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Vodka Cruiser Mixed Pack Bottles 3 Cartons (3x10 x 275ml) $29.89 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Vodka Cruiser’s ready to drink range contains less sugar than previous ranges while maintaining the same great taste. Vodka Cruisers updated packaging denotes each flavours ‘character’ description, unique flavour symbol and the “Premium Triple Distilled Vodka” signature.

$32.95 10x275ml Member's price at Dan Murphy's

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Costco Wholesale
Costco Wholesale


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    Wow insane price. Thanks OP.

    • +2

      As insane as the amount of people loosing their virginity on this.

      • Oh those were the days where a 4pk = fun times

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  • No stock :(

  • OoS

  • Cheapest fruit beers I’ve ever seen wowee

  • Is vadka milkshake in this deal too?

  • Thanks, now wait n see if it delivers.

  • +1

    damn, missed out

  • Oh the memories, guava was my first drink when I turned 18

  • I know sold out, but does anyone know price mark up for Costco online (includes delivery) compared to in store price?

  • In store $29.95 pack 10
    But iv taken screen shot as the one I go to matches on line price

    • could you please share the screenshot TA.

      • It’s still up on Costco page just screen shot it

  • Wow Costco out of stock? Not possible they will get more in next day I think

  • First time I've ever seen Costco have something worth being a member for, bummer.

  • +1

    That price is (profanity) insane. Shame I missed it.