Why Is Xbox The Best Platform in Gaming?

Where is the Xbox categories in the gaming section! This site seems bias to just delete the whole Xbox sections.

Also why is Xbox the best platform in gaming:

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    Most powerful Console on the market.
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    Backwards Compatible across all 4 Generations (with FREE 4k/hdr upgrades)
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    Rewards system that gives free money/memberships/donations.
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    Cheaper Games + Game Pass (over 400 games and counting to play/finish).


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    Game Pass won me over. I sold my PS5 for a Series S (I have a Series X too). One for each TV.

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      As a PS loyalist, I have to say I agree to this. If it wasn't because of Game Pass, I wouldn't be thinking of getting Series X.

      Also, I am finding my One X is capable to do 5.1 for movies whilst my PS5 cannot do 5.1 on movies UNLESS it is streaming (eg: Disney+).

      However, having said that, I don't like MS Xbox Interface. Too complicated. I do like their detailed description of each game (eg: Is it multiplayer? If so, how many player? Is there any local co-op? etc). It helps me finding family games. PS5 doesn't seem to have plenty of family games.

      Maybe that will change in the future but for now, hats off to MS… as much as I hat… I mean dislike MS.

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        I find the PS interface equally as confusing as the XB interface. I don't know why game console sf engineers seem to be incapable of making a good UI

    • I would sell my PS5, but as soon as I do I'll just want another one and feel shitty about missing out.

    • Yep, GamePass is great - especially because I also have a gaming PC. And they're just about to roll out xCloud in Australia too, so we'll literally be able to play our Xbox library anywhere.

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        Been using the BETA version of xcloud and it's good. Saved me having to download some games to the xbox itself.

        Xbox remote play too is very convenient - I bought the Razer Kishi for this aspect and it's worked a treat.

        • Yeah, the very limited range of titles in the preview program meant that I didn't really use it very much. Super keen for the full rollout though.

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    you come off as a Microsoft rep

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      Totally bias wording and poll - lol.

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        No it's not.


        Please reply below with why my comment is the best ever.

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          This is not the greatest comment in the world, no…

          This is just a tribute

          Couldn’t remember, the greatest comment in the world, no

          This is a tribute!

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    PCMasterRace here for the LoLs

    • XB is just PC applied to a wider audience, prove me wrong

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        pretty sure Xbox has three next gen consoles

        Xbox series s
        Xbox series x
        Xbox series pc

  • PS5 has very little first party games, boring as hell, super scalping expensive and scarce in supply.

    And PSN sucks compared to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate by a long mile.

    Microsoft wins hands down.

    And as a poorer person, got no money to be a rich PCMasturbRace buying GPUs worth many thousands while people lose their livelihoods in COVID era…….

    • +1

      but don’t you see? You, like everyone else is just stating opinion. There’s nothing factual about what you’re saying. People like what they like. This is never going to be an argument that has an answer. You just gotta let people like what they like.

      I love Soulsborne games so there’s no point in me owning an xbox. I love playing FIFA and that’s where the bigger community is. I swapped from Xbox to PS when the PS4 came out (i had all platforms as i used to review games back when video game review sites were things people cared about) because I also love the God of War series, as well as The Last Of Us, Uncharted and more recently Horizon Zero Dawn and Ghost Of Tsushima. Just those titles alone rule me out for xbox. Also, most of my mates own PS5. Sure Game Pass looks awesome and has a boatload of games, but if they’re all ones that i either have played already or have no interest in playing, then it’s immaterial what or how many titles it has.

      I don’t necessarily think PS5 is technically a better or worse console than any of the others, it’s just one that happens to suit my personal situation. Basing your console choice on anything else is stupid.

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      What are the big XBox Series X first party exclusives?

      • Halo and Forza?

        • Release dates:

          Halo - 15 November 2021
          Forza - 9 November 2021

          It's a bit weird to say that PS5 has very little first party games when the X Box Series X doesn't have any yet.

          • @AlanHB: I thought MS moved away from the exclusives for "Xbox Play Anywhere strategy ". I thought it was an interesting choice, since you know, what normally won the console war was the exclusives.

            With their acqusition of Bethesda, I think their plan may have changed, but eh, I don't know tbh.


            • @iridiumstem: I dunno if that was the plan, but the criticism being put forward of PS5 by OP is that it has very little first party games, when the XBOX Series X doesn't have any exclusives as at this date.

              I otherwise agree that exclusive games tend to guide player choice.

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                @AlanHB: I guess the argument then be that PS5 relies on first party games and xbox series x doesn't, therefore we should compare what MS has put forward in place of exclusives? Which I kinda agree is shifting the goal post a little and still doesn't really make XB Series X or PS5 better than the other.

                To be honest, as someone who is outside the whole console war, I genuinely don't feel like both side has enough games on them to really push me to go through all the hassles of fighting the scalpers and buy the console (maybe without the scalpers, the story might be different). Indie games have been great, and most of those don't really need a good PC.

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                  @iridiumstem: Fair enough - for me personally the have-to-play exclusives make the console, but those exclusives just haven't been released for either. I was day 1 purchase of PS5 and I think I've played maybe 2 games that were exclusive to the system. I'm actually just holding out for God of War 2 and Horizon Forbidden West, both of which are incoming next year.

                  So yeah, I agree its totally not worth fighting scalpers (or not buying at all) for at least another year if you already have a gaming system.

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    It's not

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    So it's a fight you're looking for?

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    R U OK, op?

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    It's not.
    Better than ps5 imo yes but definitely not the best platform.
    PC will always be the best, the only downside to PC is cost and even that is up for debate as games are cheaper and don't have to be bought again for a new generation, No paying to play online which over time definitely adds up.

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    The 4 generation backwards compatibility is awesome and Sony should take note of it.

    • Shame there's no actual games worthwhile playing over 4 generations though lol.

      Hope you like FPS or sports/racing games.

      • That's a pretty high percentage of people, would explain why Xbox is go to for shooters considering Sony hasn't had an FPS since Killzone Shadow Fall in 2013, and a good FPS since never

      • So did a search "best xbox 360 game" :-

        Red Dead Redemption is great (sort of a horse riding shooter though & still playable - zombie DLC is great too),

        Minecraft Not really a shooter

        Must be a Soccer or Tennis game released mostly every year (sort of 4 generations)

        GTA⑤ definitely a shooter,/stabber/batter game

        BioShock - got the collection just no time to play it will have to play 10 mins at a time

        AND link below has the Orange Box in list so maybe Portal?

        Link :-

    • +1

      My copy of the 1983 game Reach For The Stars by SSG for the Commodore 64 and Apple II which I bought for my PC in 1989 still runs well on the 11th generation of i7 that followed the 6 later xxx86 models before intel went to that naming convention. :


      as does Alleycat, also 1983, which was originally for the Atari, that I was able to copy off my Wangarratta XT HD, with the added advantage that I now no longer have to boot the system, just the DosEmu window when I have finished.

      I always liked having a system that wasn't totally dependent on the manufacturer for it's software, just as I'm glad I don't to have to buy "Toyota Petrol" for my cars.

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    I genuinely want XB Series X just because I can play SSX3… That was such a good game.
    Saying that made me feel so old as well.

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    I thought it was

    PS4/5 for exclusives
    Xbox/PC for cross gen and backward compatibility.

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    "Hello, my name is Guy Incognito, I heard the Xbox is very popular with the cool kids these days"

  • There's no comparison between the 2 now.

    Xbox has gamepass, proper back compatibility, cloud gaming, M$ have bought all the studios, better controller, a far better storage expansion solution, smart delivery, it's more powerful and doesn't have the overheating issues of PS5… also, just look at the styling. What was Sony thinking with that monstrosity?

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      I agree with everything @imurgod said apart from "better controller, a far better storage expansion solution" errh no…

    • You don’t own the games with Gamepass. You rent them. When you stop subscribing you don’t have anything. Gamepass is similar to PS+. The exclusive game selection seems better on PS5 - FF VII remake. Ratchet + Clank rift apart. Demon Souls. God of War Ragnarok. Spider-Man 2 etc. So far Xbox has Forza Motorsport as the only game I would be interested in playing that’s not on PS5. PS5 still has sold nearly twice as many Xbox X systems. You can only realistically play one or two games through to the end in a month so having access to many cheap rented games doesn’t necessary make the system better. You really want titles that you want to get into and play. XBox X is slightly more powerful though.

      • +1

        I disagree mate.

        You don't own any games since they are a service now, not a product and gamepass is outstanding value even if you don't own the games (you can buy them at a hefty discount BTW). It's essentially the Netflix of games and Netflix put video shops out of business.

        Also, why would you need to finish a game by the end of the month? The games are there for a very long time, not a month and the games are great (don't forget you also get EA Play as well).

        As we all know, sales means nothing. It's a weak fanboy argument that amounts to nothing because a) it has no bearing on the quality of the product and b) PS have extremely low attach rate compared with other consoles and c) Nintendo and PC outsell both in terms of units and dollar sales.

        Aside from the poor backwards compatibility, weaker system, awful controller, clunky UI, poor storage expansion option and heatsink design flaws, it all just comes down to what you perceive to be the plastic box you want to play on.

        I have always bought both and the switch and have a monster PC but this gen I just don't see a compelling reason to buy any of them.

        The best games are really on PC and there's no getting around that.

    • i actually really like the design of the PS5 and I’ve never had an issue of it overheating? Wasn’t even aware that was a thing.

      • The design is down to personal taste of course.

        The overheating thing is common. It was recently reported on and they found there was a design flaw.

        If you Google it, it'll come up.

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    Lol, PS5 anyday.. come at me bro

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    What are you trying to achieve with this poll OP? It's like the iPhone vs Android debate. You won't find a winner… Just a bunch of people arguing with each other.

    Buy what you like, and be grateful not everyone likes the same thing you do (because they would be even harder to purchase).

    For the record I own a PS5 and a Series X, and love them both.

      • +2

        Why aren't you advocating for a Nintendo Wii section. You biased!!!!

  • But that new ps5 controller is miles ahead of the Xbox and PlayStation does have some decent exclusive games

  • I completely lost interest in gaming over the years but I did impulse buy one of those Series X Halo consoles. Not sure whether I'll keep or sell. I did used to enjoy Halo back in the day. But gaming has lost its magic I feel, nothing can hold my interest anymore. Xbox used to be great back in the mid to late 2000's and there was a thriving online community, don't think we will ever experience anything like it again.

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    Its not?

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    Nah, ps5 all day.

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    According to my personal very unbiased rating, PC > PS > NSW > Vita > 3DS > 3310 Nokia > NGAGE > Xbox.

    • For a second, I was like how do you even play New South Wales?

      • +4

        Well Gladys is racking up a high score atm so…

      • Well you can't at the moment.

    • Lol NGAGE.

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    because the controller works on PC for PC gaming

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    I don't know if it's the best, though it's probably better than the ps5 judging by what they've done to the heatsink, but microsoft is far better than sony because I can actually play the games on my PC. no (profanity) way am I buying a console just to play 1 or 2 games. (profanity) sony.

  • wow, just imagine it; people having varying opinions on stuff. People like what they like bro, don’t run up in here with these kind of declarative statements.

    These posts are as useful as “apple vs android”. Neither is a clear winner because everyone has their own idea on what is best for them. Can we just drop this crap and just bloody play video games without this pointless dick-measuring tribalism?

    • Your Apple bias is really obvious here.

  • Where do you actually buy these Xbox Series X consoles from anyway?

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    It's not. PC is.

    • PC is great, shame about the users though…

    • You're right. PC has everything Xbox has and more other than that PS5 has one of the best exclusives… although most are coming to the PC sooner or later save Spider-Man / Wolverine.

  • It is there twice, Xbox one game and PC game.