Phone Scanner Stand

Hi all, I remember seeing a few years back a stand, possibly with Bluetooth that made it easy to scan documents, photos etc using your phone. So far no luck finding it, I thought it was ~$25.

Any recommendations?

Also handy if it works with a Galaxy Fold 3, but I have a few smartphone as well to use.


    • Ive already been Looking. :)

      I just remember one being posted as a bargain, or it may have been an app?

  • I got a printer with a scanner for $15 from a previous deal. If you rarely use the scanner, getting such a scanner would be cost effective

    • We have 2 ecotanks however the sheet feeder on 1 is playing up. I do n have a selfless stock from Aldi, that will probably do the job.

  • Found the post. It was skanapp, and the stand was skanstick