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½ Price Ferrero Rocher 3pk $1, Cobs Popcorn $1.42, Cocobella 1L $2.50, Heinz Ketchup/BBQ Sauce 500ml $1.60 @ Woolworths

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    Wow. I never realised 3x ferro roche was sampe price per unit as 30pack ($20 standard).

    Always assumed bigger packs were cheaper.

    16 packs is $14 standard which is more expensive.

    • You pay for the container I guess as this is just plastic

  • And also this will be on sale,

    Heinz Ketchup Tomato Sauce 50% Less Added Sugar & Salt 500ml

  • it is cocobella time, will Amazon price match it?

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      Most likely on Wednesday. Will most likely be cheaper with S&S too.

      • it is on Amazon now, $13.5 with S&S

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    I just found out that Archeologists were recently digging in the Pyramids of Egypt and found a mummy covered in chocolate and nuts.

    Experts on site identified the mummy as Pharaoh Roche.

    Boom boom.

  • Ambassador, with these bargains you are really spoiling us.

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    Cobs Popcorn Lightly Salted Slightly Sweet ← God Tier snack.

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