Good 65inch TV under $1500 ?

Hi All, I am not much technical and have tried to watch a few YouTube videos about TV buying guide under $1500 AUD. Still quite confused.
In my experience, the smartest and most savvy people are on OzBargain so I thought I will ask for some tips here.

Size: 65inch or 75inch.
Brand : Don't care too much about the big brands as had a bad experience with a $3k TV from a big brand before.
Operating system : Preferably Android which is compatible with Google Voice assistance to search video on YouTube etc (Ideally without having to buy a chromecast if possible)
Resolution : 4K TV ideally

Good time to get a deal , is it worth waiting for Black Friday or Boxing day ?

Hoping for some tips.

Thanks in advance !


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    Hisense 75 A7G for $1519 at GG Commercial or $1525 at JB HiFi Solutions


      what is the difference between this model and the 75U7G? I saw the 75U7G on sale last night with ebay plus for around $1450. seem pretty cheap

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        No idea. What did you find when you compared them?


      Thanks mate ! Will check it out. Not sure how GG commercial works, What do I need to buy from them …an ABN ?


        Google and ye shall find.

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    What are you gonna watch apart from youtube?

    Sony is current 'best' LCD TVs. LCD also sucks for movies a decent bunch and OLED is the current best for that for best picture quality. However 65in is more like $2700-3500, which is still in your ballpark it seems.


      Thanks mate! Other than YouTube, some normal free to air channel or cast from chrome using Chromecast when watching content from some other sites. I don't watch much of Netflix or Prime etc.