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Toolpro 35L Wet & Dry Vacuum $74.99 (Was $119.99) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Never really had a wet & dry Vacuum but this one doesn't seem that bad given it being 35L.

If someone had it, leave a recommendation.

Dont forget to use your $10 Loyalty Club Credit, (if you didnt get one, you may signup for a new one pay $1 signup fee or $0 instore) and any SCA Gift card to maximize your savings. — This makes the retail at $65.99 Maximum buy.
Which you could pay with a SunCorp 8% discounted gift card or if you had bought any other Ultimate GC or similar with SCA being on that GC. This reduces the price to $60.71.

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35L Capacity
Stainless steel drum
Adjustable carrying handle
Features an auto power socket for use with power tools
Handy drain for convenient liquid removal

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  • Is this good for cleaning the car? like is the suction good?

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    This sucks

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      Yeah, your attempt at humour did, but you’re on +4 so far, easy audience!

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        Your username stinks

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    I've got a Ryobi one from Bunnings, you can put a bag on it for dry use. Suction is great!

    For wet use the bag is removed and it cleans really well. I've used it to clean upholstery and suck all the water back out.

    • +1 just get a ryobi from bunnos for a few bucks more. I love mine.

      • +2

        And to be honest, I never use it long enough to fill up even a 20L one, so bigger is not better in my case as it then takes up a lot more storage room in the garage.

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    Thanks OP, reviews seem alright, cheap enough for me to give it a go.

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    It has a HEPA filter like the ALDI special buy earlier in the year. x100
    Yikes! It looks exactly like the ALDI one that I bought (expect for the branding).
    ALDI one was cheaper @ $70.

    Photo: https://img.offers-cdn.net/assets/uploads/offers/au/93948/fe...

    • I guess that's better, but honestly I only use mine for car/garage/wet vacuum so I'm semi outside anyway so not overly fussed about HEPA or not. I'd never use these vacuums inside the house.

      • Actually I have the cheapest ?ozito one from Bunnings that I bought to help clean a mattress, but we've ended up using it in the house more than my old Miele. It's super light and easy to pull around, has good suction, the head gets less clogged with pet hair and it has a dust filter bag. Only thing is it's really bloody noisy.

        • Only thing is it's really bloody noisy.

          They all are.

    • You can get this SCA one for $60.71, easily

      $10 MYGARAGE discount
      $10 New CLUB Plus loyalty account credit discount
      8% gift Card from Suncorp discount

    • You're right. This ToolPRO vac looks remarkably similar to the Aldi ones (in fact, the Aldi Workzone one from 2 years ago even has the same colours). Does anyone know if the replacement HEPA filter that SCA sells will also fit the similar Aldi vacs? https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/toolpro-toolpro-workshop...

    • How good is the aldi one?

  • Would this be any good to use as a shop vac? (occasional woodworking)

    • +1

      That's one of its design purposes - so yes

      YouTube video forward to 35 seconds

  • Thanks, bought for $59.79 to attach to my drop saw.

    • Nice.

      • Mygarage
      • Loyalty credit

      Plus what else?

      • +1

        Cashback maybe?

        • CR don't have the mygarage code listed so I assumed that would negate any 3.5% cashback. Could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.

      • Discounted gift cards most likely

  • Coming up as $84.99 at my end. Geofencing COVID tax maybe… ?

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      Did you apply the code MYGARAGE for $10 off?

      From the OP

      You must signin online to your account to be able to apply MYGARAGE coupon code.

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    Thanks OP, needed Something to clean up my dirty Car, got for around $60 with suggested discounted GC.

  • Is this heavy? Can you backpack w/harness?

    • Can you backpack w/harness

      No. It comes with castor wheels.

      • Thanks, I guess the castor wheels are not removable then.

        • Once you put them on, they are very cumbersome to remove. They can be removed once you apply enough force.

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