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[iOS] Paramount Plus Subscription for $5.99/Year (iOS App Required)


Seems like there is a pricing error for Paramount+ on the Apple ecosystem.

Need an iOS device to take advantage.


  • Download the Paramount App on iOS
  • Sign up to a Monthly subscription (you are not charged here as there’s a free 7 day trial)
  • Go into your Subcriptions in Apple Settings and select “anual” at $5.99
  • You’re good until 2022

Get it while you can and enjoy 😄

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      oh….and yes from that we have to pay Apple 15c - so that's a cool 35c a customer

      Mind you it's probably all profit as it's incremental revenue

      • +7

        And Sir, Most of them have already canceled after signing up.

        • +2

          I didn't just in case they forgot to fix it for next year. With Disney+ annual sub after they put their prices up, mine renewed at the old price. They've updated it now. I assume it won't happen with this, when they notify the cost had gone up I'll cancel.

          • +4

            @Miss B: Disney explicitly stated at the time that existing subscribers can enjoy the lower annual fee for one year but that will increase the second year.

        • You know this how?

  • The Nick Jr channel is ace. I love Wonder Pets, Team Umizoomi, Ni Hao Kai-Lan, Blue's Clues and Bubble Guppies. Thanks OP!

  • Not out of the realm of possibility they introduce ads to make-up the loss

    • +8

      Totally outside the realm of possibility. They have 10play for that.

  • Super deal, thanks OP.

  • What happens if I cancel my $5.99 annual subscription now?

    • +4

      You'll still have subscription until 10 Sept 2022

      • Should we cancel ASAP then if we just want the $5.99 annual?

        • Anytime before the subscription is up i guess. Think some people reckon will keep renewing $5.99 per year as it states on the email but don't count on it.

    • Exactly. Would like to know

  • +3

    cant say ive ever seen an ozbargain post with this many votes before… kudos!

  • This is the email confirmation that I received
    you've accepted the following offer:

    App Paramount+
    Subscription Paramount+ monthly
    Content Provider ViacomCBS Digital DTC International LLC
    Date Accepted 11 September 2021
    Trial Free for 1 week, starting 11 September 2021
    Subscription Price $8.99/month, starting 18 September 2021
    Payment Method Visa

    Your subscription automatically renews until cancelled.
    To avoid being charged, you must cancel at least one day before each renewal date. To learn more or cancel, review your

    then I got this 2nd one

    Dear User,

    This email confirms your subscription purchase:

    App Paramount+
    Subscription Paramount+ mensual
    Content Provider ViacomCBS Digital DTC International LLC
    Date of Purchase 11 September 2021
    Renewal Price $5.99/month
    Payment Method Visa ..

    Your subscription automatically renews for $5.99/month starting on 11 October 2021 until cancelled.

    To avoid being charged, you must cancel at least one day before each renewal date. To learn more or cancel, review your subscription.

    have I done it incorrectly? I dont think this looks right? am I supposed to cancel the subscription
    little confused!
    Help please….. many thanks

    • the glitch has been fixed, you can't get the annual subscription for $5.99 anymore. that's for monthly only now

    • Looks like you either did it wrong, or you signed up after the pricing error had been fixed unfortunately. They're going to charge $5.99 a month starting 11 October 2021, so you need to cancel it.

    • +1

      I usually do a last second check on ozbargain if there are any updates before pulling the trigger, to avoid situation like this. Although in other cases, cancelling could be more work.

    • You signed up to the wrong one “ Subscription Paramount+ mensual”

      You signed up to the monthly subscription and not the yearly “anual” subscription

      You did the first step right, but not the second step

    • -1

      Email says clearly "Renewal Price $5.99/month"
      Epic fail! 🤦‍♂️

  • +4

    Look what I’ve missed!!!

    Deal of the month.

    • Me too! Heart broken.

  • +1

    My iTunes purchase history shows three entries for Paramount, two worth $0 and one $5.99 which says pending.. Can this still be pulled?

  • +18

    Missed it by 3 hours. Need to be checking this site while at work, worth getting fired for obviously.

  • When signing up for this deal obviously I signed up with my my most used email with paramount but with the subscription and my App Store email I just found out it’s no longer valid was deactivated from my phone company.
    So any emails regarding subscription payment etc would probably not have been delivered.

    I did this deal before it ended and my subscription says on paramount it’s good till 2022 now I’m worried I be missing emails.
    As I know my email for my App Store is not a working email is it an issue to change and does it affect apps etc.
    Not that it will help any missed emails if already sent.

    Only email I have had is from paramount about joining anything about paying would be to my non working email.
    Not sure how best sort this.

    • +1

      I wouldn't worry too much all you will miss is advertising junk. If there is anything to report it is likely someone will post here with updates.

  • was going to cancel immediately and keep the subscription for the year. Until I saw the email subscription confirmation that says its $5.99 annually….so might as well keep it and see what next year brings

  • +2

    I just now received my $5.99 tax invoice from Apple after signing up about 7 hrs ago. I take it the payment went through.

    • I’m not getting these emails of payments etc even though it says I’m good till 2022.
      My email in my apps store is no longer in use so any emails that’s been sent will not get there.
      What happens when emails are sent somewhere they get rejected? That does not help me much by seeing what is being sent in them emails.

      • Try go to iDevice's Settings > (your Apple ID name) > Subscriptions select Paramount+ if it isn't already and all the way down you'll see Cancel Subscription

    • Same here

    • I too received an invoice for the annual subscription from Apple showing $2.05 was taken from my remaining iTunes balance and $3.94 was charged from my NAB Visa Debit card.

      Guess it’s good til next year then… amazing deal!

  • +3

    Wow and it’s over. Did it about 5pm. Awesome find. It’s $6 Paramount wouldn’t have gotten from me to be fair so good on them… be interesting if they find a loop hole and cancel and refund it…

  • This was an amazing deal… I missed…

  • Missed it.

    I’ll sign up anyways when Foundation starts.

    • +9

      That's on Apple… So you might want to sign up to that service instead ;)

      • +2


        Thanks you saved me.

  • +1

    Totally worth it for Dexter but can't find much of anything else to watch, thanks OP!

  • +2

    I'm using fetch to login into Paramount 😉

    The tv series EVIL isn't too bad.

    • if its through fetch, is it free??

      • No sorry. Fetch supports the Paramount app and a few others.

  • +1


    • Plus Plex, Jellyfin or Kodi.

    • Any recommendations on torrent/nzb sources?

      • nzbgeek is worth a crack

    • Except if you want live sport

      • There are addons for live free to air tv
        Not sure what other live sport is available in that regard - I don't watch much of it.

        • No, as in sport that you need to pay a streaming subscription to watch - which is just about all of it these days. Paramount+ have just paid $200m for the A-league rights so it will come in handy as I’m a fan.

          I also pay for Kayo ($5) a month and get a free Optus sports subscription. Everything that isn’t live sport goes onto my Plex server

          • @TightTerry: ah okay.
            yeah sports is the only problem - not a bad deal for that then.

  • Anyone looking at family sharing there account using the classifieds? :)

    • Probably not because even though you can have 3 people watching at the same time they don't have user profiles yet.

  • +3

    Ok wWHAT?!?! It’s got all the seasons of DARIA???

    • And all 3 lord of the rings

      • Extended?

        • The normal 3hr movie

    • Kinda… It's an altered cut, missing the original MTV-centered soundtrack due to licensing issues. The two TV movies are also absent, probably due to music licensing again.

      • That’s not really the end of the world… ive been watching the ones on mtv website with brave browser to block the ads but the web player is buggy as hell..

  • American Rust looks good. Good cast led by Maura Tierny (ER) and I would pay to watch Jeff Daniels read the Yellow Pages.
    It will be interesting to see what they add along the way. In the US Paramount + has a bit of sport, so it may be that Paramount here could link with a FTA network (10?) to bid for some sports content in the future.
    Plus, a month after launching in Australia to mostly lukewarm reviews (and apparently a modest takeup) Paramount now has a bunch of new subscribers (even at $5.99pa) to try to keep with new offerings.

  • +4

    Obviously missed the deal here. But I did go through and sign up for (and promptly cancel) a 7 day trial.

    They want $89.99 per year for this junk?

  • +1

    Can’t believe my luck. Signed up for this yesterday and it has a doco series I have been searching everywhere for to view here in Australia: https://www.sho.com/ufo/season/1

    So excited!

  • 1900 votes so far…

  • Doesn't seem can't get proper surround sound.

    I am using Google Chromecast TV

    • Hmmm yeah. Only getting 2 channels from my Chromecast.

  • Is this the most upvoted deal ever

    • No. According to OzBargain wiki, this deal has the highest.

      • I checked ozbargain wiki, which link shows you the most voted deal?

        • +1


          But it only shows record breaking deals. So for example, if the top voted deal is 2,840, a deal for 2,839 won’t appear 2nd if it achieved those votes after the 2,840 deal.

          • @tomsco: Interesting to see dealbot didn't post the most deal. Was surprised to see Lysander got the top spot for the most number of posts. The runner up commenter is not even half of JV.

  • My subscription seems to have reverted to a month trial. Did I do something wrong or has this happened to others?

    • Mine is still a year. Check the email you got from Apple, make sure you signed up for a year

      • How do you get such email? My email i used for apple on this no longer does emails and i have since changed the email. But any emails that would have been sent i never get now.
        Only thing i have is the paramount page telling me its till 2022.

        • The confirmation email is to the Apple ID email you used to purchase, which I take from your earlier post is no longer valid right? Is there something you're concerned about? I mistakenly thought you wanted to cancel before which should be easy to do

          • @dingdong3000: I was not asking to cancel i just dont have proof or emails to say i purchased it due to my apple id email not working anymore.
            I was charged or pending on my bank account 5.99 and it does say expires on paramount site so that's as good as the emails.
            And i took a screenshots when i purchased it.
            Any emails regarding it i will not have received or missed if any future ones im not sure as i changed that no longer working email for another.

    • to have reverted to a month trial.

      Are you sure reverted or you did it after expired?

  • is it definitely fixed now?

  • Damn I missed it. Looks like I'm torrenting new season of Dexter..

    • +1

      This comment made my day, I did not know Dexter was making a return. Thanl-you

  • Not too worried at having missed this.
    I will be getting Paramount for the A-League and Socceroos which I watch all the games of.
    Clubs give us (members) a discount on the annual fee anyway, and I'm happy that my money goes towards products that improve the game that I play and love.

    • +1

      The membership discount is still $60 yearly though

      • -1

        Yep, which is a discount on the $90 regular price.

        That's $5/mth.

        $5 is less than half a beer at a match.

        • $5.99 is 50c/mth

          50c is less than half a beer anywhere

  • Anyone worked out how to create a watch list? Similar to what you can do on Netflix with a + button.

    • Through their website

    • You can't at the moment - watch list and profiles are not in the Australian version of the app, only the US one. Exactly why is a mystery almost as mysterious as the "Anual" subscription itself :)

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