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Tenda U12 AC1300 Wi-Fi USB 3.0 Adapter $13.51 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Aussie Smart Life via Amazon AU


lightning deal,regular price $32. It's very well reviewed.
Tenda U12 AC1300 Dual-Band Wireless Wi-Fi USB 3.0 Adapter with Built-in High Gain Antenna for PC, Works with Windows and Mac OS

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    Bought one. I don’t know what it is.

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      The ozbargain way
      Buy now think later

    • Lol. Thanx for the laugh on a not so happy day

      • Well I hope your day gets better now ♥️

        • Thanks

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        R u ok?

        • Yes it’s just my best and only friend of 10 years is moving overseas.

          • @Meenas: That is tough to hear, sorry about that. Hopefully we cheered you up a bit here, and I hope you get to take some time to talk to family, friends, and loved ones. It always helps.

            • @Dr Fruit: Definitely love this space for some awesome jokes and great bargains.

          • @Meenas: Sorry to hear that. I know it can be hard but if you need to have a laugh my messages are open. We can have a laugh together about some of the amazing comments we get on here. I hope everything works out snd don’t be shy to message if you need to ♥️

  • So If I just bought a motherboard that doesn't have wifi built in.. would this be a suitable replacement? Or do the wifi cards work best?

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      From best to worst.

      1. Ethernet cable.
      2. PCIe Wi-Fi adapter.
      3. USB Wi-Fi adapter.
      • Does tethering fit into 3? Or is that another missed cato?

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      4.. Nothing

      So better then nothing lol

      Depending how good the wifi card is and what antennas etc can make a difference to these but a good wifi card I'd say one needs to spend umm my guess around $35 on AliExpress maybe more

      If your gonna buy a pcie wifi card version my suggestion is to find one at least with an intel ax210ngw chipset (or better) as that supports wifi 6 and its in my current pc and I can notice the speed difference from my generic USB wifi adapter dongle

      Edit: actually above is Dual Band so faster speeds on 5ghz frequency band and with Built-in High Gain Antenna umm certainly a good price for what it is and its usb so usable with all your pc, laptops and devices

    • If you have an old mobile lying around that has 5Ghz wifi, this works really well and repurposes the device to boot.

  • 3 USB 3 wifi
    4 USB 2 wifi

  • Oos

  • i have been using aliexpress $2 USB dongle, no problem at all.. cheap as chips !

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      Yea but that one isn't as heavly discounted as this one. Ozbargain is about how much you save, not how much you pay…

      • This should be the OzB slogan!

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      With what specs though? AC1300? 5GHz?

      Otherwise it is difficult to compare the two.

      • Specs? At $2.
        Specs, shmecs, meh. It works.

  • Allows monitor mode
    Allows injection mode
    Support for a, b and g standards (2.4GHz, 5GHz)
    Compatible with linux, windows and mac

    Haha sold!

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    Oh, I thought this was a deal for a Tenga before realising… Looks like one too.

    • a what now?

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        I think they meant Tesla LOOOL

      • Google Tenga. They make "pleasure aids" for men. Their design aesthetic is very SFW too.

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          Oh what no wayyyy!! LOOOOOOOOL

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          Tenga Egg - Easy Beat Silky


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            @spillmill: You might spillmillk beating those silky eggs!

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      lmao same.

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    Well that was quick, what'd they have, 10 of the things?

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      Seems to be the Amazon way…

  • Can this be used as WiFi extender?

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      If it can since its Dual band,.. you'd have to do it through your pc or laptop being switched on as I doubt it could be used as stand alone,.. it needs a host pc or laptop

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      Is the for the home? Go mesh and never look back.

      • Yes, it's for home. In One of the rooms not getting signal. Single level. looking for something easy to install n keep out of children :x

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    feeling bad because I missed out
    feeling sheepish because I don't know what it is/ what it does

    • Wifi in a stick, for home.

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    I thought this said Tenga wifi. Thought it was a new lockdown product.

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      New business idea. If there's a remote controlled bullet there should be a wifi controlled Tenga. We want vibe equality

  • Missed out, dammit! Was too busy playing the division 2

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