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[eBay Plus, Afterpay] AMD Ryzen 5 5600X $361.25, AMD Ryzen 9 5900X $679.15 Delivered @ gg.tech365


Excellent prices on these two popular AMD Ryzen CPUs and they'll be sent with free express shipping instead of standard shipping which makes it better than the HT deal.

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  • +8

    could have saved another $3 :(

    • +8

      Disowned from Oz bargain!!

  • +8

    So tempting but I must resist until the 5600X is $300 :/

  • Thanks OP, just got 5600x. =) (was sad when HT went out of stock while I'm in checkout. )

  • Still waiting for ozbargainer to sell me 5600x cheaper from this deal :D https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648294

    • Good deal if you already had a cooler but I picked one up for a friend's build and didn't catch the no cooler bit.

  • +1

    I thought I would have had to wait longer for a deal on the 5900x. Goodbye 3900x, youve done me well.

    • Resale will still be good on that I expect. I made my money back on my 3700x when the 5800x launched. (I wanted 5900x but couldn't get one)

  • Comes out to be $679.16 for me

    • Very similar to the system I want to build even down to case. The only thing that I am thinking of doing differently is instead of the cheaper 1tb ssd is putting in a cheaper larger 4tb 3.5inch drive and using amd storeMI software to boost its performance by using part of the m.2 ssd as a cache for the slower drive

  • Thanks, bought the 5600x. Now I just need GPU prices to get cheaper.

    • +1

      By then the price of 5600X could have fallen to $300 XD

      • True, but the extra time I get to use the CPU for will make up the small amount of money I'd save by waiting.

  • +1

    worth to upgrade from 2600 to 5600x for gaming on 34' ultrawide?
    had jump on a few youtube review comparison that shows very minor improvement for 2k/4k gaming from 2600 to 5600x. hence I'm think to wait for the next gen.

    paired with 6800xt and B450m currently.

    • same boat, hello
      for gaming the most improvement would come from GPU upgrade I reckon, however 2600 is old enough to become a bottleneck on any more or less demanding game.

    • +1

      I was on a 2600 and even that felt slow compared to a 3600X and now I'm on 5800X. No comparison really… I think it's a worthwhile upgrade

      • slow in what kind? low FPS or system?

        im running with M2 NVME so not feeling slow, currently playing 3A titles only not a online gamer, it's hard to jusify a few hundreds more for a extra 10 FPS.

        • Probably more so in general system use I hate waiting for load times on applications or laggy Web browsing… that's where I noticed the biggest difference. Also no micro stutters in games anymore although that could partly be higher ram speed as well… I'm running 1:1 3933. Resizeable bar gives quite a bit extra too

    • Youll see about a 10%-20% difference on average, with a little bit of that dependent on your RAM. Ryzen 5000 suits 3600 ram much better than 3000 and 2000 did and should absolutely no problems hitting 1:1 FCLK MCLK at that speed.

      Its a solid upgrade, but you may end up spending more than you would like to get the most of your upgrade.

  • +2

    In case people have an Afterpay limit getting in the way of the deal - I was able to use gift cards to bring the price down below my $600 limit. The 15% discount still applied to the entire order. (So if you can get the gift cards at a discount, it actually makes sense to pay the majority off with gift cards and just leave a small amount for afterpay. YMMV though.)

    Also check afterpay app to see if you have any offers - I was able to get another $5 off

    • Oh this was a nice hack. Didn't know the discount will still be over the entire price.

  • -2

    can I get some personal opinions on when a 3060ti would be around the AUD700 mark?

  • What's a good mobo for a 5600g? I don't plan on getting a gpu. Which chipset should I be going for? Wanna spend around 200 to 250? Probably prefer asus and want a much m.2 as possible.

    • prefer asus

      I always preferred ASUS from Socket 7 era, but recently couldn't find any cost effective boards. I got Gigabyte B550M DS3H for $84.57 for my 5600x, should be compatible with 5600g but I haven't researched on "G" parts. I have heard Asrock B550M PRO4 is a better board but it is $119 + shipping.

      • +1

        My gigabyte intel died, it wasn't low end either.. so not going back to another lol…I'm thinking of giving asrock or msi a go also.

    • This motherboard comes highly regarded. Very good ram and CPU overclocking capabilities. Afterpay offer brings it down to 300 or so and you get a $40usd Steam gift card bringing it down further.

      https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MSI-MEG-B550-UNIFY-X-AM4-ATX-Mot... in&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=705-154756-20017-0

  • Pulled the trigger. Got 5600x to go with the 5500 Tomahawk mobo deal the other day.

  • Been on the lookout for a sale one of these and bought one - thanks OP :)

  • The 5900X is soooo tempting.

    I recently got a RX 6900 XT and I'm now CPU bottlenecked by my Ryzen 3600. I do think the 5900X is probably overkill for me, but so is the 6900XT.

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