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Google Chromecast with Google TV (Snow) $89.10 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


Not the cheapest ever, but you can stack with discounted gift cards to bring it down even further.

Yes if you use Netflix, get the Chromecast with Google TV + 6 months of Netflix credit for $140… link to deal here


This Google Chromecast with Google TV GA01919-AU allows you to enjoy all the entertainment you love, in up to 4K HDR. No more jumping between apps to decide what to watch - get personal recommendations based on your subscriptions, viewing history and content you own all in the same place. Use the remote to search by voice command, switch between apps and change the volume.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    If you use Netflix, get the Chromecast with Google TV + 6 months of Netflix credit for $140… link to deal here

    • I wonder if this credit will work with Netflix Turkey.

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        Don't call me Turkey, you Goose…

    • The fine print says the Netflix offer is is valid for GA02764-AU, GA02765-AU, GA02766-AU only.

      This one is GA01919-AU. (at least that what the website says?) Will it work?

      • Not sure, I just bought a couple from the Google store and it worked fine. Got 12 months free Netflix.

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    Such a great device.

    I have them for all the TVs in my house and take it with me when traveling.

    It’s especially great for my non smart TV that I don’t have a remote for as I can use this remote to control the TV.

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      I was a bit hesitant with the whole remote bit, but its actually perfect. I have two devices for my two TVs. I would also recommend an el cheapo rubber grip, found some on Amazon. The remote is a bit slippery at times.

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        Only thing I wish it did, was change the TV channels.

        • It does if you use the apps…

          • @jv: I mean to change between live terrestrial TV channels that aren’t on the device. It can do the volume, if it did channel + / -, that would be everything I need.

            • @Plimsol:

              that would be everything I need.

              What about turn the TV on/off ?

              • @jv: I leave the TV on standby, so I can just use the google remote to turn it on, or put on standby.

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                  @Plimsol: I got the Sideclick attachment from Amazon for like $30 awhile ago and it fixed everything I was missing.

                  I found it made the google remote easier to handle too, cause it's such a slippery lill bugger..


                  All the buttons are reprogrammable by just facing your remote towards each other.:

                  Remote A - Original remote for your TV etc
                  Remote B - The Sideclick attachment remote

                  1) Point remotes A and B towards each other
                  2) Put remote B in learn mode
                  3) Press the button you want copied on remote A
                  4) Press the button you want mapped on remote B

                  I've mapped a power toggle for TV, AMP and Xbox to separate buttons, and the TV volume up/down and channel up/down to 4 other buttons.

                  Love it.

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      Yep, huge improvement over the previous Chromecasts

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    Love this device, it runs VPN in background always on boot, so can watch hotstar and other apps which need fake location always.
    Shame it has very less internal memory and can't install more than 1 large game due to insufficient space. Wish next get comes with min of 32gb like apple tv.

    • which vpn are you running off it?

      • I use multiple with free trails, currently surfshark

    • If you change to USA, do you get the US Netflix library?

      • +1

        Never tried netflix on chromecast. I mainly use to access Indian streaming services which put geo lock. To make Netflix work i think you need browser tweaks via pc

      • +1

        Yes ,you would get the Netflix library . I normaly connect to US , India , Japan and UK servers to unlock the contents.

        • Hi mate, which VPN do you use for Netflix UK, US? I used NordVPN but doesn't work. Thanks

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            @zozuc: Getflix dns works for Netflix US on my TV. They used to have other countries but not since the geoblock thing

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            @zozuc: Hi, I use Surfshark

    • Hi, I'm on the same boat. Currently using older model Chromecast, and streaming the hotsar stuff from phone (with VPN connection to India), and casting to the big screen. Sounds like I definitely need this. Can I ask is it just as easy as downloading the vpn app, and connect to the server or something else is involved?

      • Nice to know casting works via vpn on hotstar. I tried but it failed to cast on nest smart display

      • +1

        I am skeptical about casting Hotstar to Chromecast from your phone , unless you have the VPN configured on your router.
        I am keen to know how do you do that.

    • Were you able to sign up to hotstar from here? or needed someone in India to assist?

      • you need a active mobile no to receive SMS for OTP

        • Ah, so basically can't get it here then :(

          • @frogduck: Make a new indian friend. It's not hard to find. Try classifieds

        • are the contents the same as what you get here plus more?

    • Did you install VPN apps from Google Play Store on your Google Chromecast with Google TV?

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  • This also includes 3 months of YouTube Premium.

  • +2

    Good use for my Concierge credit.

    • Can I use Concierge credit in commercial website??

  • No foxtel app is a killer for me

    • kodi & foxtel app

    • I didn't even know it didn't have it, although I don't have Foxtel anymore anyway. The decider for me was that it did support Kayo where the Firestick doesn't

    • No foxtel app is a killer for me

      Yes there is, I checked a few days ago and it's now available…

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    Bought one of these to see what the fuss was all about. I have a Bravia kd9000f and the OS and remote are so slow and unresponsive. This device helped with that, but didn't help with much else. Just FYI if you have a semi recent smart TV you might not find much use in this. YMMV of course..

  • Any recommendation for a device to watch Amazon Prime on a non-smart TV? Google TV looks like it is just for YouTube and Netflix.

    • You can watch Amazon Prime on Google TV, you just download the app.

    • Don't just relay on seeing the buttons on remote

    • You can run just about any streaming app on it, including Amazon Prime, Disney, Netflix, Stan, Binge, Kayo, Kanopy, Beamafilm etc. etc. etc. etc.

  • Never using TGG again, after they denied my store credit during their last promotion.

    • They are bit picky with combining store credit and discount codes.

  • Also use Afterpay new person can get 30 bucks discount or if you are at rewards program you can have the Over $75 get $15 off

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    Question re VPN:
    I use a relatives netflix account.
    Will I be able to access overseas netflix via my NORD VPN through this device?

    • +1

      Yes. You can use the Nord vpn app on this device.

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