What Are The OzBargainers Communities Favourite Condiments/Sauces?

So I got a recommendation from a Chef friend on her favourite chilli oil. After giving it a go it is now one of my new favourites so thought it'd be interesting to see what are others favourite condiments/sauces and brands and what foods you put them on.

I can start, so my go to condiment is chilli oil. One of my favourites now is based in Melbourne - Ronin Chilli oil. A short review: Not super spicy but rather it has a nicely balanced kick with heaps of Unami flavour bombs and various textures. Dumplings, dry noodle dishes, pastas, toasties, stir fries… the list goes on. Many of you will be familiar with Lao gan ma Crispy Chilli Oil and that is decent and always a staple in my own pantry. Also lots of different hot sauces out there to go with BBQ meats, glazed chicken wings.

Other sauces that are awesome:

A few of my favourite hot sauces:


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    HP sausage in bread

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      I prefer Asussauce

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      HP sausage in bread

      This is the whitest comment I've read on OzBargain.

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        What, WHITE POWER! doesn't cut it any more? :)

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          Not for stubborn stains like tomato sauce.

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        Oh Man. I grew up WASP in the 1960s. The only sauce was tomato sauce and my mother’s idea of Asian dishes was boiled green sausages, using Keens curry, and Chop Suey made with some packet mix. Most of the sauces being mentioned here are not something we would’ve been aware of. We would’ve considered HP sauce as exotic. One of the major advances in Australia, since the Second World War, is the explosion in the food culture. We’d have to go close to have some of the broadest selection of food sources in the world. My view of migrants has, always been, you are allowed in but you have to bring your food with you.

  • Moosturd

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    Secret Aardvark Habanero sauce.

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      Mangtomas (sp?) on roast pork…

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        Absolutely!… and bagoong with kare kare.

    • Unlimited KFC gravy.

      (But not what we have here.)

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    Herbed Mayo from Grill’d (every once in a while)
    Southwest from Subway

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      Mayo isn't a condiment, it's a staple food.

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        My golden triangle is chilli, garlic and mayo.

        I also love tzatziki, taramasalata and caviar. And yes I eat these as a condiment. I eat a lot of chicken breast.

        Must have salt, pepper and lime to season chicken with chilli.

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    Bon chilli flakes level 15
    sambel asli
    wasabi mayo
    yuzu chilli

    home made XO sauce, with dried shrimp, dried scallop, schallots, chilli, garlic,
    home made chilli and garlic vinegar dipping sauce
    home made ginger and schallot oil

    and seeded mustard

    so many more. my fridge and pantry cupboard is filled with condiments and sauces

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      Have you tried anchovy paste?

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        I don't have it my kitchen but I do like the Vietnamese pressed fermented anchovy sauce.

        Don't think I've tried a paste.

    • Mind sharing the recipe for your home made chilli dipping sauce? :)

      Any favourite store bought chilli oil? Or is it easier/ tastier to make your own?

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        Store bought is good. Just need to find the right one for whatever you are eating.. you can't have one sauce for everything.

        Most sauces I make, I do it in a large batch and distribute to my family. Or I make it to according to what I'm eating.

        2 cloves of garlic 1 small piece of ginger. 3 quarter red capsicum, 2 small chilli's. According to spice level
        Chop all with a knife until you get it really really fine.

        Mix 200 ml of sugar with 250 ml of white vinegar and dissolve sugar fully do not apply heat.
        Mix finely cut ingredients into dissolved liquid.

        Liquid should just cover the cut ingredients.
        Place in air tight glass container and leave in fridge for 24 hours.

        The sauce is good for at least 2 months as the vinegar pickles the ingredients.

        The sauce is good with poached meats like chicken and pork.

        • Amazing! Thanks for sharing!!

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    Salt…. to go with all the popcorn I need when I'm on OzBargain…

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      Try Flavacol on your popcorn

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    Heinz Mayo is fantastic. Seriously underrated. Their Baconaise is ever better.

    I like Paul Newman's Ranch too.

    Also ikea deep fried onions aren't a sauce, but they are damn amazing.

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    Coles homebrand tomato sauce. That stuff is fire.

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    Kewpie and it's variants are quite scrumptious. The Sriracha Kewpie is excellent, just wished it was hotter.

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      Dammit I looked at that on the shelf today and didn't grab it. This is the greatest regret of my life.

    • I make my own sriracha Mayo with normal kewpie and sriracha and soooo much better

      • I do this too, it's great!

      • Same!

      • Yep, me too. But I use different chilli sauces instead of just sriracha. Try it with Lao Gan Ma, it makes the ultimate burger sauce!

    • I got wasabi Kewpie, big mistake…

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    All of the Bulls Eye range (BBQ sauces and hot sauces) are excellent. Beerenberg also used to make a hot chutney but I can't find that anymore.

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      Just had my first bullseye sauce (habenero whisky) cause was on special at Coles.

      Very impressed, particularly for a Heinz sauce. Will buy again

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      They still have their hot chutney at all my local Coles /woolworths.

      It's a regular staple for me that I have 2-3 times a week. Bacon, eggs, spinach, hot chutney on a muffin or toast.

    • Definitely still available direct from them if you get too desperate


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    I like 1000 island from Subway.

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      I'm going to blow your mind.

      Thousand island = Mayonnaise and Ketchup mixed 50/50. You're welcome.

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    Kewpie Roasted Sesame dressing, amazing with salad/veg

    • Yes! I was about to scroll down and add this. I almost didn't want to mention it in case everyone jumps on the bandwagon and it becomes difficult it get. Mizkan make a fantastic one too.

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    Mc chicken sauce

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    Beerenberg sauces are EFFING AMAZING. I am trying to taste all of them.

    I've tried:
    -Worcestershire Sauce (really tasty)
    -Tomato Sauce (really tasty and really good twang of spice, perfect for chips/burgers - they also do a Hot tomato sauce, haven't tried that)
    -Coopers Ale BBQ Sauce (really friggen good)

    So many good ones. You can normally find these in delis - Woolworths have a few as well.

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      Second this. They are quality.

    • I remember having fish and chips on holiday, which was ok, but then I had some of the sauce and it was incredible: turned out to be Beerenberg, hadn't heard of it before.

      • Which sauce was that?

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          The tomato sauce. I think how unexpectedly good it was really locked that memory in. Was just expecting masterfoods tomato sauce, what I got was like a beautifully neutral ketchup.

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      ^^ this. Tried literally the whole range at a trade show a few years ago.

      Tomato + Cracked Pepper is my pick of the bunch https://www.beerenberg.com.au/65/Shop-online-with-flat-rate-...

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        So you got to the Blood Orange Marmalade? Was an absolute treat! I'll try that relish, sounds delish

        • Seems it's only at WW not Coles though - no idea why but certainly cuts the frequency of specials

    • I use their Chilli Sauce for nearly everything!

      Always seems to be out of stock at my local Coles though

      • I'll keep an eye out for it!

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    HP Sauce
    Hellmann's Mayonnaise

    • +1 Hellmann's.

      Best mayo.

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    Kfc Supercharged sauce always ask for extra and keep them in the fridge.

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      Hungry Jacks spicy sauce is better imo.

  • Chargrill Charlie's Thai Sauce

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    Chicken salt.

    and Kewpie mayo too!

    Goes well with fries made in Air Fryer!

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      Condense milk with Toast! 😋

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    ABC Sambal Sauce with extra Pedas
    Kewpie Sriracha Mayonnaise
    Kewpie Mayonnaise
    Coles Hot Mustard Sauce

    And also - Chings Schezwan Chutney

    These are my collection. Makes anything taste best.

    • did you look in my pantry?

    • Yes on the abc sambal. So underrated

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    Seasame oil tastes amazing, good with some savoury foods.

    Chicken salt is always an excellent option.

    MSG isn't much of a sauce/condiment, but it's an ingredient that's great to use. No, it isn't unhealthy (in moderation proportions, like anything else.

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      There is a lot of hate for MSG, but a lot of Asian dishes taste better with it, no shame in using it but it is viewed negatively. Again use in moderation. I'd be more concerned about excessive amount of sweeteners in a lot of products.

    • Agree with the sesame oil - it has such a nice aroma too. I like to put a little in the rice cooker with the rice sometimes,

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    2 Belibis sauce
    Kecap Bango
    Sambal terasi cap ibu
    Sambal kacang cap ibu

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    masterfoods english mustard, goes with any cold meat sandwich, tried silverside and ham so far, but i imagine it would work with any. had no idea what i was missing with english mustard. make sure it's not the american kind and don't use too much if you've never had it before

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      Coleman's > Masterfoods

    • French for me - Maille Dijon and à l'ancienne (not sure what it's called in English, but it's the sender mustard.

      For Japanese food, pondu from Littke Tokyo in Adelaide.

      • If you have corned beef may I suggest you use a mixture of Maile Dijon and their Hollandaise sauce. Tastes great.

        • Thanks, will do.

          And it should read 'seed' mustard not 'sender'!

          • @Lastchancetosee: They do one called Dijonnaisse but I prefer to mix my own and it gives me hollandaise for things liked poached eggs.

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    Sriracha - All Varieties and HP Sauce

  • Anyone had the A1 Steak Sauce? Been seeing it a bit recently, anyone know if its any good (I guess in particular for BBQ and Steaks).

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    Garlic and chilli sauce in a kebab

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    Rosella Tomato Sauce, great on a Meat Pie!

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    Garlic aioli. So good!

    Also, love chicken salt on hot chips.

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      Forgot to add, supercharged sauce from KFC!

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    I like the Berenberg sauces for everyday stuff and Franks Hot Sauce as well.

    If you want something a little special, then Tassie Settlers BBQ Whisky Sauce from Tasmanian Gourmet Online will fit the bill -

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    my own home made tomato sauce and relish - keeps the taste of homegrown tomatoes on my plate all year.

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      I do “Kathy’s relish” from Stephanie Alexander’s book.

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    Lao Gan Ma (老干妈).
    XO Sauce (premade in the bottles you get at Tong Li. Can't be bothered making from scratch).
    Garlic Sauce you get at Charcoal Chicken shops.

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    Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Barbecue Sauce - it was the closest we could find to the flavours of the USA barbecues we had on our travels. Especially nice in pulled pork, fresh from the pressure cooker. Yum!

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    Sambal Oelek. I slather it on everyting:)

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    Tabasco Green

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    Kewpie Mayo

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    Good thread, OP!

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    Sarsons malt vinegar - is perfect for fish and chips, brewed stuff, not coloured chemicals

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    • Honey mustard sauce from McDonald's
    • Supercharged sauce from KFC
    • Nando's mild or hot sauce
    • Nando's perinaise
    • Wasabi kewpie
    • Masterfoods Hot Chilli sauce (I'm pretty sure this is the hot sauce that most kebab places use)
    • The spring onion oil you get from Cantonese BBQ places
    • Coles peppercorn sauce
    • Tean's Crispy Prawn Chilli

    I like Lee Kum Kee's XO sauce (in the black and gold cardboard), but I don't use it as a "sauce" or "condiment" in the traditional sense, more to actually cook food with as opposed to adding it on top or using it as a dip afterwards.

    Gonna have to try the chilli oil in the OP sometime!

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    Not a sauce but I love this from Herbies. With a dash or rum it makes a great marinade. Then add more when you fry the onions.


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    Sweet Bay Rays Hickory and Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce - on all meats, pies, chips etc.
    Sweet Baby Rays Buffalo Wings Sauce - on all chicken, especially a schinty.
    Special mention for Frank’s (in the absence of SBR Buffalo)

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    I just put a canister of chicken salt in the car glove box, I'm sick of getting under seasoned fish and chips on outings recently.
    Does anyone else carry supplies in their car like this?

    • Baby wipes to clean my hands after.

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