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ROMOSS 60000mAh Power Bank $62.99 (Was $99.99) Delivered @ Romoss Amazon AU


$12.00 coupon is available. Just make sure you apply the coupon before you add it to your cart. The discount will be applied at checkout.

4 Output and 3 Input: This power bank has 4 outputs for different devices. Two 5V/2.4A USB ports and one Type C port and one USB fast charging output port allow you to charge several devices with iPad, with Switch, with phone simultaneously. With Micro USB, l i g h t n i n g and type-C input, more charging options are available.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I was about to post it and i just unpublished my post.

  • +8

    holy crap!!!!

    it's even bigger than a brick.

    • +1

      Yes perfect for building an off-the-grid home!

  • Does this charge laptops?

    • +2

      No, 18W only.

    • It would charge a normal one over USB-C, slowly, but not enough to run at the same time. Maybe a Go or Go 2 though. You probably was to look for something that has 60w, unless it’s a higher spec one.

    • It charges macbooks. They all do. (ROMOSS 20k and 30k)

  • Thanks OP, i hv been waiting for this deal for so long

  • +3

    Holy ****, this is literally a 1.6kg power brick…

  • +2

    Beware of the reviews, a lot of reporting error 188 after a few days/weeks of operation.
    I was going to jump on this but will give it a miss due to the questionable reliability.

    • I was gonna buy and then I saw your messages thanks for heads up

    • I see that the reviews relate to the 20,000mAh version. Not sure if the same applies to the 60,000mAh version too.

    • +3

      Can confirm, my 20000mAh version continuously stops charging. Contacted Romoss and they said they'd ship me a new one but then ignored all my emails asking for an update. Contacted Amazon and got a full refund.

    • +1

      I have 5 romoss chargers including this one. My parents have 3, never had an issue. Some of the chargers are close to three years and use them daily.

  • +9

    I have the 40000mah unit which is already heavy. The 60000mah is the next level. It will be wonderful if the maximum output could have 65w instead of 18w.

    • +8

      What’s the point really at 18w?

      • +7

        You can charge your phone or tablet many times before having to recharge the power bank. Good for camping, places with frequent power outages, or just to leave by the sofa if there's no power socket nearby.

  • i wonder how long to charge 100%

    • +9

      16 hours with 9v 2a charger

      30.5 hours with 5v 2.1a charger

      • +1

        I can confirm it takes 16 hours to charge from 0-100. I have one.

  • +5

    I would buy this for my storage unit but need 45w output minimum. I can definitely see a use for this but 18w doesn't make me ecstatic

    • Why do you need this for storage unit ? Do you spend a lot of time there or do they allow to work from there ?

      • +3

        Some storages companies allow you to work there but not sleep in there. You can even pay a premium to get electricity connected

  • +1

    One consideration: These will not be allowed to be taken on airplanes due to the size and potential risk. Most seem to allow 10,000 mAh max.

    • +6

      100 Whr is max without needing airline approval, which is around 27000mAh for these 3.7V powerbanks.

    • You just need to email airline, they will send you a permission letter.

  • Bought! Thank you OP

  • +1

    Don’t leave this in car on a hot day. Don’t take this on a flight(you will be asked to dump it).

  • Good deal. But. Did the 60,000mah coupons just run out? The 15% off coupon is now only on the other white colour 20,000mah Romoss models at the moment. Has anybody succeeded at the moment now?

  • Damn missed out my camping lights power

  • Up to 74.99 still a good deal

    • saw this too, is it a good deal at $75??

  • Can I replace my car battery with this?

    • Combustion engine? No.

      Tesla? Yea, more range probably.

  • Weight is 1.6kg

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