Ordered Coffee from a Coffee Roaster Online - Received Coffee and a Religious Booklet Asking if I Should I Burn in Hell?

Recently i ordered coffee from a roaster. This is probably my 5th-6th or so order, so i'm a somewhat regular customer.
But this package was different. This order included a free tea sample, but attached to it with an elastic band was a religious flyer.
The flyer (or booklet) pictured a black and white draw close up of a man on a cross, with red blood dripping down. Several pages about the big book, various quotes and a check box at the end asking if i wanted to be saved or to burn in hell.

I'll be honest and say i'm a little taken back. I've bought coffee from you - this isnt an opportunity for you to push your views onto me. Regardless of how i feel about the content.
Not cool.

Could it be a 'rogue' employee or maybe its a smallish company who have those views? I wont name them - or at least, not yet.
So now i'm in 2 minds whether to contact them about it or let it go. I mean whats the best/worst that can happen if i was to even bother?

That all said i cant say i'm losing sleep over it and yes I have moved on.
But i was curious - has anyone else had a similar experience with ordering stuff online?


        • Yes, minimising the seriousness of mental illness is offensive.
          In exactly the same way that comparing the holocaust to stuff is offensive.
          In the same way as claiming women in Texas have it worse than women in Afghanistan is offensive.
          It takes something that is extremely serious, and inappropriately compares it to something that is not remotely the same. That has the effect of minimising the serious issue.
          More than three quarters of the world has some form of religious belief. That would mean non-believers are the abnormal ones - and the ones suffering from the mental divergence.
          Or, it is just a difference of opinion.
          Do you see how that works now?

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            @Almost Banned: This is about an unwanted religious booklet in a coffee order. You're mentioning the holocaust now?….
            It sounds like you're just here for an arguement and to stir things up…

      • How is seeing apparitions not a delusion?

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        I just wish that the same people willing to mouth off in often such an angry way about religious (Christian/Catholic) people & their thoughts or views would be as vocal about other religions, mostly the ones who are less western and less white.
        It seems these same people get very quiet when its another religion that is a tad more violent and less accepting of the modern world.
        Christianity \ Catholics are a pretty soft easy target for people talking sh!t about them, while you'd rarely talk to people like that about anything else they think or believe its fine when its white religions apparently!
        I look at those who won't take on other religions with the same venom to be cowards.

        • That's not exactly a contradiction nor does it imply cowardice.

          It's easier and more valid to criticise christianity because it's in our culture already, we were raised in it, our laws are influenced by it and we more clearly understand it's flaws. Most white people don't understand enough about Sikhism (or whichever 'less white' religion you're thinking about, it's not clear) to criticise it accurately.

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            @thtol: It shouldn't matter if they were raised in it or not, the blanket statements and name calling people use toward those who believe in a religion should be applied to all religions if you've got it in you to speak up and talk about fairy tales, imaginary people in the sky etc or whatever other hatred they need to get out and tell the person on the other end of it about.
            It's cowardly as they know they can't apply the same statements or harassment to other religions without backlash as it would be seen as unacceptable.
            It's very unlikely the same people who are so keen to tell people what's wrong with them for having a religion etc would be swayed by a different religion and sign up for it and think its all ok after knowing more about it.

            • @91rs: I guess I'm not the same as the person you're imagining, I don't defend any religion and I think it's fair game to criticism all of them. They're definitely all equally wrong about the existence of magic and sky fairies that's for sure. Like anti-vaxxers, christianity is just closer to home as I have family members being affected it by it and it's a more immediate problem in my environment.

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          mostly the ones who are less western and less white.

          Lol, Christianity was an off-shoot of Judaism, both of which arose in the ancient Near East and Jesus (or more accurately: Yeshua Ben Yosef/Yeshua Ben Nasrath) was an Aramaic-speaking Jew who certainly wouldn't have passed for white by modern Western standards nor would he have been remotely culturally/ethnolinguistically familiar to modern Western Christians.

          Christianity is culturally and anthropologically Semitic in many respects, as are all of the Abrahamic faiths because surprise, surprise, they are all desert monotheistic religions founded by Semitic-speaking, desert-dwellers for the most part who incorporated much of their local customs, traditions, histories and ethnocentric perspectives into their belief systems.

          Just because the churches you see have frescos and art featuring a tall, blonde, Nordic-looking surfer Jesus on the walls and the priests ministering at them look like Harold from Neighbours, doesn't mean that Christianity as it was originally conceived, practiced and intended to be practiced isn't inherently alien and in many ways diametrically opposed to this modern "white" Anglosphere/Western culture.

          The great irony of Christianity is that Jesus was murdered by the Roman Empire and his followers viciously persecuted and oppressed for generations by that great power which then became the basis for the systems of governance and organisational structure of the modern Western world (which hypocritically venerates Jesus and Christianity as one of the cornerstones of Western civilisation). Jesus and his followers in many ways viewed Rome as an Antichrist-like arch-nemesis that stood in the way of the Christian "mission" for the salvation of humanity (in other words, "the Great Babylon" archetype) and an adversary that Christians would battle in a cataclysmic struggle that would fulfil some grandiose Biblical prophecy.

          Gotta love those inter-millennial mental gymnastics at work here.

          • @Gnostikos: Very little gymnastics, great little history there which many might not be aware of.
            However Christianity (in Australia at least) is often viewed as a white thing, its roots and people were very different early on and in other parts of the world does change, not disputing that.

            To bring it right down to the point for you, people who love to talk sh!t about other people's religions never take on religions outside of Christian \ Catholic vanilla religions as its not socially acceptable.
            From the "Top 5" religions I've yet to see anyone try go after Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, or Buddhism in the same way those people go after Christians in one to one situations, online (like comments in this thread) or elsewhere that people think it needs to be brought up for no reason but to have a go at someone else.
            Mostly as saying anything negative about those religions is rarely tolerated by most people, Christians however are fair game.

          • @Gnostikos: This response is a complete non-sequitur because it begins with a fundamental mistake and continues from there.
            91rs never said that Jesus was white or western. What they said was that people feel free to criticise religions that are white and western, which they would not do with religions that were less white and less western.
            There is little doubt that Christianity is closely associated with the West, and to a slightly lesser extent, white.
            This thread is clear evidence people feel emboldened to mock and scorn Christianity.
            I have not seen a similar thread on Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, Shinto, Jainism, Sikhism, or dozens of others. Perhaps you can point me to them?

            • @Almost Banned: I have never seen another religion which has evangelists the way Christians do it, thinking it's ok to shove their beliefs in your face. I'm not saying every Christian does this - but surely it will be fair that the voice against this is equally vocal?

              • @Tarnos: I think you will find that islam also has an injunction to proselytise.
                They do not do so in the same way as Christianity in this country, but have been known to use other less friendly methods in other countries…
                I think it is one think to promote your own beliefs, and another thing to attack other people's beliefs. Whether there is a right to be equally strident in both - not sure, but its an interesting thought.

                • @Almost Banned: And I think you have answered your own question why there are no threads which can easily be found - because you are looking from a Western society standpoint where this is prevalent.
                  I don't think this forum post was started to incite attacking other's beliefs, but one could argue by throwing such a strongly worded message to a customer as a business is equivalent to challenging others to an attack if they are so inclined.

        • People call it islamophobic if you do that. My university lecturer said it's racist

        • Agree on all fronts

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      It is religious intolerance and an offensive comparison to both Christians and mentally ill people.

      Only fully intolerant people could believe that they would have tampered your beans just because a pamphlet was added.

      Throw it in the bin if don't agree, send an email to them, but posting about it seems over the top.

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        This wasn't a pamphlet for lawn maintenance or "Feeling depressed? Join our support group and make new friends", this was a pamphlet telling him he will burn and suffer for being a good guy not for 1 year, not 10 years, not 100 years or even a 1000 years but for ever and ever. Would you say "Yep. That guy's of sound mind"?

      • There was no mention from me about tampering. I think the person who did mention it said it with a pinch of salt.
        The point of the post was purely a discussion and seeing if other people had similar experiences.
        But each to their own.

  • Ask them, imagine if it turned out this wasn't intended. Then you get the problem fixed, piece of mind and can order the coffee again.

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      Nah everyone gets it if they order from them - serrin found the post

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    Folau ?

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    Chance for you to ask for a discount for creating an extra place in their version of heaven?

    • I'm sorry, but that actually costs more. A lot more.

  • Just add some vodka and kalua to your next cups, and you can relax knowing spirit will look after you.

    • I believe in the church of St Johnnie, St Jim and St Jack

  • I'm noticing recently these types are working as Uber/DD etc and putting in pamphlets into the bag. Very effective way to get you whilst you're defenseless.

  • Seems like the https://thesatanictemple.com/ need to redouble their efforts :)

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    At least it wasn't anti vax propaganda.

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    but attached to it with an elastic band was a religious flyer.

    1 star review for that crap.

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    Vote with your feet. Don't use these guys.

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    I love how the Rep of the store talks about there's little freedom to think and believe what we want, but in the flyer it manipulates you by asking if you want to be saved or to burn in hell.

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      Damn, I completely missed the Manna Beans heel turn. I'm obviously not spending enough time on OzBargain.

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    It's not cool at all. You have a choice to not use their beans and i'd tell them why you wont be ordering from them again.
    Many, many years ago, I got a script filled from a chemist for contraceptive pill, inside the bag was a leaflet explaining that the chemist was providing the prescription on the proviso it was not being used for stopping pregnancy.

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    I'll take the free propaganda… Nothing quite puts a smile on my face whilst I engage in sin knowing that when I'm dead some wasted their time missing out on the good things in life by printing pamphlets instead.

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    I once got a job through a recruiter, and the recruiter thought that gave him license to send me religious emails.

    I questioned why he was sending them, and he thought I would welcome them. We never touched on religion… because it's illegal to canvass during an interview.

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    I wouldn't order from them again.

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    You're defo entitled to millions billions in compo.

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    I got it too… Read it, didn’t think much of it, so threw it in the bin.

    I don’t see what the big deal is really. It’s not like they’re forcing anything on anyone…. It’s like people just want something to be outraged about

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      Disagree - I felt they crossed a line here (hence the post). This isnt marketing a new product - 'buy this new flavour soft drink' etc. Its getting personal, this isnt your platform to push your beliefs and then tell me i'll rot in hell if i dont follow suit. Same deal to some extent if it was related to politics. Not sure if my post showed i was 'outraged'? More surprised.

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        Sorry, the “outraged” comment was more aimed at some of the comments as opposed to your original post.

        I get all sorts of “free” things or additional advertising when I buy things - I don’t really see how this is any different just because it’s a belief and not a product.

        For the record, I’m not religious at all - I just don’t really see this as being all that big of a deal. If they gave me less than what I paid for because of my heathen ways, then that’s a different story.

        Obviously all entitled to our own opinion though, and fortunately we’re all able to vote with our wallets!

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          For sure man, i see your point, even if my differs.
          Its nice to have different views on things, but have a civil chat about it.

          I'll be counting my beans to check they didnt screw me :P

      • I don't think it crossed a line per se, But it certainly is a stupid business decision to tell your customers they will burn in hell. They must have really good coffee to be confident enough to alienate people.

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    Great coffee tho..

    I got a vaccine flyer from Amazon.

    Wasnt sure if it was an employee or if it was intentional.

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      yeah thats the thing - if i boycott them then goodbye to their great coffee. Shame they didnt stick to just making coffee eh?

  • Just bin it move on - it is essentially advertising

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      i did - see above :)

    • This. Read the junk advertising you’re interested in and ignore the rest. We each have our own take on the world and choose accordingly.
      For example, you could say Coles and Woolies are different faiths, and because I have a strong commitment to (and belief) in Coles, I welcome their mailbox advertising because it can be uplifting and comforting. But because Woolies’ and their catalogues don’t resonate with me, their junk mail goes straight in the wheelie bin before I reach my front door. But I’m hardly going to contact Woolies and complain about being regularly harassed by their junk mail because it doesn’t fit my personal ‘world view’.
      Others will align themselves with Woolies and bin Coles catalogues as junk. Each to their own, live and let live. No religious war needed here.

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        Religious war? Hardly. Or at least from my original post. Please consider this a discussion and nothing more - especially as i made a point of saying i've moved on.
        But I think this maybe the crux of it. You see it the same as Coles etc and I see it much more personal and crossing the line.

        • What line did it cross for you and what's the distinction to other marketing, genuinely curious?

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        This is some special kind of false equivalencies.

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    I would not order from them again. Tell them why as well.

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    Wouldn't cry or make a fuss over it. But it does feel unprofessional.

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      yeah for sure, good summary - thats my stance on it.

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      Echoing the conspiracy theory that covid is some sort of planned mass extinction event is dangerous to gullible people

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    Maybe ask them if they can import a blend something like this?


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                          @MelbLovesLefties: Certainly - my coffee order is unique to me and what i chose, paid and ordered. It was delivered to my address. Where i reside.
                          Disney and their firing choices are not related to any recent purchases i have made. Thankyou

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                            @6000SUX: So you're saying that its inappropriate for companies of which you are personally a customer to to communicate any type of moral stance? However, its open season for any other companies to signal to their customers and the general public?

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                              @MelbLovesLefties: I'm saying the same thing i originally said to you - i think you need to re-read my post. Try again.
                              My post is about MY coffee order and the unwanted and grossly inappropriate booklet within. Thats it. You're trying to draw me into debates which are much bigger than that.

                              • -2

                                @6000SUX: By using the word "inappropriate" you are implying that they have crossed some type of moral boundary. This is obviously not the case because when we point out obvious examples of other companies doing exactly the same type of thing you don't want to discuss that. If the leaflet said something like "kill jews" I would have been on your side.

                                If what you meant to say was that you find it distasteful then fair enough but frankly I could care less. You find a leaflet distasteful. So what?

                                • +4

                                  @MelbLovesLefties: Again for the 3rd time - this post is about my coffee order, not Disney…. I strongly recommend re-reading it.
                                  You're right - its both distasteful and inappropriate, they were wrong to send it as they did cross a boundary (well put!). You dont like this post and what i've said? So what?
                                  Move on.

                                  • -3

                                    @6000SUX: Repeating yourself endlessly to people in this thread does not make your point for you. Its clear that you just want to communicate your displeasure with people who will be harmonious with you. Its clear that you don't want to participate in any kind of real discussion. Ok fine. A symptom of a larger problem one might say.

                                    • @MelbLovesLefties: Firstly - welcome back!
                                      There have been plenty of 'real discussions' since your entrance. I think you are cherry picking what to read here.
                                      Yes - I want to participate and engage with people who discuss the topic which is in my original thread. (Reminder - thats the religious leaflet in my coffee order, not Disney firing people, testicles, etc). Its 100% fine if people disagree with what i've written or see it differently, as long as they have something constructive to add.
                                      Take note how aussieprepper and I somewhat disagreed - but we had a civil discussion. I saw their point. Where are you started yours with the phrase of "Nobody has wronged you so stop pretending they have." Lovely.
                                      You clearly have an axe to grind with other bigger issues - some or even all of them may we be valid - i'm in no way saying that isnt the case. But simply - its not for this post.
                                      It sounds like you should create your own post with the topics that are on your mind.

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    go the passive aggressive route and spend a couple of mins signing them up to other religious groups

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    Hellfire roasted, with hints of brimstone and sulphur. Satan approved

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    I only order coffee that has been blessed. The last thing you want is possession and the subsequent exorcism. It gets expensive real fast.

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    Since you bought coffee beans and you got the biblical message attached to a tea sample, maybe they are saying you will go to hell if you drink tea????

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      Sadly, I was confused and poured this in my coffee blender.. managed to get it out.

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    Respond to them on Google Reviews, and see if they like the publicity.

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    Mate, believe in anything you want I say. As long as it brings no harm to anyone or in this case… Not forcing it on someone.

    Definitely not on. I would reach out for a please explain and take action based on the response. Let's just hope it was a rogue employee.

    Would be interesting to know what the response is, if you reach out.

    • OP admitted to proselyting above. God help us

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    Ah, this reminds me of the time in the mid nineties, when I, as an early hot blooded teen, used to randomly prank the white pages, where, if a lady answered, I used to offer free gigolo vouchers in a congratulatory tone…

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    Seriously, you should change your misleading title. I got all interested when it implied you got a booklet saying you should burn in hell for buying coffee.

    You should just say you got a religious booklet.

    • Ha - yeah fair call. But to be fair there was a check box at the end posing that question

  • In your mind, how can someone burn in a hell you don't believe to exist? Then how can those who don't believe in hell be offended/taken back by the consequence of not believing in God? Unless there's a part of you that thinks it to be possible? Otherwise just move on and take the free tea :)

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      shower thoughts right there. Heres one from me
      "DO NOT TOUCH" would probably be a really unsettling thing to read in braille.

      • i'm glad 'do not touch' was the shower thought and not the alternative

      • +1

        Maybe less philosophical, but yet I can still appreciate this thought haha

  • Contact them.

    If it was a rogue employee the company can do something about it.

    If it wasn’t and that is what the company values are you can make a choice whether their values align with yours or not and whether that will impact your purchasing decisions.

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    I don't understand the shock & surprise, the brand name is straight out of the bible: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manna
    Forget the kindness angle this is a clever business strategy, its a small market and instead of competing on price they are now establishing a niche client base.
    That's why they continue this despite the negative response, they will find a a customer base based on ideology, who will be loyal and pay a premium.
    I won't order no more but plenty will.

    • +8

      I researched the name after receiving the booklet. As prior i personally didnt realise 'Manna' had any connection to the bible. Maybe just me then