like you would be better off getting your motorbike license and a motorbike…

          • @FLICKIT: What if I already have a license?

            • -1

              @Mechz: Buy & ride a motorbike if you want to power yourself up to 45+kmh, kinda simple hey…

              Horses for courses… … .. .

              • @FLICKIT: I was thinking an ebike to get me exercising more. I have a dirt bike I can't ride anywhere until lockdown is over. It was only about 3x the price of the ebike too.

            • +1

              @Mechz: Wow E bike with a licence plate, not seen that before. Oh you meant you have a motorbike licence, well that's only like 1/4 of the picture.

  • Do they make one for Men?

    • +3

      I never understood why mens bikes had the bar higher, it really hurts more than the lower bar on this would when you stack it.

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