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[Back Order] Lenovo Smart Display 7" with Google Assistant $36.12 + Delivery @ Officeworks


On Clearance so best of luck on the hunt!
Refer to this link for individual stores + contact details
*as noted by jpl - Stock levels from: July 19 2021 07:59 so almost definitely outdated!

With the Lenovo Smart Display, you will enjoy voice control thanks to the built-in Google Assistant, making it easy to control smart home devices. Conveniently check the weather and transport options, stream music, radio and videos, search the web, browse photos and video chat with friends and family. Its crisp audio and brilliant touchscreen enhance the clean and modern design, making it the ideal smart solution for your home.

It features built-in Google Assistant.
Control smart home devices with Google Assistant and control music, set timers and alarms, check reminders, check the weather and more.
You can stream YouTube videos, check Google Maps, check Calendar and browse Google Photos.
You can make video calls hands-free and can cover the camera with the privacy shutter and mute the microphone when not in use.
It has a powerful speaker for clear sound when listening to music, video chatting or streaming videos.
It connects to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
It is mains-powered.
It has a 12 month warranty.
It has a clean, modern design with crisp audio, brilliant visuals and an effective touchscreen.

Mod Update 17th Sept: Available on Back-Order.

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  • +1

    Stock is looking pretty high throughout the country!

    Seems to be nothing in Sydney using the Officeworks stock checker, using the link shows 50+ wtf

    • I don't think the stock tracker is correct as some stores say 30+ yet no stock on the actual site.

    • woops! just made a little adjustment there, apologies!

      • Have you found any stores with stock on the actual Officeworks site?

  • Showing no stock on Officeworks site no matter which shop I set in NSW or ACT. What am I doing wrong?

    • I'm assuming that's due to it being a clearance item, then its only available in store? Might be worth a call if you're keen

      • Yaeh done. Nothing except QLD - 1 item.
        Too far to drive.

  • +2

    no stock in melb

  • I ordered on Tue for $54.18 :(

    • +1

      Still a good price.

  • +5

    Quote the link

    Stock levels from: July 19 2021 07:59

  • Called Hornsby store in NSW who said no stock. So I don't think that stock site is accurate.

    They also said no stock anywhere in the area.

    • Called Dee Why - no stock in NSW or ACT.

  • That stock chart is outdated, on the bottom of says updated July

  • Called Blacktown and they said no store in NSW has it.

    • Thats wierd. I managed to do a CnC from Btown.

  • OOS already since last deal posted.


  • Can you price match themselves for those who bought at $54.18?

    • Doubt it because no stock anywhere (also assume you mean price protect since that is after purchase)

  • Jandakot (WA) - just rang and they said no

  • got in the last clearance for $45 at OW - Subiaco WA

  • +1

    Managed to order one for click & collect from Officeworks Five Dock. Hopefully they do have stock!

    • +1

      Said it on back order - Estimated collection on
      Wed, 13 Oct, 202, good luck.

      • Thanks ordered C&C, estimated collection 6Oct.

  • Bought 2 for myself and 2 for my parents :) yaaay seen the last deal for $50odd and missed it now got it for even better price at $36.12

    • Bought 2 for myself and 2 for my parents

      Google everywhere 😁

  • Grabbed one, click & collect $36.12, back order estimated collection on 6th Oct.

    Thanks OP!

  • Can we use this as Google assistant gateway like Google Nest hub?

  • OOS again

  • $22.58 now still waiting for mine to arrive for pick up.

    Wondering they have price guarantee?

    • According to the stock checker in the OP though it's a single unit in West Burleigh. And that's for the entirety of Australia.

  • Anyone received their order for this yet?

    • +1

      Not yet, original said 12, changed to 14 and now 18Oct.

      • Thanks. Mine had been pushed back to 15th Oct. Hopefully there’s no more push backs. Will update here.

        • Said 19Oct today.

          • @superforever: Changed to 20Oct yesterday and toay 21Oct.

            • @superforever: Mine got pushed back further to 20th Oct.

            • @superforever: Mine pushed back again now to 22nd Oct. Looks like never gonna happen.

              • @ilovefullprice: +1 day everyday :(

              • +1

                @ilovefullprice: I received refund but I didn't ask for it.

                • @superforever: Could see my order status has been Cancelled in my Officeworks account, but haven’t got any refund yet.

                  Pretty pissed about this as they had my money for 1 month, and even worst if they had cancelled the order earlier, I would have made other alternative arrangements in purchasing the item. Not happy.

  • Back Order was also cancelled.

  • Just got my tax invoice!

    • Just got my tax invoice!

      Did you order from the first deal (for more) or this deal and are you in Sydney?

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