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Free - 30 Types of Sporting Items Including Soft Archery Set, Dartboard/Darts, Badminton Set + Shipping @ Decathlon


As reported -

From Thursday, September 16, Aussies can register themselves on the Decathlon Community Initiative as a 'most valuable player,' which allows them to select an item to receive for free, subject to a delivery fee.

Over 30 types of sporting items will be on offer for Aussies to choose from until they run out.

Each item — the options of which include a soft archery set for the family, a ping pong set, a yoga mat, resistance training bands and basketballs to name a few — can be used at home when stuck in lockdown.

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  • +5

    how much is the delivery fee?

    • +2

      Too much! Without being able to C&C, most of their stuff isn't worth it. Need to buy a few low value, cheap models to make it worthwhile.

      eBay and/or Amazon will often have the same or similar items with free shipping. Just really depends what you are looking at getting I guess.

    • Was $8.20 for me for the portable table tennis set.

  • +16

    This notification pops open on the home page of Decathlon…


    Breach of consumer goods safety standards and misleading conduct by Decathlon (Australia) Pty Ltd

    Following action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the Federal Court has found that Decathlon (Australia) Pty Ltd (Decathlon) breached the Australian Consumer Law by supplying portable swimming pools, and basketball rings andbackboards that failed to comply with the Australian mandatory Safety Standards.

    The Court also found that Decathlon made false and misleading representations in the user instruction manuals and retail packaging for certain basketball rings and backboards,representing that the products were safe to affix to brickwork when that was not the case.

    Between October 2016 and December 2019 Decathlon supplied over 400 basketball rings and backboards products, and more than 300 portable swimming pools without the required safety labelling, consumer warnings and user instructions for safe installation and use. These products were purchased from Decathlon’s Sydney and Melbourne stores, or online from www.decathlon.com.au.

    Portable swimming pools pose a drowning hazard to children and the Safety Standard requirements remind consumers of the need to ensure active adult supervision at all times, to empty and safely store the pools after use, and for some products, the need to comply with Australian pool fencing laws.

    The Safety Standard for basketball rings and backboards was introduced to reduce the risk of death and serious injury resulting from improper installation and use, such as affixing the basketball rings and backboards to brickwork and swinging off the basketball ring.

    As part of its orders, the Court required Decathlon to pay penalties totalling $1.5 million together with the ACCC’s costs of the proceeding. The Court also ordered Decathlon to publish this corrective notice and to implement a compliance program with a focus on Decathlon implementing systems and programs to ensure compliance with the Australia Consumer Law and Australian mandatory Safety Standards.

    Decathlon has recalled the portable swimming pools, and basketball rings and backboards that failed to comply with the Safety Standards.

    If you have purchased portable swimming pools and/or basketball rings and backboards products from a Decathlon store or online between October 2016 and December 2019, we ask that you visit the Product Safety Australia website Recalls page at https://www.productsafety.gov.au/recalls to see if your product is subject to a recall, and then follow the steps outlined in the recall."

    • +18

      +1 for the copy & paste skills!

    • +5

      "were safe to affix to brickwork"
      This is most likely true in Europe where walls are proper brickwork, not like here where they collate bricks against wood & plaster wall …

      • +1

        A lot of homes in WA are double brick.

      • Heh. Being a perthite it constantly amazes me that everywhere else isn't double brick.

        • There are a lot of old low raise appartement building with double bricks even in Melbourne.
          Most of the $1M+ houses are single brick though :-(

          • +1

            @ShouldIBuyIt: If it makes you feel any better, there're very little advantage of double brick over lightweight construction packed with insulation.

    • Reminds of Putin's name and shame of companies

  • I found a few things some weeks ago that looked worthwhile but came in under the min for free order charges.
    It's a shame, as I've never seen a 'shipping free' day from these guys. :(

    They have gotten their butts kicked in the past with warranty and product safety. But still not too bad on most cheap things.

    (Edit: cut and paste job above on the safety situation).

    • How does this work? So after I register, on the day say I ordered the archery set for free and just need to pay for the shipping fee?

      • No idea. I didn't bother looking into it.
        Maybe someone else can explain…?

  • Do Decathlon still do birthday discounts or any other promo codes?

    Gotta buy me a kayak, but trying to avoid the lockdown tax…

    • +3

      Yes 20% doscount code emailed to you on your birthday - just used it.

      PS. Can't wait for the day a Decathlon opens up in WA. At the moment their limited competition over here can charge $$$..

      • Great news - thanks.

        What are the Ts and Cs of the voucher? Do they send it out on the day of your birthday? Do you know how long it is valid for?

        Since the kayak I want is out of stock for delivery at the moment, I'll need to register an account with the correct birthday at the right time for the voucher to be eligible by the time I can order the kayak.

        Appreciate the heads up - thanks again…

        • The email came 6 hours before my birthday, I cant see an expiry but maybe as I have used it, I use it 10 days after.

          This was with the email:-
          Happy birthday! We're thrilled to have you as a Decathlon member on your special day.

          We'd like to help you celebrate with 20% off your next purchase* - no minimum spend required!

          Just enter this code at checkout when you shop online:
          One discount per customer. Excludes shipping. Valid online only. Offer not available in store. Cannot be used with any other offer or discount. Valid for 30 days from date of email. T&Cs apply.

          This is the T&C link. https://decathlon.com.au/pages/terms-and-conditions-membersh...

          1. Birthday Vouchers

            Decathlon may provide Members with birthday discounts from time to time. The birthday discount is valid online only in Australia.
            To receive your voucher, Members must:
            Be aged 15 or over; and
            Be a current Member of the Membership Program
            Have completed their profile in store or online, have their date of birth completed and subscribe to receive our promotional material, newsletters and updates (opt out options available)
            Discount code cannot be used for shipping purposes or in conjunction with any other discount codes or with any bundle offers.
            The discount code is for one time use only and has an expiry date attached to it.
            The birthday voucher is not redeemable for cash or a store credit on a return that was purchased in-store or online.
            Vouchers or birthday discounts cannot be used towards the purchasing of gift cards.

          • @PerthectDeal: Thanks for the detailed info, but how long ago did this happen?

            I thought that was the generic code they disabled a month ago? I'm not so sure that it still works, unfortunately.

            • @UncleRico: This was a few weeks ago, they enable the generic code to work on your account when it is your birthday

              • @PerthectDeal: Thanks for the info. Will give it a crack in two days when my birthday rolls around.

                Muchos gratzis, muchacho!

    • +1

      20% birthday discount code by the looks of it from the deal's homepage.

  • +25

    Anyone have the soft archery set and tell me how far the arrows can go?

    I'm thinking I can roll the ends in my dog's sh!t and shoot it at at anti-vax protestors.

  • Site is slow as a goat

    • Goats can be deceptively nimble…

      • I've been chased by a goat once. It was scary as hell. They just keep coming

        • They can be quite pigheaded. Somewhat ironically, in an Alanis kind of way…

  • Doesn't seem to work for Existing accounts.

    You need to sign up to a New Account, and ensure you tick the box to receive all SPAM, to get this free stuff.

  • Postage is a killer!

  • They appear to have revealed all the item they're giving now

  • Edit: figured it out but god it’s expensive. $45 for the archery set to be delivered 🥴

    • The site has the code on the page now as well as quantity.

  • Codes don't work??

    • Out of stock probably? I was able to get the portable table tennis set.

      • Yeah some work… not worth it with the shipping

    • Seems like you need to enable "receive marketing" to be eligible for discount codes.

  • Managed to get the plastip dart board for $8.20 delivered! Now to think about if it was really worth it…

  • If anyone was thinking of getting the skipping rope, it might cheaper from amazon if you have prime. They're selling it for $7.95.

    Obviously depends on the shipping cost decathlon quote you.

  • If your paying for postage - you can get these 100 Warm Girl's Gym Leggings for $2 reduce from $13 i think. I got the Cross-Training Elastic Training Band

  • Thanks OP! Got the Adult Badminton Racquet BR Ad Set Discover. Shipping $8.20

    • I tried to get the Adult badminton and says I need to pay full $25 for C&C :-(
      My bad - I need to select delivery!

  • -2

    Garbage deal. Classic Velcro Dartboard on its own $12 with C&C. Going through their hyped "Community Initiative Giveaway" it becomes $8.20. Decathlon is asking money for its gifts?

    • -1

      Random item: $12 with C&C vs $8.20 delivered - deemed "garbage deal".

      Garbage logic of a spoiled kid.

      • Clearly you cannot understand what "giveaway" means

        • Lol. Clearly you feel you should those givaway items delivered to you for free.

  • Has anyone received anything yet? Still waiting…

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