$1000 off Select Fulcrum Racing Wheelsets + $9.90/$19.90 Delivery @ Bikebug


Buy 10 save $10k!

Subscriber email special, no T&Cs linked, unknown end date.

Item Was Now
Fulcrum Speed 55 CMPTZN Disc Brake Clincher $3999 $1999
Fulcrum Speed 40 CMPTZN Disc Brake Clincher $3499 $1999
Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon CMPTZN Disc Brake Clincher $2999 $1999
Fulcrum Racing Speed 40C + Speed 55C CMPTZN Brake Clincher $2999 $1999

Bulky items: $9.90 delivery or $19.90 to rural areas

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  • Buy 20 save $20k!

    • Buy 30 sav… wait sorry i don't have enough

  • +4

    Buy winspace, farsports or yoeleo, save even more!

    • +farsports - awesome wheelset!

      • farsports are just their rims laced to whatever hubs, Winspace Hypers are a complete wheelset with carbon spokes and their own hubs. Probably the best wheelset coming out of China right now.

  • +1

    no spokie-dokies, no deal.

  • More expensive than my car tires.

    • +4

      These are wheels only, tyres could cost as much as your car tyres..

  • Can you still use the clothes peg and piece of cardboard to make the clicking noise with these?

    • Only Fulcrum brand peg and cardboard. Would cost more than your car engine.

    • need to be careful to get the right type of peg to match your wheelhub.

  • +1

    Shipping kills this deal