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Free Orbitkey Key Organizer 2.0 Active Jet Black $0 Delivered (For Existing Customers) @ Athena Home Loans


Credit to millzy

Could not see that this was targeted and no sign in/up required. I ordered last week and was dispatched today. Appears to be marketing merch?

It does have the Athena Loans logo but #free is free and this is ozbargain.


Mod note: The Athena representative has advised that this offer is for Athena customers only and eligible customers with a loan will be emailed a unique code to redeem this item.

They have not provided any information on whether orders made using the generic coupon (Ultimate$) will be fulfilled.

Update: The Athena store rep has given us a statement, see below for a verbatim copy of their comment:

Hey Ozbargainers,

Whilst we love that so many people want to be repping our Athena branded merch, our freebies are exclusively for our existing customers. We'll only be processing orders that are validated with unique Ultimate$ codes. To score the merch, you'll have to get an Athena home loan 😉

Second update (Sept 14 6PM AEST)

Hey everyone, we have a good news update. It’s fair to say yesterday we got properly Ozbargained! We gotta hand it to you, you were super fast and got us good! We had no idea our merch would be so popular.

To celebrate the fact we got Ozbargained we will honour all orders that went through (before the site had a sh*t fit at having thousands of hits a minute!). Your merch is being packed and will be on its way.

For those of you that didn’t manage to get in before the site crashed, sorry. But if you’re still keen to get your hands on some free swag all you have to do is become a customer 😁 If you’re an existing customer or about to join Athena, our swag store will be back online soon (with a few changes 😉) and we can’t wait for you to rep our merch.

Enjoy! We would love to see some pics. And next time we have an oversupply we know where to come!

Referral Links

Referral: random (191)

$250 Credit for both Referee and Referrer, credited after referee settles on a loan using the referral code. Referee must include the code in their Athena application form.

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  • In case people are wondering, I asked the Athena rep some questions. responses below (verbatim)

    • Q: Just confirming that the code "Ultimate$", despite being accepted by the website, is not the actual code that customers have received?

    • Answer: yes

    • Q: Is the offer for every Athena customer or is it for certain customers only?

    • Answer: The unique Ultimate$ code is the unique code provided to our customers after they settle as part of our referral program and we're using this to validate orders.

    • Q Will there be an expiry date on the offer?

    • Answer: There is no expiry for the offer - it's an ongoing thing we're doing for our customers.

    • +14

      Would've been cool if they honored but, understandable that they dont.

      • +2

        We're honouring the orders that got through! See our update yesterday in the post 🙂

        • Very kind of you guys! Can't wait to get mine then, will defs look at you guys when I'm in the market for a home loan.

    • I was about to upvote the comment but seems voting on moderator is not allowed.

      • They should allow upvoting and disable downvoting for mods

  • +28

    I'm just here to put my email on their mailing list and to collect cancellation emails.

  • -1

    thanks got a cap and free socks

    • I didn’t know you could do that!

  • is it asking for Unique Ulimate code?

    • +2

      See code above

      • +1

        "Ultimate$" didn't work for me unfortunately
        Edit - I pasted the code after the pre-filled "ATH-" or something similar. Entering only "Ultimate$" seemed to get me further

    • Remove the prefill thats already in the textbox, then paste the code above

      • Okay I did not try this - now the site seems to have died but I'll give this a go

  • +19

    Lol pretty sure the website has been DDOS'd by OzBargain

    • +4

      DDOZ'd by Ozbargainers

    • I guess that’s the technical term for “ozbargained”

      • (1289 clicks) 9 mins ago lol

        • DDOZ'd means what?

          • +2

            @Ozjoey: Distributed Denial of Zervice or Distributed Denial by Ozbarbain. Make up you own mind which.

  • +6

    lol site very slow

  • +1

    You can get 1 big and 1 small freebie.

  • +5

    Now we need a good solvent deal….

  • Thanks, got one

  • +5

    Site getting smashed. Bet the stock will get exhausted and we will be left on their spam email lists.

  • +2


  • +2

    Site is currently getting ozbargained

  • Snails pace website but managed Socks + Orbitkey, ThankU

  • Link is not working for me

  • Loading loading loading loading

  • rub the logo away with some free hand sani

  • Knew I should of checked out when I only had the orbitkey in cart, I got creedy and added socks and now it's ozbargained lol

  • awesome! scored the OrbitKey & Bag!! Thanks OP

    Fingers crossed my order doesn't get cancelled

  • Good thing I didn't buy one from the David Jones the other day!

  • Site is loading slower than dialup

    • You type free on ozbargain deals and ofcourse a website will be killed

  • Thanks op, got one

  • Very fast website, apparently first processes a home loan for you before letting you access it

  • +3

    ultimate DDozb?
    or just free stress test

  • Don't want this. Don't need this.
    Just ordered it.

  • I’m gonna fully pay my house before this thing arrives.

  • +1


  • goone "Server Error

    502 - Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server.
    There is a problem with the page you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. When the Web server (while acting as a gateway or proxy) contacted the upstream content server, it received an invalid response from the content server."

    • Well, that was a little bit of lockdown excitement. Now back to the boring stuff.

  • Damn, I was close to ordering one of these this morning.

    • +1

      No difference, probably won't get one here anyway haha

  • Bozargained

  • OzBargained

  • Athena getting Ozbargained?

  • Mission completed, site ozbargained

  • +3

    Godspeed to the Athena IT guy

  • +1

    Damn, ozbargain hug of death

  • +1

    "504 Gateway Time-out"

    Definitely DDOZB, the IT department is under fire :D

  • Servers are on fire

  • server error rip

  • +1

    Someone just logged an S1 ticket

    • P4S4 Freebie site is down
      Closed Won't Fix

  • +5

    15 mins, 3767 clicks

    Well done my fellow Ozbargain warriors, target has been annihilated!

  • +1

    5000 clicks. That's 5000 freebies which they don't have

    • How do guys find out how many clicks the site has had?

      • 20k

        Under user name for clicks. :)

  • dead

  • +4

    Boggles my mind how these keychains can costs 20-30 bucks

  • -1

    They get free personal information. We get to wait until the site comes back on to give them more.

      • Still name/address/phone etc etc.

        • John Smith
          Real Address or PO BOX
          +61 4 <random>

          • @deme: Imagine paying for a PO Box.
            Free parcel lockers.
            Only need your first name + last name initial on the package:)

  • +2


  • Will the page ever load?

  • +7

    Meanwhile in website control room:
    Load testing failed.
    We will need to move to cloud now and get auto scaling working.

    Users expecting freebies - hahahahaha

  • dead

  • 8712 clicks as of now bruh

  • Lol guys!!

  • error 503 gg

  • haha now it's good for the website owners to fix the bug

  • Lamo

    • +4

      Laughing ass my off?

      • No thank you, but thanks for the offer

  • +1

    Their marketing department now understands what going viral feels like

  • +1

    +10k clicks in less than 27 mins. far out lol


  • Wont load grrrr

  • +2

    ozb will start charging for vulnerability assessment against ddos?

  • Thanks OP. finally managed to get something.

  • +1

    Athena CEO: Our long-term customers are going to love our merch!

    Marketing: "Customers? …"

  • Managed to get one through, nice

  • +1

    Keep trying, guys. Just got mine!

    • +1

      They have changed it now so you have to enter a unique code and not the code that was posted

  • +2

    farken website slower than the snail i found in my backyard

  • thanks OP, got one

  • yay im an existing customer lol - now if only i can get through this website

  • Are there really that many Athena customers on Ozbargain?

    • there was a generic code

      • Yeah, originally Ultimate$ but when I got through to cart about 25 mins ago it was asking for the unique code from customer email and there have been thousands of more clicks since then.

        • Ultimate$ still works

          • @lukethefish: It accepts it but there are currently over 13k clicks. People can keep negging me, but do they really think orders with the generic code will be fulfilled?

            • @Freezies: Yeah I doubt it. Definitely won't get one if you don't try tho.

              • +1

                @lukethefish: Yeah, fair enough but I think that time could be better spent making another subway account for a guaranteed free 6" sub and coke before they bring in SMS verification.

  • +3

    website down!

  • +1

    went down as i hit submit :(

  • +1

    Thanks OP, finally got my order in

  • I have one of these. They were giving it away at a conference.

  • +2

    Finally managed to place an order using the ultimate code. Was actually looking at buying the Orbitkey a couple of days ago. Really hope they send it. Thanks OP!

  • Site is not working hmm…

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