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6 Pieces of Fried Chicken for $10 + Delivery @ Red Rooster via Deliveroo


I received an email from Deliveroo with a pretty awesome Red Rooster deal. Buy 3 pieces of fried chicken and get 3 free. I got my 6 pieces of chicken delivered last night for a total of $12.49 ($10 + $2.49 delivery). I'm not sure if the deal is targeted.

If the offer applies to you, there will be an item at the top of the Red Rooster menu in the app titled Buy 3 get 3 free. Inside that item there's an extra button that you may have to press to ensure that you get your extra pieces.

I was pretty damn happy with their chicken. It was crunchy and crispy, more like Japanese or Korean fried chicken than that stuff the colonel extrudes.

From the email:

Craving fried chicken that’s crunchy and golden on the outside but tender and juicy on the inside? We’ve got you covered.

Buy three pieces of Red Rooster’s NEW Fried Chicken, and you’ll get another three pieces free.*

Be quick this offer is only available until 14 September.
Order Now

*Purchase three pieces of Crunchy Fried Chicken from Red Rooster via Deliveroo and get three pieces of Crunchy Fried Chicken for free. To redeem the offer, customers will need to purchase the 'Buy 3, Get 3 Free' product listed for Red Rooster within the Deliveroo app. Offer starts 9:00AM AEST on 08/9/21 and ends 11:59PM AEST on 14/9/21. Subject to stock availability. Delivery fees apply. No substitutions permitted. Small order fee also applies for orders under $10

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$12 off across your next 4 orders ($3 per order). Your friend will get $12 off across their first 4 orders too. Minimum order $20 + Delivery.

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  • $5.50 delivery from a RR that's <5 min drive away.

  • +4

    Their fried chicken is so good! Only of the delivery fee wasnt $7.99 I would get

    • Yeah, I think making delivery so expensive is silly. It's easy to imagine that the pricing is set by a store manager who just really doesn't want the extra work. The KFC close to me (closer than the Red Rooster) charges $8.99 and I'd never pay that.

    • +2

      It's nice, less greasy than KFC

      • I find the pieces are smaller, and the skin a bit crunchier but not spicy at all which makes me not rate it

  • Anyone know if can buy 6 and get 6 free instead of 3?

    • Buy 6 get 6 free offer coming for Uber eats 13/9 to 30/9 Mon - Thurs only.

    • I think so order one 3 piece at a time

      • And pay delivery each time? Lol..

        • no on the same order

          • @ruski: does it work? anyone tried? it allowed me to add 3 of those item, but not sure if we'll get 3x6 or 3x3 if I order

            • @hny3: I haven't tried but it does look like you do, click on 3 pieces and press 3 free. Then do it over again

              • @ruski: thanks, yeah I tried and worked fine. add 3 packs of them (I have cashback deal from Citibank too) and got the 9 free bonus as expected

  • +1

    i dont know how you got delivery for $2.49, its $7.99 for me and there's no pickup option for RR on any of the apps.

    • +2

      Yeah, I might be pretty lucky. I'm in SA and I've always found Deliveroo delivery charges pretty reasonable and usually less than the other apps. Delivery was mostly free for a month or so around the lockdown we had in early August so they might be just slowly ramping delivery costs back up.

    • $1.99 delivery for me.

  • +1

    $7.99 for Red Rooster delivery.. And it's always closed lol

  • My favorite go to meal for the weekend is a 6 pack and a garlic bread from the dirty Bird

  • -1

    A saving of $2 .. they are $2 each instore lol

    • no savings when you factor in the delivery fee

    • +1

      Yeah but it's surely not news to you that the delivery sites are always more expensive than in-store. The individual pieces are $3.50 on the Deliveroo and Red Rooster apps. Convenience is expensive. But, there are a lot of good reasons someone would choose to get food delivered - not having a car, being disabled, wanting to watch a bad football game etc

      • For me I prefer to just pick up. The food is guaranteed to be a lot fresher, and waiting for delivery can be a world of pain and frustration when things go wrong. Many times the food never comes or it comes an hour late and it's no longer hot and fresh.

    • Only the 1st 2 pieces are $2 each, then it gets more expensive. Deal to get people to try it and move from KFC

      • +1

        Most of the time they just put it through in the drive through.. And if they say anything I just place multiple orders of 2 pieces

  • +3

    $8.99 delivery get forkkkkedd

  • +1

    I tried this for the first time the other day and let me tell you,

    It was shit. First time in my life Red Rooster has given my dried chicken. The coating was all flakey and fell apart too. Not to mention the piece itself was very small. $5 lunch box all the way.

    • -1

      What time of day did you go?

      Because of how long it takes to cook chicken, stores have to prep way in advance. If you go at the wrong time, you can get chicken thats been sitting there for a while.
      My favorite time to go is around 7,7.30, after the dinnertime rush has exhausted all the old chicken.

      • +4

        idk, around lunch time…ish, maybe 2ish. Doesn't really matter though, I shouldn't have to turn up at the right time to get decent food.

      • Had a chicken from an average store. Didn't have much coating on plus was close to undercooked. Put the pieces in the airfryer for 5 mins and improved it a lot.

    • Just had mine delivered and was dry and unpalatable. Must have been leftovers from lunch or something. Threw in the mix were 3 wings (extremely dry and almost burnt/overcooked). Absolutely not worth the money and very disappointed. Definitely not the Korean fried Chicken as mentioned above by Op. 👎

  • Had the fried chicken last week and really enjoyed it very clean and tasty… Unfortunately my Deliveroo is charging $5 for delivery and it's 1.8km… ek

  • Some people saying it's good and some people are saying it's bad? OP seems to like it.

    • +2

      It's amazing that different people like different things

  • As far as I am concerned this is a deal for invalids, because everyone else is far better off just turning up and picking up, not to mention that even kfc's regular Tuesday deal is far better than this

  • To everyone complaining about delivery fees, you get free deliveries (min purchase required) for 90 days if you sign up to DeliverooPlus, just make sure you cancel before it renews.

    • Got to spend $20 minimum though

  • -3

    It's horrible, such dry, disgusting batter on the chicken. It's not worth the calories for what you get from it. Maybe it was my local 17 year old chef that whipped it up for me but I had to throw it out.

  • +3

    Just ordered 2*3 pieces (and ticked the "get 3 pieces free" option for each),received 12 pieces. Exactly $20 so free delivery with deliveroo plus

    That's next week's protein sorted :^)

    • thanks, ordered 3*3, worked too

  • +1

    Are they different based on individual locations as I cant see any option for fried chicken from my local in deliveroo

  • Sign up for the 3 months of Deliveroo plus so you can get 12 piece of chicken for $20 delivered…

  • I received 4 thighs and 2 legs 🤨

  • KFC has 6 pieces for $6.95 on Tuesdays. Can pick up as well so no crazy delivery charges!

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