One Free Beer at Participating Venues for Fully Vaccinated Over 18's (Registration Required, Excluding NT) @ Furphy Beer


Another targeted promo, for those getting some sweet sweet vaccine. Couldn't see it already posted yet.
If you aren't eligible, don't complain. You can always just buy a beer and drink it at home :)

"So let’s raise a glass for the end of lockdown and toast to the hospo workers among us. If you’re double vaxxed, we’ll shout you a free Furphy at participating venues once your state opens up."

Fill in your details on the page and they'll notify you of when you can get your free (imo average) beer from Lion.

T's and C's state:

Offer limited to Aus. (excl. NT) res. 18+ that are fully vaccinated under the Australian National COVID-19 program on the advice of a health practitioner. Offer commences 1/10/21 9am AEST & ends 31/12/21 11:59pm or when allocated gifts are exhausted, whichever is earlier. Offer must be redeemed via the Myy App at participating venues only, subject to health orders. Limit 1 beer/person.

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        • I guess you're 'stuck' in a safe country then, how unfortunate.

        • +1

          Actually, permanent emigration is actually a valid reason to get permission.

  • I'll take a free beer. Despite having just been at a bar with no restrictions.

  • +7

    What we've seeing above is a reflection of Aus 2021 - shutdown anyone who doesn't align with your opinion, pull up the drawbridges, arm the battlements, and sling sh!t at each other. Just wonderful isn't it? We've all acting like bloody vitriolic politicians. Let's all just enjoy the beer.

  • +2

    I have my 4th jab now, do I get 2 free beers?

    • Covid jab? or otherwise…. Who thought coming out was less shocking in 2021.?….. ;) Joking of course…

  • -1

    jv, duff5000, SBOB where you at?

  • +2

    I'm only here for the anti-vaxxer comments

    • someone should mention “global” travel so the flat earth believers can join in ….

    • I'm not here for the "I'm only here for the anti-vaxxer comments" comments.

    • -3

      Hyperbole and misdirection, so funny, how old are you, 9, 10 ?

  • +2

    In a few years: Vast amount of mandatory booster shots turned Ozbargainers into alcoholics.

  • +1

    This deal reminds me of the scene in Django Unchained where Leonardo DiCaprio orders a beer for the Mandingo after he wins the fight.
    "Not a small beer either, but one of those big bottles of beer."

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    "So let’s raise a glass for the end of lockdown and toast to the hospo workers among us. If you’re double vaxxed, we’ll shout you a free Furphy at participating venues once your state opens up."

    So not about your health but just ending lockdown. Never get between your health and financial interest when comes to a corporation.
    The mass psychosis has some more scared of the tyrannical lockdowns than the virus.

    • +1

      Just get double vaxxed then you too can enjoy free beer…. Or just stay salty and focus on the minutiae of a free drink promotion…

      • +2

        " minutiae" eh? Slippery slopes and snowballs. Did you ever read any history?

        • No I just got the vaccine and enjoy life

          • +3

            @Chocobros: Like those on the cruise ship? Your body your choice, wish you well!

            • +1

              @Global Nomad: Wouldn't it cool if govts around the world forced FB to fact check . It would have saved millions .
              I look at the place and its full of ill-informed cult like sheep .

            • @Global Nomad: The problem is not "my body my choice". Its that the government didn't make a vaccine that could prevent devastation to economy and health mandatory. They left it up to the people's decency and most proved selfish and decided not to get the vaccine.

              It doesn't help that the government didn't get a good supply of appropriate vaccines but that just compounded the problem.

              For what it's worth I am all for freedom and choice. But there should be a financial cost to those who don't get the vaccine to fund the wasted cost in health for these people.

              Either way this deal is for free beer and not the government's failings or the selfish nature of people

              • @Chocobros: "But there should be a financial cost to those who don't get the vaccine to fund the wasted cost in health for these people."
                Wow really, you want to go there and make that kind of argument. Just so demonstrably and equivocally wrong on so many levels.
                Sorry, but you just lost any credibility with that statement.

                • +2

                  @Global Nomad: Your reply is like a fart in a hurricane. Just a lot of hot air….

                • @Global Nomad: Well, in this case you would actually have no issue having Medicare not fund covid related hospitalisations.

                  • +1

                    @ozbking: I would not have any issues not paying Medicare fees too in that case. This road goes two ways you know.

                    • @DainB: That’s reasonable, in your case I’d recommend emigration. US would be one of the countries you could move to, and decide not to pay Medicare.

                      Unfortunately for you, Australian public opinion is too supportive of Medicare to allow you not to pay.

                      • @ozbking: I can easily not pay Medicare and there's nothing you can do about it. It's called "no income".

                        • @DainB: Sad for you isn’t it?

                          • -1

                            @ozbking: Nah, said for you. It's you who will be paying my medical bills from now on. Isn't it awesome?

                            So let me recap - you got injected with unknown experimental substance and you will be paying for treatment of those who chose not to. What's not to love.

                            • +1

                              @DainB: I rather listen to my doctor than some random with “no income”

                              • +1

                                @ozbking: Did I say I don't have money? But answer me this. Should vaxxers be refused treatment of "rare vaccine side effects" because they acted irresponsibly by participating in clinical trials?

                                • +2

                                  @DainB: Even if you have income, you are still a random. Why would I trust you, YouTube or Facebook more than my visit to my doctor?

                                  I’m not even going to entertain your discussion on clinical trials and vaccines, I would rather have that chat with a scientist, again over a random on the internet.

                                  You misunderstood my care for you having a vaccine or not. You really aren’t that important.

                                  Now if only you stop caring if other people get a vaccine.

                                  • +1

                                    @ozbking: That is fantastic. Now would you please stop trying to take from me whatever left from my freedoms. Thanks.

                                    • @DainB: And I'd like to exercise my freedom by getting vaccinated. To argue against people getting vaccinated, is basically trying to deprive them of exercising their freedom.

    • what do you suggest? lockdown forever? Melbourne has got by far the longest and harshest lockdown on earth and still counting at least for a month. This is not a success and Australia is not the only country who values human life. Keep being pride and arrogant and deceiving yourself.

    • Honestly, I’d take my health advice from a doctor, rather than because of a beer or a random on a website.

      If I get free stuff due to something I have already done, I see no issues.

      You’re welcome to believe in your conspiracies, but why don’t you recommend people to just talk to their doctors instead of complaining about deals?

  • +4

    After all we've been through and now they're trying to make us drink Furphys?! Those bastards!!

    • Yep, maybe save the free furphy for after you've had a few better options before hand ;)

  • This beer tastes like asshat

    • +1

      what does that even mean

  • +1

    Get on the beers!! Cheers

    • +4

      Would be pretty pointless visiting ozbargain if there weren't any new deals each day ….

      Not that you've contributed anything so far in your 9 posts in 2 years.

      • +4

        And they become more of a minority every day.

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    im just here for the global nomad comments

  • I will be eligible next month cheers

  • -2

    Why are people actively locating inoffensive comments tied to a negative vote in the deal, to remove it? Seems like the system is rather rigged. 😉

    • +2

      I thought you didn’t care much. Why are you crying in comments then?

      • -2

        What a crack up. Here's some positivity to shine into your little riveting existence sweetheart.
        Here it is > 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        • -1

          So the positivity is you crying? Well if that makes you feel a little better then that’s alright

  • Shouldn't this be posted in forums?

    Thought this was ozbargain 🤦

    • +1

      What about a free beer offer, eligible for 70 to 80% of the drinking population in the coming month, is not worthy of a deal post?

  • +1

    when I open the app, it says the "Offer starts 9:00am 11/10/21"

    • +1

      Probably due to current NSW date of pubs being allowed to re open

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