[PS5] Deathloop $79 Free C&C / + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi / Target



Also still available at: Harvey Norman, Amazon, Mighty Ape & Kogan

Released yesterday, very well reviewed, now available for pickup in store.

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  • +3

    Highly recommend this game.

    • -4

      same, black people are based

      • What are you trying to say?

        • I highly recommend this game because it has black people in it.

  • +3

    Picked this up yesterday.

    Was a bit unsure given that I just finished Returnal and didn't want to get into another frustrating loop! But fear not… if you enjoyed Dishonored/Prey then you absolutely need to get this before the October/November onslaught.

    Alternatively, wait for Game Pass. I fully expect it to launch there in 12 months time (I was just impatient).

    • +2

      loved loved loved dishonored so expected great things. combined with just playing and loving Returnal I thought those 2 styles of games combined would be amazing. but honestly this game is nowhere near as good as Returnal (at least in my experiences so far).

      the gunplay in particular is extremely average.

      • +2

        Returnal is probably my game of the year.

        I also think that Deathloop is a very different kind of game, despite the whole "loop" concept. It's significantly slower than Returnal and structurally it's nowhere near as brutal.

        Agree that the gunplay isn't a strength for Arkane, but they just nail the level design and art direction every time. I'm a sucker for it.

        • I'm currently playing Returnal (as bought from the $88 Amazon deal)
          I think I've spent 5-6 hours on it and it appears I'm only 2% completed..?
          How many hours does it take to finish this game?

          It was pretty hard at the start to fight some monsters but now I've figured to to tactically kill them

          I do agree it probably has the best shooting/gunplay experienced so far

          • @yellowfever: I'd guess the completion percentage refers to collectables or something. Took me about 12.5 hours to finish (13 deaths total) but that's on the lower end of things. How many zones have you been through?

            • @andehh: Wow! 13 total… I think I was a lottt more deaths than that. Awesome game but.

            • @andehh: I'm 10 hours in, I passed the vault thing, killed the fugly boss, and now in the 2nd world? Some dessert.
              And I died and now back to the ship in the 1st world.
              OMG I don't want to be here and have to go through this all over again.
              I like the game but c'mon I can't be farked walking they thru the same shit

              • +1

                @yellowfever: You can skip to the 2nd area early by just going through the portal so it doesn't take very long to get back. You're still very early on though, hard to say how long it would take you to finish… maybe 25-30 hours?

                I had a rough time with the difficulty until a few attempts into the desert and then I breezed through the rest of the game without much issue.

    • +3

      I finished Prey last night and I'm super tempted to pick this up to play this weekend but now thanks to Game Pass it's so hard to spend money on games! I've bought one game since I bought my XSX, Death's Door. Everything else has been via Game Pass.

      I haven't played Dishonored so I might play that & the Moon Crash DLC for Prey, they will keep me busy for the time being!

    • -1

      I thought September has been the worst of it so far with about a dozen or so releases that is destroying my free time (part of the reason why I'll be waiting some months or for Gamepass for Deathloop myself)
      What am I out of the loop of regarding October/Nov? :O

      • All subjective I suppose!

        I will be hooked on Back 4 Blood, Battlefield and Forza.

        • +1

          Oh I forgot about B4B!
          Hehe Yeah fair enough that will be me also.

          I'll still be plugging away at all the PC cRPG's that have come out in the past few weeks for a few months on my end. :P

    • +1

      I loved Dishonored and Prey and feel like this is a one trick pony. I'm honestly very confused about the 10/10 reviews. It's more linear than Dishonored and Prey, and given you can only carry two powers at a time, it doesn't even play as well as dishonored either.

      • Absolutely not a 10/10 game. I really like it and think it's up there with Dishonored, but have no idea how a perfect score can be justified.

  • +3

    Not to be a pessimist but I didn't really enjoy the Dishonored series personally. Just wasn't my cup of tea. Would I enjoy this game?

    • +3

      In your case, I would not be paying full price. Maybe wait for Game Pass.

      • +3

        Cheers mate. More of a fan of open-world, story-driven games. Horizon Forbidden West, as well as Ghost of Tsushima are two games I've just been really hyped over.

    • -1

      Didn't like Dishonored or Prey. I'll wait til this is on Game Pass/cheap.

      • Which Prey? The 2017 one? I enjoyed that one, Dishonored (the first one) too.

        • Yeah 2017. I know I'm an outlier but I couldn't get into these games. I did like BioShock which this looks kind of similar to but I hear it's more like Dishonored and Prey.

    • +1

      I also didn't like Dishonored (both of them) but I'm loving Deathloop so far. It's most similar to Prey and its DLC so if you're interested, you should definitely check it out. It's super cheap these days.

  • +1

    Amazon delivered it yesterday. Played for a couple hours before it completely froze and had to quit app. Hopefully it's saved my progress, cause I'll be ticked if it didn't lol.

    Had it on Performance mode and wit the day one patch.
    It's a game from Arkane, I've liked every game of theirs from the past few years, early reviews are nearly unanimous that it's an amazing game.

    • I had 2 lockups as well, and both after completing an entire area. The game didn't fully lock up but I couldnt control the character at all. It doesn't save anything between when you arrive in an area and when you leave. It's still better than Returnal but it's a bit frustrating.

      • Played another couple hours yesterday. So far, I'm loving it. Reminds me of Prey and Dishonored, both that I enjoyed quite a lot.

    • +7

      if you listen to Youtube reviews you would miss out on some of the best games ever because "LOOK HOW BAD DIS GAME IZ" gets sooooo many more clicks than praise does.

      Youtube is awful for critical discussion.

      • +1

        Definitely seems as though the above YT is deliberately going against the grain to garner views.

      • -3

        Counter argument, YouTube reviewers are more likely to be unbiased then mainstream gaming media.

        • +1

          lmao… no. If you actually think that, I feel sorry for you.

          Do you really think the average gaming YouTuber who makes most of their money through negative coverage truly has what it takes to be "unbiased"?

          Its fine that he didn't like the game, but YouTubers by nature, have a tendency towards the negative because that is what gets them views, calling them unbiased is hilarious.

          • @Vinodra: Well there is no such thing as an unbiased take, especially for something subjective like a video game review
            It's actually not always a bad thing, you can find a youtuber with similar tastes to your own and it will be a good judge on whether you'll enjoy or dislike a particular game
            I'm not if the negative coverage really gets them more views either but yeah a review from a single youtuber shouldn't put you off a game

        • "BiAs" is such a dumb, weak argument. Biased…towards what? For what purpose? Who is biased? Everyone? Why?

          They are 'biased' towards needing to heighten your emotions so that you engage with their content and they get clicks.

        • -1

          Look out, we got some IGN/GameSpot fans over here.

          I'd consider them more likely (not definitely) to be biased as they are closer to the industry and therefore may have personal or business connections to the developers/publishers of the games they are reviewing.

          Calm down. We're talking about video games here.

          • +1

            @PainToad: Do you really think that the host of "Defining Duke: An Xbox Podcast" made a completely unbiased review of this PS5 console exclusive?

            This guy also has industry connections, so I really fail to see where you are coming from.

            Does it go any deeper than the generic "game journalist bad" spiel? I doubt it.

          • @PainToad:

            Calm down. We're talking about video games here.

            And you're making up conspiracy theories about them lmao

  • -1

    MS delivering well rated Ps5 timed exclusives! what a strange world we live in.

    • +7

      Well to be fair the acquisition was way after the ink was already dry with Sony.

    • +3

      I mean it is on pc so its not really an exclusive, since windows is MS

    • They bought the studio after the deal was signed, so they had to honour it.

  • -3

    The reviews on this are positive but they seem way too positive, almost fake. To me this game seems like a beneficiary of being pumped during the dry gaming season.

    • +3

      I haven’t played long enough to formulate a full opinion only having just completed my first day, but it has passed the test of a good game for my subjective tastes in that I am eagerly counting down the hours until the kids go to bed so I can crack back in.

      Having said that it’s a real question of is this a great game on its own merit or is it a good game I am thinking is better than it is because good new games are pretty thin on the ground this year.

  • +2

    Free delivery for eBay Plus members via Big W eBay:


    • +2

      Actually came out at $75.05 with voucher


      Not sure if that was account specific …

      • +1

        Cheers, I also ordered for $74 using a $5 off code but pretty sure they are just for your own account (and have eBay Plus).

        Estimated delivery is the 29th though… Anyone know what BigW eBay delivery estimates are like? Hopefully pessimistic! Kinda wish I'd spent the extra $5 to get it sooner from Amazon

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    i will stick to my budget for this game 20-30. seems they are still using the same engine for creating dishonored 1 and 2

    • +1

      There’s always someone that wants it cheaper…

      • +1

        yep that is me…… seems i can see the engine is similar as dishonor 1/2

        • +2


        • Actually the engine for Dishonored 1 was Unreal 3. Which is why it generally ran great. Dishonored 2 used a modified ID tech 5 engine and was poorly optimized. Same deal for Deathloop apparently. PC recommended specs are absurd.

  • +2

    Played for about 6 hours yesterday! Can't see myself playing it again. wait for the price drops.

    • Did you return it?

      • nah, I just sold it on gummas for 10 bucks less!

  • Game Pass seems like it gets everything! Why did I buy a PS5? 😬😬😬

    • +7

      because you can get Game Pass for the PC. You get the PS5 for it's exclusives.

    • +1

      doesn't get this game though its a PS5 excludsive with PC version not being on game pass.

      looks like your xbox people won't have this game.

      • Your Xbox people will get it eventually

      • It is coming to the Game Pass once the exclusivity ends (next year in September).

  • PC version is 10 bucks cheaper.

  • -3

    I was expecting this Microsoft owned game coming to PC day1 would mean it would be on Game Pass.

    I understand the console exclusive contract from before the purchase, but being absent from PC Game Pass when it's day1 Steam is confusing.

    Maybe the contract explicitly stated excluded from Xbox which should be anti-competition.

    • +1

      maybe you should buy the game like everyone else.

  • +1

    This game being 99 bucks on Steam is taking near-oceanic levels of piss

    • the game being 68 bucks for the PC version at Harvey norman

      • It is crazy a physical version is cheaper.

        • physcial has always been cheaper than digital its always been that way, thats why I laugh at people boast digital as cheaper.

          • @kungfuman: PS games yes, but PC games are usually cheaper digital.

            • @Mistredo: not always. in alot of cases pc games digitally can be alot more expensive.
              eg I bought darksiders 3 physical disc for 0.95c brand new from eb games a while back. good luck getting that price digitally. That is one in any examples where physical pc games can get better prices.

  • +1

    Pre-ordered this on Amazon, had "Day One Delivery" confirmed, receive update email yesterday (day of release) that it'll actually be arriving on the 22nd of September…

    • +1

      Can you cancel? Then just grab it in store. Alternatively, jump on to live chat support and they might discount it or give you an Amazon credit.

      • +1

        Spoke to them via chat and they extended my Amazon prime by one month (so a $5 credit effectively). Better than nothing, but still disappointing.

        Would cancel and grab in-store but I'm still playing Life is Strange thankfully.

    • +6

      It's a typo, what they really meant was 'One Day Delivery', in that you'll get it one day.

    • +1

      Never order from Amazon if you really want it on the day of release. Myself and others will tell you after ordering from Amazon for several years that they never come on release day even with the delivery option and Prime etc. Customer service will tell you sorry, it doesn't normally happen, unexpected delay blah blah, but it's a know thing! I do still order from Amazon if cheaper price and I don't care about playing it day 1 though.

      • +1

        I got mine yesterday on release day to my office. Maybe I got lucky, this was the first pre order I've bought off Amazon.

      • Yeah it's not the first time it's happened for me. In the past I'll buy it from EB, play it for a few days, then return it to EB when Amazon's arrives…

  • Fun game but AI is brain dead. Avoid if you want any sort of challenge

  • This will be a used Facebook Marketplace special for me. Not sure if my cup of tea but I'll try it when someone is selling for $40-$50.

  • Sooooo basically $79 everywhere? Besides cough EB Games. I picked this up yesterday too and it's great fun.

    $79 is great for a new AAA title on PS5 considering the prices of some other PS5 titles.

    • Yeah, better than the $99+ for Demon’s Souls and Miles Morales etc