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[Pre Order, PS5] Far Cry 6 $69 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Farcry6 - not too sure if I’m gonna get it but lowest price yet - I think.

This item will be released on October 7, 2021.

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  • +11

    With Amazon's reputation for preorders and the current postal delays, I'd rather pay another few dollars and pick it up locally.

    • -6

      Amazon's refund policy is amazing though. If it's late, you can essentially pick up the item for free.

      • +5

        Not my experience when they delivered late. All I got is a $5 credit.

        • +7

          I've had several late items from Amazon… $5-$10 credit at best, never a free (full refund) item.

          • @sinners007: I got an email for my item saying it if doesn't arrive by the 14th I would get a full refund. That would be 5 days later then they advertised.

        • +1

          Wait, what? I'm always watching and waiting for my free Amazon items …

          Your package may be lost
          We're very sorry that your delivery is so late. Although it may still arrive, you can request a refund now.
          Contact Us

          I get maybe 2-3 free items a month as Australia Post literally couldn't deliver a parcel if it was taped to the posties ass.

          It's generally 5 business days after the delivery timeframe - it will tell you things like

          Your package is delayed.
          If it doesn't arrive by 12/09/2021 you can come back the next day for a refund.


          Your package is delayed.
          If it doesn't arrive by today you can come back the next day for a refund.

          • @MorriJ: If you have Prime and your package is late, contact them and you'll get $5-10 credit or Prime extension. You do not get the item for free unless rare cases where it doesn't arrive for a while, you get refunded and then the item shows up.

            • +2

              @Hybroid: Probably a stupid question, but how do you even contact them for a late delivery?

              I received something very late recently, was actually sent late by amazon, so trying to figure out how to actually contact them about it - but it seems buried away and hidden behind menus.

              Edit: Nvm found it

              Edit 2: Got $5 credit

            • @Hybroid: Rare cases? Similar to OP, I get multiple items a month.

          • -8

            @MorriJ: I’m glad there’s one smart person on here. The IQ on this forum has slowly dropped over time to the point that you now get downvotes for correctly stating that you can get a full refund on items once they’re significantly late.

            After that, most of the time, they still come even if it is late (sometimes they don’t to be fair).

            • +1


              correctly stating that you can get a full refund on items once they’re significantly late.

              Incorrect. You do not get a refund simply for an item being few days late.

              You get a refund if the item does not arrive after a significant period of time & cannot be tracked to still being on the way. There's a subtle distinction between the two. If you don't get this, it's not everyone else's "IQ" in question.

              Sometimes, after an item hasn't arrived, cannot be confirmed when it will arrive and you are offered a refund, it does still magically turn up (e.g. stuck in AusPost system and unable to be redirected). That's not the same concept as being offered free items just because they're late.

              • -1

                @Hybroid: It doesn’t need to be significantly late. I had an item that was supposed to be delivered by the 8th September. Yesterday, I got a refund. That’s 3 days late, not significant imo.
                It might be “stuck” with auspost but it also may not be.

                Also, I’m still getting updates for this item, so not sure it’s lost, just heavily delayed.

    • Been ordering plenty from Amazon, since last year (never been late haha). Then again - I would blame the current pandemic.

    • +3

      My experience has been the complete opposite. 5 preorders over last 2 years and all on time (one early).

      Granted it's good to support local because Amazon generally becomes cheap when they price match competitors.

    • Never had a problem and i always buy from Amazon

    • They use private couriers so aren't really affected by postal delays

      • +1

        Not for everything. I have made 5 orders this month, all fulfilled by Amazon and only 2 of them were amazon, the other 3 were auspost.

        • That depends on the seller doesnt it?

          Amazon fulfilled orders are all private courier I thought and 3rd party sellers can use whatever they please

  • +7

    Cheaper to price match mightyape.com.au $67 at jb

    • Wouldn’t JB add the delivery fee ($5.90) on top?

      I think Amazon is actually just matching mightyape including delivery.

      • I got it for $67 they didn't ask for shipping to be added

    • I called and apparently they don't price match pre-orders.

      • +2

        You need there online sales team not the instore team as they won't. Online sales team work on mon to fri

  • +8

    I would wait until it wiil reached 38 bucks at amazon

    • +1

      I'll wait until it's around $15.

      • +1

        Or you can buy on release and refund it within 30 days with Amazon when you finish the game :)

        • You can refund an opened game? No issues with it no longer being sealed?

          • +3

            @ozjer: You can't if it's opened.

            • @raptormesh: Rubbish, go read the refund policy

              • @FeZZa21: Amazon.com.au doesn't accept returns of the following items:

                Open software

                Conditions applying to change of mind returns

                Unless otherwise stated in this Policy:

                All item packaging, documentation (boxes, manuals, warranty cards, etc.) and certificates of authenticity, grading, and appraisal must be returned with the returned items. Packaging must be unopened and seals intact (where applicable).

                Items must be in new and unworn condition.

                Amazon AU is not required to accept change of mind returns on items outside the specified return window or change of mind returns of items that do not comply with this Policy.

                • @raptormesh: Wherever you got that from I guess console games are not classified open software because I've returned my PS4/5 games many times they just take less than $10 off the refund because I've had it for a few weeks. That's how I play new games now

                  • @FeZZa21: You also didn't count the return shipping fee.

                    In anycase, I don't really care if Amazon loses $$$, but that kind of consistent refund can put a mark on your account.

                    • @raptormesh: Yeah so another $5 or so which Amazon pay back I think. It's ok I have 6 accounts which I use to get free prime for 60 days on each :)

          • @ozjer: Of course you can, they just reduce less than $10 off the price, still worth it

      • I'll wait until they pay me money to play this game.

  • Does anyone think or know if this game will be on an ebGames 'trade 2 $10 games and get it $30' type of deal?

  • I can't find this anywhere… does it support crossplay?

  • For this game I will probably wait until it's cheaper. They usually drop in price pretty quick.

  • Any vpn trick to get it cheaper??

  • +6

    Never enjoyed any other Far Cry game besides 3, I found 4 and 5 boring. Anyone else the same?

    • +1

      Yeah most of them super boring except the original

      • Best was Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

    • 4 was ok but found 5 very boring.

    • +1

      Just a lot of grind with opening maps and clearing all the enemy camps. Then breeze through main missions levelled up.

    • Did you try Primal? I love the setting on that one.

      • +3

        I did, it was a nice change in scenery, but I still enjoyed 3 the most.

    • 4 was the first one I played and I loved it. Primal took me a while to get into but then I really enjoyed it. 5 definitely the weakest, although I think I still finished it.

      • +1

        Definitely get into Far Cry 3, don't be discouraged by it's age. Great game, has one of the most iconic villains in the game.

  • -1

    why is gustav

    • You mean Gustavo? Why not, he is a good actor and quite famous.

  • +1

    No Preorders !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • +1

    Got mine free (well I will when it finally releases) with my AMD CPU purchase last year. Was the deciding factor to push me to purchase the 5800x last year.

  • +7

    Diskless ps5 owners have to pay rrp. I suppose that initial saving want worth it after all.

    • +3

      Unfortunately we'll all be there eventually 😔

      Sony and MS and going to love it when everything finally goes digital only and they are the only "store" you can buy your games from.

      • Won't happen. How do you play blu ray movies?

        • +2

          another tech that is going the way of VHS and DVD. I doubt MS or Sony will really care much about Blu Ray support in the near future.

          • +2

            @gromit: Yeah, It'll be gone soon enough. Hell Samsung, one of the biggest names in home theatre products, stopped producing drives for the US market 2 years ago - https://www.theverge.com/2019/2/17/18228584/samsung-stops-pr...

            Decided to have a look an JB hasn't got a single Samsung Bluray or 4K player available.

            Love it to hate it, the future (/present) will be digital, lead my subscription streaming services.

        • Yeah surely the writing is on the wall for Blu-ray's future.

          The technology is already there to replace it, it's just streaming services choose to stream "lower" quality 4k to save bandwidth… With x265 and potentially future codecs you'll get the blu-ray quality with a bit rate streaming companies will be willing to supply.

    • Have an account in a region with better pricing, and split the cost with a friend by logging in on both consoles.

  • +5

    Really good price. More reasons to buy Disk version of PS5

  • +2

    I’ll just wait 3 months after release for like 50% off like every other Ubisoft game.

    • +6

      Should be way less than 3 months based on other titles (Immortals Fenyx Rising, AC Valhalla, WD Legion all dropped in price very quickly).

      • Yeah especially considering it’s competition this year. There’s a lot of games that only come out every few years coming out this year. So they’ll be dropping it before Christmas probably.

        • Buy, then price match via credit card? Most give a 3 month window.

    • +3

      Same. I really don’t like Ubisoft anymore. The best was AC2, Prince of Persia, Farcry3. Now it’s all about minting money lol.

  • +2

    It's Gus Fring bois!

  • +1

    Reminder for anyone who bought an AMD CPU before Dec last year that they should have a free PC copy of this game waiting for them.


  • Don’t recall if there was a deal at the time or if it dropped in price later for a very short period and Amazon reduced my order amount, but the order I placed all the way back in Oct last year is for the Gold Edition with the season pass included for $79 for Series X.

    Edit: the Xbox preorder dropped in price massively recently, probably due to a mix up with the standard edition. As Amazon then sells at the lowest price, I assume that’s what I’ll pay. My order details lists $79 anyway.

    • +1

      Damn thats a good deal!

  • +1

    There is a far cry 6 now?!
    Eh, Ill wait a few months till it comes out on CD rom in a nutri grain box.

    • +2

      Nah, wait for a deal by Pizza hut. Anyone remember this with battlefield 2??

      • Dominos brought it back a year or so ago for Final Fantasy XIV as well! Wish they did more like that.

  • released on October 7, 2021 but lowest price yet

  • NEVER preorder a game. They will not run out of digital copies.

    Read the reviews first!

    • 1) this isn’t a digital copy
      2) prices can fluctuate on preorders. As above, I have the Gold Edition with the season pass included locked in at $79. Digital price for that edition is $150 and physical prices are currently hovering around $130-$135.
      3) Amazon make cancellations super easy should you change your mind before shipment, and no money is on hold.

      Being game number 10 or so in the franchise, if we include spin offs etc, I think people have a reasonable idea what to expect out of this game.

  • It's $69 now.

  • +1

    So annoyed. My preorder still says “delivery date pending”? Did anyone have the same notification?

    Typically, with Amazon preorder, the game would have shipped by now (a day before release date). I’m just not sure what’s going on. Customer service had no idea what I’m talking about apart from telling me it shows that it’s unavailable now.

    • Yep, same here mate.

      • Just got an email stating it's delayed and stock expected by October 13th which is disappointing

    • Mine says delivered by 8pm today but hasn't been shipped yet… So I'm not overly hopefull 😑

    • +1

      I contacted this morning and they said it's out of stock which is why no delivery date! So frustrating - what's the point of preordering?

      • Being out of stock implies that it was in stock at some stage, which it doesn't seem to have been.

        • Yep agreed I pressed and questioned but no outcome except to just wait

  • I got an email from Amazon about pre-order bonus code, but guessing its useless without the game?

    Also what is the bonus?

  • Cancelled mine as I got an email saying it's now expected on the 13th… Paid the extra $10 to JB and it's ready to pickup for me after work today 👍.

    Logistics is totally stuffed at the moment for everyone so I'm assuming Amazon's delivery of games hasn't arrived yet.

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