[Windows, macOS] Bundlehunt Software Deal: BusyCal US$15, TextExpander US$9, WALTR 2 US$7 & More


Bundlehunt has MAC/PC software deal, mostly mac apps.

(price in USD)
BusyCal $14.99
PathFinder $12
MWeb Pro $9.90
TextExpander - 1 Year Life Hacker $8.99
WALTR 2 $6.99
MacX Video Converter Pro $5.50

& more.


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  • Big fan of Busycal :-) Great price! Cheers OP!

  • MacOS and IOS have built in text expansion, in fact I use it for many useful things like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ shortcut

    • If you're looking for something a little more advanced I strongly recommend Snippety which is completely free.

      You can setup scripts for auto fill. For example for an email you can setup with [NAME] [DATE] [ORDER NUMBER] input so all you need to do is select script, and add for example Mitchins, 15-9-21, Order: 12224

      So it will come out looking like whatever you want but exampel:

      Dear Mitchins,

      Thank you for your order on 15-9-21, we just wanted to inform you your order number is 12224.

      Etc Etc…

  • Paid pathfinder user.
    Can highly recommend as a mac finder (windows Explorer shell expanded function) upgrade 10/10