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$10 off Any Full Size Cake (from $29.95) @ The Cheesecake Shop


$10 off any full size cake.
Over 30 cakes to choose from!

I received this for Moonee Ponds (VIC) cheesecake shop, but I was able to add it to the store online.

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      I'm not ashamed to admit that we bought this Coles cheesecake the other week and it was so good! It made us go on a bit of a cheesecake binge to try different brands of cheesecake, including the Cheesecake Shop (which tasted the worst of the lot), and we have concluded that nothing can compare to the Coles one…

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        That Coles one looks nice for $12. Might give it a try when I'm feeling lazy and wanting cheesecake.

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        might be the wrong crowd but I would recommend the coles orange cake made with almond flour.

      • I'll definitely give a try, thanks

      • Thanks for sharing… I'm all over it next time I'm in Coles.

  • coupon applies (south aus) but payment error message "invalid credentials" appears. tried with both visa and mastercard, and pc and phone :(

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      Send me your card details, I’ll give it a crack for you…

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    had one recently. not the best, not as bad as some people like to claim. ~$20 for a cake is a decent deal. on some occasions you just dont feel like eating a woolies mud cake

  • Average cakes.

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    The mud cakes are pretty nice IMO.

    • How does it compare to Woolies Mud cake?

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    Anyone having issues adding stuff to the cart?
    Tried incognito mode with no luck.

    • Yep same here, using iOS

    • didn't work on desktop browser but worked on Android phone. minimum spend around $30

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    costco cheesecakes are probably better. 2kg for like $25. cut and freeze!

    • wait do they actually freeze and thaw well?! this is a game changer

      • Freezing cheesecake will make it grainy

    • without doubt they are better. Not sure about the freezing though since I usually just split it and give some away since its only 2 of us

  • Not applying online….. I am in Sydney

    • I could. In Sydney.

      • How much was your base cake? Mine is 29.95 for the wild strawberry cheese cake and when I added 2 x of them, it applied the $10.00 off, but not applying on $29.95 when the conditions state full size cake min 29.95…


        • The base price for the cake I ordered was $39.95

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            @YouSirName: Thanks,

            I tested it out on another cheesecake at 30.95 and it applied the discount. Maybe the base price needs to be $30+

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    Thanks OP. Just in time for my daughter's birthday tomorrow

  • In my last experience, the cake tasted old after prob less than 24 hours. Not sure how long it is sitting there when people buy it.

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      They are baked in advance then frozen then thawed. I heard stories that the cakes that dont sell, they may sit there until the store decides its not good to sell anymore.

      • The last one I got was less than 50% thawed. Had no idea they were stored frozen until then.

        • https://www.9news.com.au/world/get-nicked-cheesecake-thieves...

          Best article I can find, there was one speaking to the owners of the store, but they had a shot from what I remember of the walk-in freezer with ALOT of cakes just stored there.

          Definitely not made days before.

        • Same and we paid $70 for the birthday cake. It came frozen.

  • What's a good birthday cake for a young adult who prefers Sponge+fruit taste?

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      None, if you want a fruit sponge cake go to an Asian bakery they make the best ones.

    • They literally make a sponge+fruit cake:


      A delicious vanilla sponge with smooth custard, fresh fruit, cream and a sweet glaze.

      • That looks dense and sickening.
        Asian bakeries have light fluffy cakes.

      • I really doesn't like they don't remove the hair skin off the kiwi. Taste awful.

        $10 off their frozen cake is still expensive.

        Bread top make good cake nowadays. They have the crunchy mango cake with sponge cake, yum!

  • keep getting transaction declined at checkout please try again later. Can't be bothered now

  • Worked for me. Thanks OP.

  • In Perth, I suggest cakebox in Bassendean, they are a bakery wholrsaler. More value for money with bigger size. Haven't bought from miss Maud or cheesecake shop again.it a hidden gem after living in Perth for 30 years

    • Theres also Cake Factory in Malaga. Havent tried either but wish they were closer to SOR :(

  • These days the fancy supermarket cakes are just as good, often better, than the Cheesecake Shop cakes.

  • Wish I got this last week.. I buy a cake once a year and missed out by 1 week!

  • Worked for me in Sydney . I went to their website and bought a wild berry cheesecake. I will
    pick it up today! Thanks OP paid $20.95! Good deal!

  • Thank you, it works in Sydney!!

  • Late. My birthday was several days ago :|

  • Worked for me in Oxenford QLD. Thank you, OP!

  • Each store is individually owned and the quality/decorating can vary a lot.

    • I hope there is still store doesn't freeze their cake.

  • Why am i not able to pick up for tomo. Earliest for me shows as 15th ?

  • Thanks OP, just had a piece of the Belgian double choc mud cake.

    It was nothing spectacular, but definitely so much better than a woolies mud cake..
    Extremely rich and one piece was good enough for a nice dessert after lunch

  • Thanks OP. Ordered one last night for pickup today. Friend's b'day!!

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